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Office Stuff

I work in an interesting office building in downtown St. Paul. It’s old–like turn of the century. It’s literally connected to two other buildings on the main floor. All three buildings are on the historic registery. One of the buildings has steps made out of what appears to be a pink marble. They are worn down in the middle but kind of fun to walk up. Most of the stairwells have wrought iron designs that are kind of interesting to look at.

Another interesting thing about where I work is that St. Paul has about a 20% vacancy right now. In our building, I would say that rate is a bit higher. It’s hard to tell though because some of the offices on this floor have company names, but I never see anyone in them–I can tell that they are being used because there are notes on the door that are later removed and packages that are picked up, but it is kind of weird. Very quiet. There are two offices besides ours that keep their doors open during business hours, a slum lord and a company called Seminar Clearinghouse International. I’m not sure what the latter company does. Most of their employees seem to be of Eastern descent, very friendly though.

One of the truly unique things about working in downtown St. Paul (or downtown Minneapolis) is the skyway system. Basically, I can walk all over downtown St. Paul without stepping outside or wearing a coat, even though it is January and blustery. The skyway is rather special because it is a dedicated area in each building (a good chunk of an entire floor) dedicated to the business professional. There are delis, dry cleaners, 1 hour photo, food courts, full service banks, coffee shops–just about anything that you would want to do during your lunch hour can be accessed using the skyway system. However, picking up a passport requires that you walk at least one block outside as the Ramsey County Courthouse is not connected for security reasons. However, I can pick up any federal tax form I may need because the Federal building is part of the system, although there is a security check point. Rather annoying if I’m craving Einstein Bros, which you can see just past the checkpoint.

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Being Good

My friend is afraid that I may become addicted. Too Late!!!!! BwhaaaHaaaHaaa! Now, I’m starting to sound like my soon to be ex-husband.

Actually, I’ve been exploring a website that she mentioned in one of her posts, goingbridal.com. Terrible thing to do to someone who can’t spend all day viewing the Calvacade of Bad Bridal Fashion. Tsk. Tsk. Also, her suggestion for a shoe website didn’t work for what I need right now. Sure, I wear a size 12! Actually, they had a lot of nice shoes, but just not in my size or if in my size, not in the style I needed. So, anyway, I didn’t post this morning before work–and it’s all her fault.

Although she’s not the only one on my shit list today. I have a friend in Austin who emailed me just to keep in touch (you know, the annual emails that you send to people you feel guilty about not keeping in touch) and in her post script she asked me if I remember the chocolate covered strawberries we used to get and eat in the office. You mean the ones from Lammes? The ones that are incredibly fresh and completely covered in chocolate? That are sold in the egg cartons? The ones that have to be eaten within about 2 days or they go bad? The ones I think about everytime I see anyone selling chocolate covered fruit? Nope, can’t say that I remember those.

Exciting night last night–I played WarCraft III to where I had last thought I had saved the game. J and his brother have far surpassed me though, and I won’t let them talk about it while I am around. Bugger that I had lost all of my saved games, but yay was able to start just shy of where I thought I had been. Turns out I was actually further in the game than I thought. Oh well, it gave me time to relearn how to play before hitting anything too nasty. Not that there was really anything nasty to run into yet, but you never know.

Work is going well today. Am learning how to use AccessXP. Basically, I’m reading and creating practice databases. We have a database here that no one seems to understand. A former co-worker had redesigned it and we don’t know why. I’m sure that it was beneficial, but we can’t figure out how it is beneficial. Maybe it will make sense when I learn a bit more. I currently know next to nothing. I have faith though. I will triumph. And my boss is planning to send me for some training too. Reminds me, I still need to find a good class on how to use Peachtree. Oops better find out if we are going to continue to use an old version of Peachtree, i.e., one that is no longer supported, or if we are going to switch over to Quickbooks. Better find that info before I sign up for the wrong class. There is a version of Quickbooks available to non-profits (full version Quickbooks, not non-profit edition, which to my understanding wouldn’t work for us anyway) for $25. I need to talk with our bookkeeper and find out how difficult a conversion would be.

Okay my lunch break is just about over and I’ve just wasted a bunch of time thinking about work. Great.

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I really shouldn’t complain. After all, it is very sweet of J to give me a ride to work while my car is, well, unreliable. I still haven’t had a chance to check the gas cap or the fluids, although I did by some radiator fluid last night and got ripped off. Who would have thought that the Kmart, which is closing, would be selling it for 40 cents more than one of the overpriced grocery stores? Who would have been looking for radiator fluid in the grocery store in the first place?

So, I get dropped off at work at about 7:30 am. Bear in mind that I have never and will never be a morning person. I goof around until about 8 and then start work. My normal hours are 8:30 to 5 with a half hour lunch, but right now, I guess I can use the extra time. The boss is out of town, my coworker is on paternity leave, so I have a bunch of office organizing, year end tasks which need to be completed before the boss returns from Hawaii.

I would be really jealous about the Hawaii thing, but I keep reminding myself that I will be going to Jamaica in March. Okay, so it will only be for 4 days, and J can’t go, but I get to leave Minnesota in March. The time of year in Minnesota that Garrison Keillor describes as how non-drinking folks experience hangovers (or something to that effect).

Anyway, now that I’m fairly awake, I suppose I should get started on this stuff. Hopefully, these financial reports will go better today than yesterday.

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