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Still didn’t get much sleep last night but at least today I’m tired. That’s something at least.

I went to another church History Committee meeting last night and now, not only will members have the opportunity to buy a commemorative book, an activity book for their kids, a calendar (I think we’re giving that one away), a crock, a suncatcher; they will receive a magnet in the mail as a Save This Date for the actual celebration weekend. Yay!

Apparently, my misbehavior from two weeks ago has rubbed off on other committee members. I didn’t have to say much during the meeting because everyone else was trying to prevent some rather silly ideas from being seriously considered.

Also, I thought that I had gotten away with having a raspberry mocha at the last meeting and not letting the caffeine make me volunteer for large projects. I was wrong–one of the committee members handed me a notebook full of dates to create a calendar from. I vaguely remember telling her that I wouldn’t mind transcribing her handwriting into an electronic format. No more caffeine at meeting! Period. I don’t care if I’m about to fall over from exhaustion. I don’t care if I need something to suppress my appetite. There will be no more caffeine.

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Definitely need to do some chakra cleansing/yoga tonight…..

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Of course, the first question everyone asked at work this morning was, “How was your break?”. For some reason, it was not a question I was prepared to answer. Let’s face it, it was bleh. Perhaps I should do this in the style of sabbysteg just to keep it short.

Let’s start with the positive:
+ left work 1 1/2 hours early on Wednesday
+ got the dips made for Thursday on Wednesday night (so the flavors could mature)
+ Holiday spent with his family went better than expected, for the most part
+ scored some points with his family for doing the dishes after all 12 people finished eating (no dishwasher either!)
+ made it over to my mother’s in time to catch everyone I cared about still there
+ got to play a few turns of Trivial Pursuit and a whole game of Cancellation Hearts
+ got to spend time with family members I don’t see often enough
+ got some of my decorations set up
+ finished some little odds and ends that needed doing (sending out meeting minutes, pictures, etc)
+ managed to pay all bills that were due between today and next paycheck
+ had great time at Holiday Stroll
+ Vikings won!

Now for the not so positive:
– alcoholic father fell completely off the wagon on Wednesday night and became overly emotional
g00fy_blonde and I had minor spats on Wednesday and Thursday (all resolved now)
– found out that even with paycheck, I still have no money–looks like another tight month
– no Tarot readings on Saturday
– artificial tree is at Dad’s and couldn’t be brought over this weekend as there was a shortage of running pickup trucks, so I couldn’t really get into decorating
– lost folder containing notes and information for draft I’m supposed to write for history committee
– couldn’t sleep until 3:30 this morning, woke up at 6 and couldn’t fall back asleep

And I’m not sure where I want to put this, but we got our first snowfall Sunday morning.

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Last night we went out for dinner to celeberate the promotion. It was nice but I’m not used to eating out anymore and the food did a number on my stomach. We had just returned to my apartment when my cell phone rang. I’ve not been answering my cell phone lately because I’m over minutes until Saturday. However, g00fy_blonde‘s family has been having some health issues, so when I saw that it was one of his brothers–I gave over the phone.

Turns out that the third brother had collapsed and was being rushed to the hospital by his new girlfriend. We met them at the doors and helped walk him in. The doctors don’t know what exactly happened but they gave him an injection of some sort (never telling anyone what it was only that it would make him feel better). We think it may have been an anxiety attack coupled with a new type of Sudafed that he took, which may have contained caffeine.

Anyway, they sent him home.

In other news, I am sick and tired of having no money and it looks like this situation will continue at least until the New Year.

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I was reading through the Neil Gaiman feed and came across a reference to this article regarding the folklore of homeless children in Miami, http://www.miaminewtimes.com/issues/1997-06-05/feature.html. Since I have a huge interest in folklore, myths and legends, I read the entire article and shed a few tears.

It has been a very long, boring day in the office. I have been looking up information in a huge database and each search takes several minutes. I’m sure there’s a better way to do it, but once I finish this task, I’ll have to find something else to do–and I still have to find enough to keep me busy through tomorrow.

We’ve had all of two calls today. The first was from g00fy_blonde announcing that he finally got his promotion! I’ll mention it here because he hasn’t updated his livejournal in a year–and I don’t think he’s going to start anytime soon. His official title is now Design Drafter.

The second call was actually work related.

And now, because I can’t think of anything better to do….(and I do realize that not everyone on my Friends list is American–feel free to answer if you have a similar celebration).

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I haven’t been writing much because I feel that most of my posts are complaints in some form or another. It’s not that nothing good ever happens to me–in fact, I consider myself a fortunate person. I mean nothing really bad has ever happened to me–in spite of my own stupidity. For example, I had a terrible habit of hitching rides when I was in my mid-twenties. I’d be waiting at a bus stop, a car would pull over and after a brief conversation, I’d climb in. I know somebody must have been looking out for me because nothing ever happened. I always got to the place I was going and I never felt uncomfortable. I finally put a stop to that when I got married–it really was only a matter of time before something awful would happen.

But I digress from the original reason for this post. I don’t call it Ramblings for nothing, you know. And yes, I’m going to complain a bit.

Cut for Brevity

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History Committee

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