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Move In Day!

I was finally able to move in to my new apartment on Sunday. Yes, the tub and toilet have been replaced, but there was still a drawer full of the previous tenant’s stuff and the garage had not yet been emptied of the junk. My mother and I spent most of the day cleaning the apartment. She spent all day working in my small kitchen pulling up tacks and scrubbing the shelves and all the countertops. She even cleaned the knobs on my stove and pulled my fridge out from the wall so we could clean back there too!

My father and my brother made two trips with my furniture and stuff. There will be more trips in the future, but I’ve got enough to work with for now. g00fy_blonde assembled all of my furniture with one minor exception.

I didn’t stay there last night as my futon is missing some fundamental pieces that require a trip to the hardware store tonight. Also, I need to wash my sheets and the washing machine on the premises is out of order. I could have a washer and dryer installed in my apartment for $30/month, but I want to wait and see how all my other expenses pan out before doing that. Otherwise, I may be getting to know my local laundromat.

However, it is coming together.

I learned that it was indeed the flu I had last week. Apparently, not only did we suffer from it, but so did my mother, her husband, his son and his wife. Apparently, the little 1 year old whose birthday party I attended a week ago had caught something at her daycare. Lovely.

There is a busy week ahead for me. The Grand Excursion starts this week. I suppose that most people outside of the Upper Mississippi River Valley may not know what it is, so I will enlighten you. Back in 1854, there was a desire to promote this area as a place to live. So a bunch of wealthy people climbed aboard a bunch of steamboats and travelled all the way from the Quad Cities to the Twin Cities. End of history lesson. It was a marketing scheme then and it’s a marketing scheme now (only the Republicans are using it this time).

Anyway, a lot of events are planned this week and through the weekend. I guess it could be kind of cool to see a whole bunch of steamboats chugging along the river (but I think they will pass through Red Wing while I’m working in St. Paul). And I’m going to enjoy the fireworks and events, but the reason behind it is kind of silly really.

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It’s Been Awhile

I’ve been having difficulties logging into LJ this week. Not sure precisely what the problem is but I haven’t been able to update.

I’m over my flu/food poisoning. It actually lasted a day and a half,which is quite rare for me. We watched a lot of movies.

South Beach is going well. I’ve been able to find plenty to eat. I had to “cheat” last night as my boss had invited me over for dinner. I had a little bit of pear and 3 glasses of wine (I’m supposed to go 2 weeks without). My former boss brought her “world-famous artichoke dip”, which was served on french bread–so I had to at least try it but kept myself to one piece. Especially since g00fy_blonde decided to defend my honor at that point and took issue with “world-famous” because he likes my artichoke dip. (He told me on the way home that he liked mine better–isn’t he sweet!) My boss had also made some date ice cream, so I had a little bit of that too. Now that I’ve written all that out, it sounds like I really went off the diet, but most of it is only prohibited for the first two weeks. And (other than the wine) I only had small portions.

In some sad news, g00fy_blonde‘s aunt passed away on Tuesday morning. We went to the visitation on Wednesday and funeral on Thursday. She had a heart attack and two strokes sometime Saturday morning (early morning), which was very sudden and took the family by surprise. What was particularly surprising is that my name was put on a bouquet from the nieces and nephews. It was a cousin who ordered the flowers and decided to include me. Guess I’m part of the family whether it’s legal or not!


I know you are all waiting with baited breath for this. It really looks like I’ll start moving into my apartment this weekend. The lease is now in town and all I have to do is meet with the guy, fill it out and give him July’s check. They are not charging me for any time before July 1. The only thing that the apartment has been waiting on is a new air conditioner, but the weather has been particularly cool lately.

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So, over the weekend I got sick and tired of my weight. I’ve been waiting to start the South Beach diet until I got my new apartment because g00fy_blonde‘s pantry contains loads of the “bad” carbs–especially when one is on phase 1.

Because I knew I would start this diet soon, I had been eating bad stuff–more than normal–to prepare. Sunday, I realized that I weighed only 2 lbs less than g00fy_blonde!

So I decided that I would start the diet on Monday. And I’ve managed to lose 4 lbs! And it was easy! The secret? Wake up at 2 in the morning with what appears to be either a slight case of food poisoning or the flu. So yeah, I stayed home all day yesterday. Interestingly enough, he also woke up at 2 am with whatever it was. We immediately assumed food poisoning but no one who ate what we ate on Sunday is having any ill effects.

I’m at work right now, but there have been a few surprise trips to the ladies’ room, so I think I’ll be going back home. However, I think I’ll go to my Dad’s. He still has cable–and yesterday just got to be too boring without a tv. Okay, so we watched Looney Tunes DVDs but after 6 hours of that, I was getting ready to hit someone!

I did however get caught up with Anna Karenina and managed to make some decent progress on the “baby” afghan for my brother’s child.

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Thanks to sueg who provided a link that finally worked on my computer….

Who’s been commenting in your journal?

1 faeriekissed 107 comments 31.94% of total
2 sweet_pickles 70 comments 20.9% of total
3 sueg 40 comments 11.94% of total
4 bluealto 25 comments 7.46% of total
5 sabbysteg 25 comments 7.46% of total
6 startingtomorro 24 comments 7.16% of total
7 downthedip 22 comments 6.57% of total
8 therangonagin 10 comments 2.99% of total
9 purple_roses 7 comments 2.09% of total
10 carrieb 1 comments 0.3% of total
11 sweet_as_this 1 comments 0.3% of total
12 lizzbeth1 1 comments 0.3% of total
13 el_diablo_loco 1 comments 0.3% of total
14 mandypower 1 comments 0.3% of total

These statistics were generated using the LJ Stats Web Interface by mpnolan. Original idea from scrapdog‘s LJ Comment Stats Wizard.

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It’s nice to have a quiet night once in awhile. It was raining, so after dinner, I grabbed a glass of wine, put in some classical music and finished reading Watership Down.

I felt more relaxed than I have in a long while.

I still haven’t moved. I haven’t heard from the property management, but for each day that I don’t move, they lose money, so it’s in their best interest to get me in. I’m not worried about it; I’ll give it another week before I call them.

In other news, work is going well. I’m working on a small project that seems to be on target. We publish a guide to statewide environmental issues and I’ve been tasked with the distribution. I spent yesterday afternoon on the phone convincing co-ops throughout the state to display it. I was able to convince more of them than I had thought to carry it in their stores. Of course, that required a chocolate reward. Anytime I have to do any phoning, there is a chocolate reward.

Speaking of which, I should probably get back to work as my lunch break is over.

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Minor Bummer

Looks like I’ll have to ship my PDA to the manufacturer for repair. The backlight has stopped working and it’s rather annoying to have to squint at the screen. Fortunately, it’s a known issue and Sony will do the repair and pay for the shipping. Unfortunately, they don’t seem to have the same service Palm provides, so I’ll be without a PDA until it is repaired.

I wonder how I’ll get through my life without it!

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I was in a pretty foul mood last night and felt it was best to stay at my father’s where I won’t really see anyone. Pooka was so excited to see me. Well, she always is, but it was really cute when she discovered that I wasn’t leaving right away.

She cuddled and gave me tummy massages all night (okay so it’s technically “kneading” but it feels like a massage). I don’t think I got much sleep–and I’ve definitely broken out in a rash today–not to mention the itchy eyes and plugged nose, but it was worth it to have her wake me up at 5 am to play “fetch”.

Yes, I know I’m not a morning person, but the room I slept in is bright yellow and faces east, so sleeping in past daybreak is not an option anyway. Also, I had been kind of sad (and somewhat guilty) because I thought she had forgotten that little game. So it really started my day off in a good way when she dropped a wad of tinfoil near my head!

For the record and lest you think I’m completely insane, let me jot down the “rules” of “fetch”.

1. We must only use trash, preferably in a wad and something that has had food in it. Taco Bell wrappers are ideal. None of those high-falutin’ toys for us!

2. Thrower (that’s me) must wait until the stealthy hunter (that’s Pooka) has gotten into crouched position about halfway from where the Thrower will attempt to toss object (or prey).

3. Thrower must lob the object so that it makes an arc.

4. Thrower must not expect object to be returned until the stealthy hunter has outmanuevered its prey and returns it to the Thrower for the next round of fun.

5. However, the stealthy hunter must return the prey to somewhere within a stretch and a grasp of the Thrower.

6. This will continue until the stealthy hunter becomes interested in something else. The thrower has no say as to when the game will end.

As a side note, she used to take her furry mice (before we discovered the perfection of a used Taco Bell wrapper) and store them under my pillow throughout the day so I would have a stash ready in the middle of the night. I’m so glad she’s not an outdoor cat!

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