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What Is Your Battle Cry?

Zang! Who is that, stalking amidst the mini-mall parking lot! It is Faeriekissed, hands clutching a meaty axe! And with a bloodthirsty scream, her voice cometh:

“Hail the blood-letting! I will bend the enemy to my wicked will!”

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Same as before, if you would like to be interviewed, tell me so in a comment or email (if you are not a live journal user).

This time the questions come from princess_molly:

question one: If I came to Minnesota, what is the one thing I would have to see (other than you, of course) for my trip to be complete? This week, I would drag you to the Great Minnesota Get Together, aka the state fair. It is THE place to get deep fried cheese curds and the best milk shakes. This year’s specialties include chocolate-covered key lime pie on a stick, which has got to be better than last year’s macaroni and cheese on a stick. The arts and crafts building is also a must see. You may also want to visit some of your prize-winning relatives.

question two: Starbucks goes belly up overnight (say because their coffee kills a couple of hundred people), and all of their stores are closed. Describe the first 24 hours.
Hours 1-3: No big deal, there are other coffee places.
Hours 4-6: But their coffee is too bitter.
Hours 7-9: And where else am I gonna get a Vanilla Creme Frappacino?
Hours 10-12: OH MY GAWD!
Hours 13-15: Call sweet_pickles for support
Hours 16-18: Shaking…..must have white chocolate mocha w/shot of raspberry
Hours 19-21: Sobbing…Oh the humanity! no more gingerbread lattes
Hours 22-24: Hurray! We’re saved! Reports show that more people died in the first 20 hours without Starbucks than those who died from drinking it.

question three: What is one thing that you really want, but would never ask for?

Enough money to pay off my car

question four: Do you ever wish you had so much money that you could just buy new clothes instead of doing laundry?

Nope. I hate buying new clothes. It’s one of the most depressing and dreaded things I occasionally have to do. I hate how I feel after looking at myself in those dressing room mirrors.

question five: What is your favorite extravagance – you know that thing that you probably shouldn’t spend money on, but do because you are not sure how you would survive otherwise?

Tough call between books and Starbucks but I think Starbucks makes me a little more guilty.

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My cat has been letting me know in no uncertain terms that I am in the doghouse. I think she smelled the other cats on me when I stopped home last week and decided then and there that my laundry (dirty, fortunately) would become her new litter box for a week. I was able to wash my clothes clean, but when I got home last night, she avoided me.

She also was not using her litter box. I decided that she should be reminded where it was. I managed to pick her up (with the help of some treats and a lot of patience)but she was angry the moment I touched her. After reintroducing her to the litter box, I decided it was time for some human contact. (When we first got her, she hated to be touched, and with a little cuddle time and some diligence, she came around–although she is not terribly affectionate with most people)

She hissed (which she never does) and scratched me once, but then submitted. When I let her go, she took off to hide. So, I guess I’ll be hanging around tonight because it’s obvious that she’s angry and jealous and I’m going to have to stroke that little ego of hers.

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Another Busy Weekend

Only, it wasn’t really. Friday night, I had dinner with my brother and his wife at a place called Cooper’s. Excellent. We spent the evening chatting and catching up. It was really pleasant. Except that I think I may have left my sunglasses at the restaurant. This whole misplacing the sunglasses thing is really out of hand. I seem to lose them every other day. It’s quite obnoxious.

I spent Saturday at my mom’s while she proofed some work for me. Nothing terribly exciting there, but J and I had a little miscommunication. He told me that his bowling team was getting together that night and to keep it open. I thought that he meant 7 or so. He thought that I knew he meant 4 or 5. So, there was a bit of a rush to get to the barbecue. But we had a good time. His league starts the Friday after Labor Day.

Sunday, I attempted to catch up on the boys’ dishes. It has gotten to the point that every time we want to eat, we have to wash some dishes to get clean ones. I spent about an hour and a half and barely made a dent. I wish that they would throw away the garbage (somewhere else besides the sink) and rinse their dishes before stacking. But it’s not my house and I don’t pay rent, so I shouldn’t be complaining. And J did help me wash my car.

Then we went to Grizzly’s in Burnsville to celebrate my sister-in-law’s birthday. The food there was excellent. I highly recommend the Raspberry Chicken salad. It’s killer.

I don’t feel very rested from this weekend. I really like to veg out on Sundays, but I know that I’ve got a three day weekend coming and I’ve got tickets to the State Fair and Renaissance Festival. It’s nice to have a sister with connections!

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If spring was a wedding season for me, summer has become a separation season.

The weddings were one in March, one in April, two in May and one in June. In June, I received my final decree of divorce. Just days prior to the June wedding, one of the ushers and his wife, the personal attendant announced that they were splitting up. They still performed their roles, but their bitterness was evident to most people.

In July, J’s brother filed for divorce. Three nights ago, I had dinner with a friend who is very unhappy with his marriage and will probably stay in it, but is considering his options (note: I am not one of these options, and he wasn’t placing all of the blame on his wife). Then two nights ago, a friend of J’s showed up looking for a place to stay temporarily because he and his wife have decided to separate for awhile. This separation may not lead to an actual divorce, I think that they are still trying to work things out.

These three recent separations are almost like a domino effect, but the reactions are so very different. One is a stereotypical nightmare with a lot of bitterness and some charges being filed with the police, one is bittersweet where the couple cares for each other but have different priorities and futures, and one was expected and pretty much inevitable. One has nothing good to say about his wife, one won’t say anything bad, and the third doesn’t mention her at all.

What a strange summer. By the way, J and I doing just fine.

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A Little Bit of Romance

Last night when I went upstairs to get ready for bed, there was a white rose on my pillow.

Unfortunately, it was rather late, and the sender was too tired to reap much of a reward.

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Not much going on the past two days. J and I went to my Dad’s last night for BLTs. I like BLTs on hot summer days. We watched America’s Sweethearts on DVD (one of my free rentals at Blockbuster). We were both surprised that we enjoyed it more than we thought.

My grandmother called while I was at my father’s and laid a guilt trip on me about never calling. “I thought that when you moved back here, I’d get to see you more.” You do (because I only came back once every year or two), but I understand her point. Usually, when I’m trying to find time, she’s busy–social butterfly that she is, but I suppose things have quieted down. I told her that we could do dinner next Tuesday night. It will be nice and I’ll pick her brain for my family history/tree. I just hate the guilt trips.

I’ve been playing with the database all day trying to combine multiple tables into one so that we can send it off to be enhanced (they add voting information, updated addresses, that kind of thing). New office rule: All tables in the database will use the same field names (no more FullAddress, CompleteAddress, Address, etc). We will pick one format and use it! Of course, there will always be an additional field–I’m just talking about the basics, name, address, phone, etc. There is no reason that it shouldn’t be consistent.

Ok, I’ll get off my soapbox now.

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I took two days vacation last week at the advice of my boss. It wasn’t anything serious, but the summer seemed to be dragging and I hadn’t taken any personal time off since the Jamaica trip in March.

Since everyone I know was working, I decided to spend my time at the Goodhue and Pierce County courthouses doing some very basic genealogical research. I hadn’t been to the Pierce County courthouse before, even though my Dad’s side of the family settled there when they came over from Sweden. There was one friendly lady, the others were a bit brusk. It turns out that if you want a copy of a birth certificate, it will cost you $12 (yep, that’s uncertified, plain ol’ copy). Marriage and death certs are $7. Apparently, it is the same cost whether you do the research or ask them to. So, yeah, I was pissed. I shelled out $38 for my grandfather’s birth certificate, my great-grandmother’s birth cert, and 2 death certs. The icing on the cake was when they took a red ink stamp and put a disclaimer across the copies (through the middle) saying that this was not an official document and could not be copied. I almost missed that my grandfather’s middle name was spelled LeRoy, not Leroy.

I was told at Goodhue County that copies would be $10. So I only took my grandfather’s death cert and a copy of the amendment to my grandmother’s birth cert. Luckily, there was a temp working and she only charged me a buck a copy. Unfortunately, she couldn’t tell me what happened to the birth and death certificates before 1946. There’s a register that goes back to 1870, but no certificates.

I took one of my closest friends from high school, A to a tea room on Saturday. She’s always been into the Victorian thing and this tea room is really cute. It’s in a Victorian house and the walls and shelves are covered with tea-themed merchandise. We had such a blast. I was slightly disappointed that the tea for the day was Earl Grey, but it was really good. The owner said that her blender uses less bergomot in their version of the Earl Grey. I picked up a small canister of her Ginger Peach. It is so smooth.

Then on Sunday, I went fishing with my father down in Maiden Rock, Wisconsin. We just fished from the shore. It was shady and the water was warm. There was a nice breeze coming across the river, so it was very pleasant. I only caught a rock bass and while we had it on the stringer, it worked the stringer loose and swam away. Anyone who has been fishing in Minnesota would know that I’m not making this up because a rock bass (and 8 inches at that) is really nothing to be bragging about.

Topped off the weekend watching Sex and the City and Project Greenlight.

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The Little Darlings

For those of you who don’t know, I’m cat-sitting in town. No, I’m not house sitting too, just stopping by every night for about an hour to take care of a couple of cats. They are beautiful “rag dolls”. Very friendly. However, they cannot be out (in the house) together. So, there’s a girl who lets the one in the basement upstairs and puts the one upstairs in a bedroom. I come and switch them. I can understand that.

I’ve been asked to spend an hour with them (1/2 hour each) to give them some socialization. And I can deal with that. The funny thing is that the soft food hasn’t been touched lately. I mentioned this to the owner when she called today, and she informed me that they need to be spoon fed. I’m not kidding. So I tried spoon feeding them. It worked with one, but the other didn’t want anything to do with it. Oh well. Guess I’ll try again tomorrow night.

Perhaps I wouldn’t go to much effort. But the owner is a very nice lady and she is paying me. So I’ll just humor her in this.

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My brother asked me to housesit for him and his wife while they attend her grandmother’s funeral. (It wasn’t exactly sudden and everyone is handling things pretty well). Anyway, I’m dog-sitting again.

I’ve dog-sat for Jackie before. She’s a Boston Terror. She has this amazing ability to jump and remove my earrings (pierced, mind you) without ripping my ear. It’s still a bit nerve wracking. She also flunked puppy kindergarten. Oh, and she snores loudly. All night long.

This time is the first time I’ve been over since they got their second dog, Toby, a pitbull and something else mix. His previous owners tried to dock his ears the way that some pit bulls are done, but cut too much of his ear away, so his ears can’t be covered. He’s a very good-natured dog. But jealous.

So, my brother and his wife pull out of the driveway, and Toby is already starting to climb over the gate. I firmly tell him to get down and he manages to knock it over and warp it. It still works though.

Next, I try to give each dog some attention. They wind up playing tug of war with a stretchy toy designed for tug of war. I let them at it until they both pass out on the kitchen floor. Of course, Jackie was getting flung around pretty hard. I’m kind of surprised that she didn’t fly across the room. She held her own. They were out for a good half hour.

Should be an interesting night. Jackie loves dirty clothes and Toby likes chewing on toilet paper rolls and dirty socks.

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