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I don’t know if this is some sort of sign or what…


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If all the girls who attended the Yale prom were laid end to end, I wouldn’t be a bit surprised. –Dorothy Parker

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The Friday Five


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I tried a new yogurt flavor today. Black Forest. Not only does the thought of chocolate yogurt seem nasty, but it’s fat free (I only eat non-fat yogurt). And yes, it was absolutely revolting. And the bad part is, I think I bought two!

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We were blessed with a beautiful weekend. Friday through today has just been absolutely gorgeous. Of course, with Memorial Weekend past us, Minnesota enters its second of the two seasons, Road Construction. It made getting to work this morning a little interesting since J and I both forgot that they were going to be tearing up our main highway. J had found an alternate route last week, but took a wrong turn. Our little adventure ended fine though. Hopefully, he got to work on time–I really don’t want to get up any earlier than I already do.

It was a great weekend. We went to my mom’s cabin on Sunday and played bocce ball. I think that it is more fun when you don’t have a pit. J and I won both games, but they were close. For awhile my mom, her husband, and my uncle had a 6-0 lead on us and we had to work our way back one point at a time.

I got some more done on the baby afghan. Not as much as I would like, but I also worked on my blue fairy cross stitch.

My grandmother was hospitalized on Friday but released yesterday much stronger than she was when she went in. She has a problem with dehydration, so she had been drinking a lot of fluids and managed to flush some essential minerals out of her system. At least it wasn’t her heart.

I was able to do some cemetery research for my family history. I truly believe that Oakwood Cemetery in Red Wing is one of the prettiest cemeteries in the nation. It’s built on one of the bluffs–there are parts that are over a hundred years old. Lots of statues and family memorials. And it’s well-preserved. It even has “street” markers. I always find a sense of peace when I’m up there.

Yesterday was a Memorial Day service, a tradition with my mom and her husband. J and I went and then met them at the American Legion for brunch (I get sick off it every year–too much grease–but I just can’t refuse) and then took it easy the rest of the day.

It was a perfect four day weekend.

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She is my only living grandparent and is turning 81 today. I didn’t know what to get for her. Her apartment is small and filled with things (she even stores a lot of stuff at my father’s), so a trinket is out. It’s getting harder to find clothes that she likes or can wear. Gift certificates go into a bowl and she doesn’t use them–she still eats at the restaurants, she just forgets that she has the certificates.

My father suggested that I take her out to dinner at one of her favorite restaurants. She has three–none of them fancy or overly pricey. A good idea.

I called her to wish her a happy birthday and to invite her to dinner later this week. I assumed that my uncle and his family would be taking her out (my father is working nights this week and can’t). We settled on Friday night at Perkins. Then, I thought that I should just verify that she was busy tonight. Surprise! No one has invited her anywhere! So we’re going out tonight.

Last year, my uncle made a big production of her 80th birthday. He didn’t want anyone to do anything for her and he took her out for dinner at the fancy restaurant in town. Nice, but the food is overpriced. We were instructed that it was to be just him and her. My sister didn’t get the message and went along too (leaving the rest of us to look like ingrates). Instead, the whole family (even some of the out-of-state relatives) showed up at another semi-fancy restaurant (pricey) for a surprise party about a week later. I don’t know about the rest of the world, but my father and I felt that surprising an 80 year old woman with a heart condition and health problems was a BAD idea. We wanted the family to tell her so that she could look forward to it and tell all of her friends (you know how grandmothers are). That would have been a better gift than a surprise.

Anyway, apparently no one is doing diddly squat this year–except for some phone calls and shipping a gift or two. I understand the people who are out of state, but those who live in town should really do something for her.

I see this going one of two ways: my uncle will call her and invite her to a fancy restaurant and I’ll wind up going along (where the food is not very good to be honest)along with other family members or it will be the two of us and everyone else will have made some future plans with her.

How sad to be alone on your birthday–especially after having 5 kids.

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Dance Class

Wow! That was fun! We rode the motorcycle to Old Frontenac for the class. Tonight J’s brother, J and I were the only students. It was a refresher night for J’s brother. We tried to learn the Rita Waltz. It looks really cool, but is not terribly difficult. Or at least it won’t be once I learn how to turn and which direction to turn in. It really was only $5 per person for an hour and half class. It is usually taught by a married couple who just like to dance and go to the country bar outside of the Cities. They teach others just so that they have more people to dance with and have fun. J and I will probably take a few more classes. He said that he really enjoyed it too. Even though we were both incredibly awkward. Guess we’ll have to practice!

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