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Thanks to sweet_pickles for coming up with these. I didn’t know what to write about today…..

one. Tell me about five of your favorites (people, songs, books, foods, places, ideas…) – pick a theme and go with it.

Okay, let’s do songs performed by females (because there are just so many songs that I like)…I’m listing them in no particular order:
1. Bitch by Meredith Brooks–I’ve declared this to be my theme song. For some reason, I feel confident and empowered when I hear it–and it does accurately describe my mood swings.

2. It’s Raining Men by the Weather Girls–I thought this song was funny back in the 80s when I used to hear it on the morning show. It’s also the music during the fight scene from Bridget Jones’ Diary, which I think is one of the best fight scenes on screen.

3. There Is No Arizona by Jamie O’Neal–I like the tune. Kind of a depressing song, but the tune is fun to sing to.

4. Miss Independent by Kelly Clarkson–I never thought that I would like a song performed by an American Idol, but there you are.

5. Peel Me A Grape by Diana Krall–okay, well just about anything that she performs. I love her voice and find her music very relaxing.

two. What four things are you lusting for right now (be creative and even silly)?

1. A carved massage stone that I know from experience feels incredible (actually it can hit that spot beneath my right shoulder blade where all my tension likes to camp out)

2. The Gilded Tarot deck. I saw it online and want one badly. However, it won’t be released to the mass market until June or October (depending on your source). Until then, the author is selling individual decks for $300!

3. A CD player that actually works–either in my car or in my home stereo.

4. One of the new apartments in town with the cathedral ceilings, hardwood floors and all new appliances (and they are only $900 a month! Let’s not discuss the cost of housing in a small town….)

three. It’s spring cleaning time. List three items cluttering your closet. {Now go do something about them (eBay, donate, toss).}

Which closet???
1. Clothes that no longer fit or are in need of repairs that won’t happen
2. Leftovers from craft projects that I’ve completed or have never started (and probably won’t ever start)
3. Books I will not read again (yes there actually are some that I will be getting rid of this spring)

four. Make two wishes: one for you, and one for a friend.

1. Find the right apartment
2. So many of my friends are going through some tough times this month, I wish that they find peace with themselves and find the love that surrounds them.

five. What one thing are you really looking forward to this weekend?

Tarot readings on Saturday.

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A Quiet Evening

After a few weeks feeling like I’m running around without a head, I decided to take it very easy last night. We hit a record 91 in the Twin Cities (although today we’re back to the mid 40s), but I went for a bike ride anyway. Unfortunately, I wasn’t pleased with g00fy_blonde who also went for a bike ride. Apparently, he had some pent up frustration and was constantly pedalling. I like to kick back and coast once in awhile, but in order to keep up I had to keep pedalling too. So, I was pretty ragged by the time we got back. Note to self–the next time he says that he NEEDS to go for a bike ride, let him pedal on all by himself.

We finally played mah-jongg last night–well kind of. First, we decided to learn on our own, so instead of 4 players we were playing a 2 player variation. Next we weren’t sure of all the rules, so we kind of just ran with it. By the end of the first game, we had a better idea of what we were doing. We didn’t use any of the bonus tiles just to keep it simple. What’s confusing is that there are different rules out there. The book that came with the set is a bad translation so I did some research on the internet and then wound up picking up the only mah-jongg book I could find at Borders. However, this still leaves questions–particularly with the kong box and scoring. But we will persevere.

I suppose I should start actually working. My guilty conscience is starting to kick in.

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from sweet_pickles and downthedip

1.Go into your LJ’s archives.
2.Find your 23rd post (or closest to).
3.Find the fifth sentence (or closest to).
4.Post the text of the sentence in your blog along with these instructions.

Thankfully, we only have to attend and bring a gift.

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Nothing Much

I haven’t been writing much for a couple of reasons. The main one is that I simply haven’t had much to say lately. Another reason is that I was back in Red Wing over the weekend and getting on a computer that is online can be a bit difficult there.

I took Monday off from work because I had to work an expo down in Winona. It was cold, windy and outdoors, but it was kind of fun. g00fy_blonde went along for the ride and helped me out quite a bit. I really appreciated him going–it would have been a very long day otherwise.

On the way back, he was driving my car and we got pulled over. Fortunately, he was given a warning (71 in a 55). He says that it’s the first warning he’s ever received–normally they give him the ticket.

I did some more readings at the store on Sunday. They went really well and I had a lot of fun. I needed that after last weekend, and I’m looking forward to doing some more this coming weekend. I’ve also got another expo to work, The Living Green, expo on Sunday. That will get me another half day off.

I was pretty excited because on Monday I was able to refinance my car. Not only will that reduce my payments by approximately $150 per month, but it proves that my hard work in getting financially stable is beginning to pay off. I’m also excited because it will allow me a little more of a cushion when I finally find my own apartment.

Work was a bit stressful yesterday. Who would have thought that surfing the web could make me grumpy? I am supposed to be finding some updated contact information that at its most recent is 4 years old from a credit report. The weird thing is that I have only been able to find one “good” number for anything listed. My boss is kind of on my case for this, and I’m getting very frustrated. Other than calling a lawyer and making a couple of cold calls, I’m not sure what my next steps are.

I’m sure that by the end of the day this won’t be such a big deal. Something will either come of the phone calls, or we’ll have another plan of action.

So, I guess I should get cracking!

Update: Finally found a good contact number for one of the lawyers–and received confirmation that the man on the credit report is not the same man we are dealing with! Good news!

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I’m bored, so I took another look at the police calls from that little town in Nebraska that I briefly called “home?”.

Caller on the 800 block of Pine Street advised that she wanted to report her car stolen. Stated that she told a man on Friday night that he could take her car but he has been gone for three days.

Caller on the 600 block of Bordeaux Street advised he received a report of a suspicious person selling magazines door-to-door.

Caller on the 200 block of Second Street advsied the paper machine has been knocked over.–the hooligans are on the loose again!

Caller on the 900 block of Seventh Street advised that they received a couple of “breathing” phone calls in the last 10 minutes. Advised she did not want an officer to come up as there really wasn’t anything that could be done.–so exactly, why did you call?

1:44 a.m. Caller on the 400 block of Main Street advised that he would like to report a kidnapping. Stated that he hadn’t seen his two kids since about 4 p.m.

Caller on the 100 block of Maple Street advised a traffic cone is missing.

Caller on the 700 block of Fourth Street advised that some people always go through his yard instead of going around. After he yelled at them this morning, they let his dog out.

Caller on the 400 block of Lake Street advised that there is a man outside her door screaming at her to let him in. The man is screaming to let him in because he has a broken leg. Advised that she is too scared to open the door.

Caller on the 200 block of Cedar Street advised that his sister has been pushing him around some more and would like to talk to an officer.

Caller on the 500 block of Maple Street advised that her grandson is partying at a woman’s house and has been for several days. Requesting an officer to go tell him to get out of there.–and I thought that my grandmother was protective!

Caller on the 100 block of Main Street requested an officer go and advise a woman to come home and take care of her kids. Advised she is at the bar drinking.– I have a feeling that this is the father–just from the phrase “come home”.

Caller on the 500 block of Maple Street stated that he is being chased by a golf club.

Caller on the 600 block of Maple Street advised he just got home and noticed that his mailbox and everything in it are gone. Requesting to talk to an officer.

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Yes, I did remember my lunch today–all 5 of them, so I’m set for next week too (I’m planning to take Monday off).

Had a great time with sueg and hanskishel last night. They brought over these Jewish(?) pastries and some very good juice/sparkling water soda. Wish I were cool like that. There’s just so many things out there to try and experience–and I don’t make enough time to find them. Oh well, it’s good that I have friends who can introduce me to new things.

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I am Such a Dork!

Perhaps I shouldn’t have agreed to that “free” extra shot of espresso in my mocha yesterday, because I’m very anxious today.

So anxious in fact that I forgot to bring my lunch to work. I forgot my lunch because I was running late because I was waiting for the dryer to finish drying the items that I needed to wear today.

So, I will have to go out and purchase my lunch for the third time this week.

Honestly, I didn’t want to forget to buy my lunches for this week(I grab tv dinners because they’re cheap and small portions)so I purchased them last week at the grocery store.

Apparently, my brain cannot handle that minor break in routine, i.e. purchasing them either Sunday or Monday of the week that I plan to eat them.

I didn’t bring them on Monday because I drove to work from Red Wing and the lunches were in Minneapolis.

I didn’t bring them on Tuesday because my “carpool” left at an ungodly hour and I considered myself lucky that I remembered to get dressed.

I didn’t bring them on Wednesday because I again drove from Red Wing. However, I did have the presence of mind to stop by the grocery store and pick one up. Therefore, it doesn’t truly count.

Do you think I’ll remember them tomorrow, or should I just consider it a lost cause and try for next week?

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