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is a Giant Lizard that can Regenerate, swats Aeroplanes like Flies, moves at Great Speed, spits Ice, and has a Single Giant Eye.

Strength: 9 Agility: 8 Intelligence: 3

To see if your Giant Battle Monster can
defeat FaerieKissed, enter your name and choose an attack:

fights FaerieKissed using Strength Agility Intelligence

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Email Rant

This morning when I came in, my computer was displaying error messages within Outlook. Apparently, we lost connection with the POP server for one of our email accounts overnight. I called the provider and after two hours of me deleting and recreating accounts, we still could not receive email. We can send email, the other provider’s emails are being received just fine. We can surf the web. We just can’t receive emails to these specific accounts.

Oh, and our tech guy is in Nicaragua until Friday. Who else thinks that we won’t see him until Monday? In the meantime, we’ve got our emails being forwarded. My boss’s are going to her other business email account, but since I don’t have the secondary account, I have to use my hotmail account for a few days.

Who knows, maybe I’ll go home tonight, come in tomorrow, and it will all be better…..

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In Theaters Now

J and I have been seeing a lot of movies lately. We saw The Hulk a few weeks back, a movie that I had encouraged him to just go see with his friends. I can’t say that I really enjoyed it. Maybe it’s because I’m somewhat of a purist and even though Stan Lee was involved in the movie, it just wasn’t the comic or the television show.

Three weeks ago, we went to the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. I was prepared that the writer had taken some liberties with the characters before I went, which I think helped me enjoy the movie. I have the original comic series and had liked it quite a bit. However, the movie only vaguely resembles the comic. Mina leads the team (but she doesn’t seem to have any real abilities), Quatermaine is a drug addict, and Dorian Gray and Tom Sawyer are not in the comic anywhere. However, as I said I knew this going in and had already resolved those issues in my mind. I was able to enjoy the movie (even if it is getting lousy reviews).

Last weekend, we saw Bad Boys II. It was exactly what we were expecting and so we enjoyed it.

This past weekend, we saw Tomb Raider and Seabiscuit. If you have to choose one action movie, go see Bad Boys II. Tomb Raider was okay, but there were parts where I just cringed.

Seabiscuit is awesome! Except for Toby McGuire (and the fact that they really didn’t go into his character’s flaws), the movie was well casted. However, I highly recommend that you read the book by Laura Hillenbrand. There was no way that the movie could really do complete justice to the whole story. The cinematography and music were breathtaking.

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My mother has asked me to do some handiwork for an auction that one of her organizations hold each October. All items in the auction must be handmade. She said that it didn’t have to be anything huge–some people stamp notecards to create stationery. I’m searching my mind for an idea that won’t overwhelm me and is possible to complete before the auction.

She said that she wanted to ask me far enough in advance so that it wouldn’t interfere with this year’s holiday project. Apparently, I’ve created a tradition where I make something or do something handmade each year. She reminded me that one year, I hand stamped all the tissue paper (and I thought no one noticed!). Two years ago, when I was flat out broke, I made scarves and genealogy reports for everyone. I hadn’t realized that this had become an annual ritual (I don’t think I did anything last year–I didn’t even print my own holiday cards). The funny thing is, that I’ve been thinking about crocheting Christmas ornaments in the shapes of snowflakes and bells to decorate the packages this year.

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Online Classes

Well, I’m halfway through both classes and they seem to be going well. I’ve done all the course work for the Tarot class because it just flowed together so quickly and I really enjoyed it. However, the instructor didn’t realize that we were posting our comments and questions in the lessons (where we are supposed to) and just started providing feedback over the weekend. The course was excellent and the materials were good, so I’m not upset about the instructor.

The other class, Founding Brothers, is pretty intensive. The instructor takes a more formal approach and responds to everything on a very regular basis. However, there is a lot of dissension in the class because the author of the book, Joseph Ellis, is very controversial. Also, as in almost any academic situation, there are individuals who have definite opinions and tend to get hostile when questioned or someone introduces a different view. Overall, the class is good–even if it does tax my brain.

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I’m having a hard time focusing today. I guess I’m just not terribly motivated today at work. It’s all data entry, phone calling, kind of boring. Also, I’m the only one in the office today. Party! Right? Wrong. I can’t get my music to play. And I could play it loud too, because the only other person on this floor is the slum lord down the hall.

Maybe it’s just that after that great chat with sweet_pickles last night, everything else just pales in comparison.

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Well, sometimes I'm not myself. I'm not sure I can always be relied on.
Which Extraordinary Gentleman are you?

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