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Two More Weddings

When I first got married, I discovered that most men cannot keep a social calendar. My ex-husband’s standard response to any invitation was either “Call my wife” or “I’ll have to talk to my wife”. He only double-booked us once, but because I made him resolve the issue, he never wanted to be responsible for making plans again.

About a month ago, I noticed that g00fy_blonde had RSVP’d for two weddings on the same day (and more importantly, on the same day as Eddie!) He hadn’t really looked at the dates when he’d sent off the reply cards–even though he sent them out the same day.

So, at 2 pm on Saturday, we were in Vermillion, Minnesota watching the son of one of g00fy_blonde‘s bowling team members getting married in a Catholic ceremony. Being a Lutheran, I don’t care much for the long Catholic ceremony. And we were on our feet for a large portion of it. Yuck. However, it was a lovely ceremony, but by the time it was over, we had to head over to Vasa, Minnesota for the second “show”.

The second ceremony was for one of g00fy_blonde‘s high school friends. They aren’t great friends now (something to do with someone catching his girlfriend making out with the other one in a parked car), but belong to the same clique. (I know, cliques ended in high school, but I don’t know how else to describe this group–they are very tight)

Thankfully, it was Lutheran–half hour ceremony tops. However, the pastor in his rush to get through the ceremony forgot to let the couple light the unity candle until right after the benediction. Oh well, we Lutherans really don’t care what order the service is in, as long as all (or most) of the parts are there. So they lit it, kissed, and were introduced as husband and wife.

The reception was at a ski resort nearby (Welch Village). Thankfully, they had a fruit and cheese tray with crackers and surprise! pickled herring. Only in Minnesota will you find pickled herring at a wedding reception. Strangely, during my absence from home, I secretly developed a taste for the stuff. The hors d’oeuvres were handy because the wedding party had decided to stop by a couple of local bars before the reception. Apparently, dinner wasn’t going to be until 6:30 and we had to be on the road by then to make it to see Eddie. So we said goodbye to our friends and grabbed some Wendy’s on the way.

See, I have my priorities.

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I went to see Eddie Izzard live on Saturday night. We arrived at the theater with only 5 minutes to spare and out of breath. Thank goodness that g00fy_blonde was driving, or we would never have gotten there.

He was very funny. sweet_pickles has a very good outline of the show, so I won’t repeat it here, but I was thoroughly entertained. Eddie came out in a skirt during the second half that “someone took a triangle from”. Poor g00fy_blonde thought that Eddie had nice legs and then would remind himself that this was a man on stage–musn’t look.

I bought a Sexie t-shirt and his Dressed to Kill DVD. If you haven’t seen Eddie, I strongly suggest renting the DVD. Be prepared though, Eddie is an intelligent comic–you have to be up on your world history and current events.

Thanks to sweet_pickles and downthedip for the perfect end to a hectic week.

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I just checked my bank account and for the first time in years, I actually have more money than I thought! Guess I will pay a few bills…..blah

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g00fy_blonde and I took Friday off to go to the Renaissance festival with his brother. We were surprised when we looked at the tickets that my sister had given us and saw that it was open on Friday, but once we got there and saw the busses, we understood that it was Student Day. Oh joy!

It was also raining. The good part of all of this is that there weren’t that many people around. We were not fighting the maddening crowds to see the Tortuga Twins (who had only a 10 minute, clean version of the show)and my favorite, Zilch the Tory Steller. Zilch is fairly clean, but there weren’t any students there, so he didn’t have to revise his act.

We watched the joust and got to cheer for the Red Knight, Sir Robert the Dastard. He was an excellent villian. There was a wooing contest that was pretty funny. The contestants were actors and they picked their objects of desire from the audience. The theme was chocolate and romance, so they had times to renew wedding vows if desired. Unlike the Texas Ren Fest, I don’t think that Minnesota actually performs wedding ceremonies. But I could be wrong.

I stopped by the gypsy’s shop to see what new accessories they had for my costume. They had some great stuff, but nothing that I felt I had to have. My white and blue costume will do for now.

I did buy a souvenir goblet and spent the afternoon drinking my wine from it (once the anklebiters left and the wine stalls opened). We toured the enchanted forest, which I had somehow missed in previous years and saw all the faerie homes.

We all had a good time. g00fy_blonde‘s brother bought a very nice hat,and g00fy_blonde purchased both of Zilch’s cds for me. There was a brief patch of sunlight,which we enjoyed. However, the clouds kept getting darker and the rain kept getting harder. So we left right after the Robin Hood show (those poor guys were jumping into the water and freezing themselves as the thunder began to crack).

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Yesterday while driving my beloved car, I noticed that it was sluggish and not shifting the way it is supposed to. It’s an automatic, but it wouldn’t go into gear and the RPMs were really high.

g00fy_blonde took it for a drive and said that the transmission was slipping. I wasn’t too terribly freaked out because my car is still under warranty, but I hate working with the dealership. The dealership in Austin has done more damage to my car than I will discuss here.

So, I call the dealership. I admit that I have not been taking it to them for the maintenance, but that it is maintained on a regular basis. No, I did not change the transmission fluid at 30,000 miles because the service manual says to inspect it and replace it only if necessary. The fluid even looked fine two weeks ago. Last night, however, it looked a bit burnt. So, I’ve got an appointment to have the fluid changed and the filter replaced, and the gaskets and whatnot for $115.

This gets better.

While getting ready to leave this morning, I remember that g00fy_blonde still has my keys. No, he doesn’t. Apparently, they fell out of his pocket and onto the floor of my locked car. My spare is over an hour away at my Dad’s. So I get to carpool. Now, I’m waiting for my ride home. Because I had to work late, we decided that he should mow the grass before picking me up to save some time. He was going to be here at 6:30 but ran into some heavy traffic and just left the house now.

Oh, and to pay for the maintenance on the car, I will have to return the dress I purchased last week for the two weddings this weekend and the lovely awards event in October. Bummer, it’s the first size 6 I’ve been able to wear in years (probably cuz it’s stretchy, clingy polyester–think stuffed sausage, just kidding!)

Good thing I’m seeing Eddie this weekend! Thanks sweet_pickles and downthedip! I really need to laugh!

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First and foremost, I am taking tomorrow off. This was planned three weeks ago so that we could go to the Renaissance Festival with g00fy_blonde‘s brother (yes, one of the triplets). However, it will be cool and probably raining tomorrow, so I don’t think I’ll be wearing my gypsy costume.

Our board decided that they wanted to have this big event/fund raiser. We’ll be honoring four state legislators who have worked to protect the environment. Getting this event going sucks! My boss and I both hate it! We already know that we will be losing money on this, but the board feels that it will do us some good to get our name out there. Our database is a mess (one of my projects)so getting a decent mailing list was not easy. We’ve sent out extra invitations to the board members so that they can try to sell tables. However, some of them are just ignoring the request and RSVPing just for themselves–no significant other.

I hate stuffing envelopes and writing cute phrases on them!

I’ll go into the other reason why I am still here in my next post.

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So, I’m back in Red Wing for this weekend. It’s a beautiful weekend, and I’m contemplating a short bike ride, but for the most part, I’m bored. I just finished Why Girls Are Weird by Pamela Ribon (you really should read this if you haven’t). Perhaps that’s why I feel drained. I laughed, I cried, I recognized.

I didn’t watch g00fy_blonde bowl last night because I was playing Catch Phrase with my brother, his girlfriend and my father. We had a really good time. Sometime I might write a post about my brother but I’m depressed enough right now as is. Let’s just say that he is a great person who doesn’t recognize his own merits. By the way, it ended up being a tie–we were playing girls against guys.

Well, I suppose I should go and make the salad that I said I would bring to g00fy_blonde‘s family reunion tomorrow. It’s my first attempt at one of my mother’s best recipes called Seafoam Salad. I was almost grossed out when I saw what went into it, but then remembered that I’ve been eating it for years. Wish me luck!

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