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Theoretically, one week from today, I should be semi-settled in to my new apartment. However, I have not heard from the property manager since I gave them the deposit for the apartment. I’m not worried that they’ve taken off never to return, but I am concerned about finalizing my move-in date. And like an idiot, I forgot to write down their phone number and can’t find a listing for them. However, I think I might be able to track down a phone number by sifting through my cell phone usage once I have access to May’s bill.

But really, I shouldn’t be that worried. I mean, it’s not like I don’t have a place to live. And if I don’t move right away, I still have the time off to really get organized (yeah right!).

The only thing that is somewhat troublesome is that I’ve got people who want to help me move (especially my father) who need to know when so they can plan their personal schedules.

I know that there are always snags when moving, and if this is the worst, I really have it made.

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Recommended Reading

If you haven’t read sabbysteg‘s zine on the Worldwide Church of God, you really should. Sorry, sabby, but I can’t remember the name of it–something about the Lamb Lying with the Lion. Anyway, I couldn’t put it down!

I did have some strong emotional responses to it, but I won’t go into that here. I should admit that I am very interested in religions and how other people practice them, which may be why I was so engrossed.

I’ve only read two of her previous zines, Sabulous and Cats I Have Known, which were both very entertaining, but this particular zine was deeper and more serious. More mature.

Perhaps the most telling thing is that I really feel that I learned something from the zine, not just about the author but about myself and how I view religion.

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Simplicity Course

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Weekend Update

I was highly annoyed with g00fy_blonde on Friday night. The poor boy could not do anything right. First, he was about an hour late picking me up from work because he was getting a book that my mother had requested. I knew he would be later than usual and had taken that into account in our discussions, but he was still an hour beyond that time because he went to two different stores. NOTE: The Barnes & Noble in the Mall of America has an employee who cannot locate anything in that store and his favorite excuse is that it’s “out of print”. I was annoyed because g00fy_blonde had forgotten that fact and wasted precious time.

He then decided to make it up to me by taking me out for dinner. Unfortunately, my response to his question of where to eat was I don’t care. So he took me to one of my least favorite restaurants (he forgot that I don’t care for it). I had leftovers from lunch that I decided I would heat up at his place for dinner, but there were no clean utensils at his house. When he leaned over to kiss my cheek, he managed to burp in my ear. I decided at that point to go to bed early.

Saturday was much better. We drove to Eau Claire for the wedding. It was a gorgeous weekend. The wedding was nice with the exception of two things. The first was a “friend’s” child who was busy screaming and running around, so I missed the vows. The second was the strange sermon based on repairing your relationships after the passion “leaks”.

However, we got a room at the hotel where the reception was and proceeded to enjoy ourselves. The ex’s were very civil to each other and family members let it go, for the most part.

Yesterday was a veg day. Just took it very easy and had dinner with g00fy_blonde‘s parents for a belated Mother’s Day.

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And probably the last one for some time. I think we’re pretty much ready for the new ED on Monday. He’s excited, my coworker is excited and I’m not sure what I think.

I’m not against him or getting someone fresh in the office, but I haven’t really met this guy and I don’t know what his management style is. Also, my coworker is under the impression that we’ll be moving the office to Minneapolis.

I don’t want to jump the gun on this, but I don’t really want to move. Minneapolis would add another 20 minutes to a half hour to my daily commute and unless we move to south Minneapolis or Bloomington, I can pretty much kiss my carpool goodbye.

However, it was just a casual comment made by the ED and maybe he hasn’t given it another thought. And I really shouldn’t worry about it because our office has another year and a half on the lease.

I went to a preliminary meeting of a new women’s organization in town, Women of Today. Apparently, they were an offshoot when the Jaycees merged with the Jaycee Women. It seems like it could be a very fun group. Anyway, the annual membership is $30 and I can think of a lot worse ways to spend my money. They focus on community service, personal development and “fellowship”–having a good time. Anyway, I need to join some organization so I can network a bit more in town.

This weekend, we’re going to a wedding in Eau Claire, which is about 2 hours away I think. It should be sufficiently awkward as the bride’s sister is g00fy_blonde‘s ex sister-in-law, and yes, his brother has been invited and is planning to attend. Not sure if we’ll be staying over night. That was my vote because I keep hearing how much fun all these wedding receptions are and we always have to leave early (with the exception of the Mormon wedding–but the other guests all left early from that one). Then again, maybe this one won’t be much fun. However, g00fy_blonde‘s brother is supposed to be leaving very early. He just wants to make an appearance and leave–totally understandable–and he’s not bringing a date with him, although he is seeing someone.

Anyway, I’ll probably having something somewhat interesting to write about after that recipe for disaster. I’m sure you are all on the edge of your seats.

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The Search is Over!

Last night I put a deposit down on my new apartment. I’m pretty pleased with it. I’ve been comparing it to the apartment I had in Austin and it’s coming out pretty well.

It’s smaller than the one in Austin, but it’s still a 2 bedroom, 1 bath.

It has a full washer/dryer hookup, same as in Austin.

It doesn’t have a patio–Austin did but we never really used it.

It’s on the 3rd floor (no one above me), Austin was on the first.

It doesn’t have the breakfast bar (which only collected junk anyway).

It has about the same amount of closet space.

The enclosed garage is included in the monthly rent.

There is no pet deposit.

The walls are not pink and the counter tops are not teal!

But the number one thing is that I can afford it on my own!

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Stress Monster

I’ll admit that I wasn’t thinking last night when I ordered the 16 oz white mocha (with a shot of raspberry). I know that any coffee after, say 3 pm is not a good idea for me. So in that sense, I’m kind of reaping what I have sown.

Basically, I am having another one of my anxiety attacks. I was up for quite awhile last night and then woke up at 4 this morning. The biggie, as always, was finances. I was obsessed about balancing my checkbook before coming to work. Next, it’s the idea of getting into an apartment soon, the sorting, the packing, the moving, the unpacking. Yuck! And of course, my new boss starts next week. Oh and there is a little glitch in an email notification system at work.

I have resolved one thing. I did balance my checkbook(okay, so it’s not exactly balanced, but it’s close enough for now). Everything is completely under control on that end. Now I’m obsessing about the apartment and moving issues. I know that when I am like this, it’s almost counterproductive to solve an issue because I immediately move to the next obsessive anxiety.

If I wanted to use my anxiety more efficiently, I would focus on the new boss thing. After all, I’m supposed to be working on an informational packet and setting up the office systems for him today. But I guess that would be too easy and totally defeat the point of an anxiety attack.

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Plan B

Okay, so that apartment last night was not quite right. I walked in and thought, “Wow, that’s a pretty decent kitchen and dining area.” The bathroom was also a decent size. However, nothing larger than a twin bed was going to fit in the bedroom and as I turned around, I realized that the little dining area (maybe 9 feet square) was actually the living room. I don’t think anything of my furniture would fit in that apartment–well maybe the tv and part of the entertainment center, but then I don’t think there’d be enough room for me!

I’ve got another appointment on Tuesday to see a 2 bedroom. We’ll see what comes of that. My father made some calls to some people he knows (he was a real estate agent) but there aren’t any openings at those places (they go so fast, they don’t keep a waiting list even). He’ll keep calling though until I find something because you never know.

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Wish Me Luck!

I’m off to look at my second apartment. I don’t know if I wrote about the first one. It was a small house for rent. It had potential, but the fixtures were in very poor condition. The deal-breaker was that the owner wanted someone to move in 2 weeks ago and I wasn’t ready at that time. I was going to fill out the application, but my mother reminded me that I didn’t have to settle for the very first place I found. There are a lot of places becoming available and I could afford to wait until the timeframe was right. Although I think she was somewhat prejudiced since I referred to the place as “kind of a hole”.

This one is a one bedroom and I’ve been warned that it’s kind of tiny. The rent is very cheap, so I don’t have high expectations, but we’ll see. At least they allow cats.

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Why are we paying for an accountant? I *just* got our 990 back for one of the organizations yesterday and discovered several mistakes. I’m not a CPA and I’m not charging us $50 an hour. I admit that some of the discrepancies occurred because my boss insisted on revamping our chart of accounts–so I don’t blame the accountant for that one. I do blame her for putting the employer pension contributions in the line for membership benefits. What?! We really don’t have “members” and the only benefit our donors get is to be invited to give us more money.

The frightening thing is that our net balance does not match the balance that the auditors gave us last year (and subsequently sent to the IRS). I’ve put a call in to our accountant to send me the financials I gave her. Perhaps, just maybe the balances match on what I gave her–but as far as I can tell, the discrepancy should appear on her information because the audit adjustments were made before I ran the reports for her. And if that is the case, we’ll be looking for a new accountant. I need to know when the discrepancy occurred so that I can fix it appropriately. Was it something done this year that was back posted to 2002 (highly unlikely), was it the adjustments weren’t properly entered (possibly), or did the auditors complete the 990 before taking the adjustments into consideration (also unlikely)? Oh and the deadline is in less than 2 weeks.

On top of this, the accountant had the gall to email me apologizing for the delay and stating “tax season really sucks sometimes”.

Okay, now for something positive, g00fy_blonde and I tried the new Tiger Sushi restaurant at the Mall of America. He had never had sushi before. It was very good. I would highly recommend the Volcano and Number Ten to anyone (neither contains raw fish). The restaurant had such a nice atmosphere (not fancy) and the staff was very friendly. They took a lot of time in making the food look good on the plate. And everything tasted wonderful.

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