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Where Have I Been?

Actually, I’ve been right here. I’m still caught up with my livejournal. I just haven’t made the time to post much.

I feel slightly guilty because I have a personal rule not to open any gifts that are sent to me that are wrapped, but my Secret Santa wrote “Om Baby” on my Amazon gift tag, so I knew what it was and couldn’t wait four days to open it. The Om Yoga in a Box was everything I expected it to be.

Work has been very interesting as no one in the office is really in the mood to accomplish much. I’m planning to work only a half day today.

I’ve got all my holiday shopping done and just have to finish (start) the gift for my neice. g00fy_blonde won a recordable scrapbook at work and I thought I’d put in all the pictures we’ve received of her with little messages. That’s this afternoon’s project.

So far I’ve only managed to make and frost the white sugar rollout cookies and the rum balls. There were a couple of accidents with the rollout cookies. Apparently, I got a little over anxious with the vanilla, and the food coloring was way, way darker than advertised. Pastel, my butt. The green was virtually black–and it stains your teeth and your tongue.

I’m still trying to get all my little chocolates and flavored candies made/molded before tomorrow afternoon. I have to get cheese to make a cheese tray and some english muffin bread for the Christmas morning breakfast casserole that will hopefully become my new tradition. I like the thought of a hot breakfast that just needs to be popped in the oven.

I’m still using the Pilates DVD. There was a slight crisis over the weekend when I realized that my 5 year old DVD player was dying. I’m very proud of myself that I didn’t let that stop my from my routines for a couple of days, but I did go out and get a new player because eventually it would have become and excuse. I made myself promise when I bought the DVD that I would use it at least once a day, usually twice. The only time that I don’t do it twice is if I replace that workout with another. Besides, the routines are between 8-20 minutes–it’s not like I can’t find that kind of time.

I suppose I should actually start making it look like I’m working–the boss is on his way in–and he’s such a slave driver. 🙂

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This is a nice little meme that sabbysteg had in her journal. I just wanted to continue the love…

1. Reply to this post, because I would like to say a couple words about you.
2. I will also tell you what song(s) remind me of you when I hear it.
3. I will also tell you what celebrity/public [or anime/manga] person you remind me of, either personality-wise or looks-wise.
4. I will also give ONE WORD that I associate with you when I think of you.
5. We all could use a boost now and then, so steal this for your journal and make someone else’s day as well.

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Okay, so the budget and bylaws meeting wasn’t too painful. Maybe it helped that my friend had made her homemade apple cider or that I had picked up turkey cranberry wraps for dinner before the meeting.

I’m being amazingly good at doing my (very) short Pilates routines twice a day. I did replace one of the routines on Monday with Claudia Schiffer’s ab workout (you wind up doing 330 crunches in 30 minutes plus great stretches that prevent cramping afterwards). The goal is to be slimmer and firmer by the holidays. I won’t be going down a dress size or anything in that short amount of time–but I’ll feel better, and I’ll get a head start on one of my perennial New Year’s resolutions.

What is surprising me is how energized I feel after a Pilates workout. It’s better than caffeine. And I’m doing routines that are 15 minutes or less, so there is no excuse not to do them twice a day, once in the morning before I get dressed and once in the evening while supper is cooking. I guess it doesn’t hurt that g00fy_blonde took vacation until the new year, so I’m parking in a lot that is about 6 blocks away from the office (as long as it doesn’t get too bitterly cold). That winds up being 15 minutes of walking in each direction.

I find this all strange because I hate exercise and am an absolute pro at finding any excuse not to do it. I’m actually enjoying myself and feeling very good this time.

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Last night was the book club holiday party. g00fy_blonde was an absolute lifesaver and I owe him big! Work ran late, I was short two ingredients for my appetizer, and there was no time to be wasted.

I thought I was pretty smart showing up 10 minutes late because my PDA had overwritten the directions, so I thought I’d head in the general direction and go to the house with the most cars around it.

It was a good plan. But I pulled a u-turn and confused the car behind me. A close friend who also belongs to the book club was following me and I confused her (welcome to my world, sweetie). I stopped and she pulled up in front of me. Turns out that she had the directions, so I followed her. And my plan would have worked if I had remembered to take two more turns. Surprisingly, there weren’t any houses in the subdivision that had more than two cars in the driveway–so our destination was blatantly obvious.

We had a good time. I hadn’t read the book (the first time that’s happened–but I just didn’t have time to search for a copy and I really didn’t want to order it). It’s just as well. The book was Holidays on Ice by David Sederis and the concensus of the group was that it was better on tape than in print–even though only one member read the book.

Tonight my women’s group has a subcommittee meeting to create bylaws and a budget. Yippee! Just what I want to be doing during the holiday rush.

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I checked on that little town in Nebraska where I lived for 10 months. And once again, here are things that made me chuckle from their Police Beat feature.

Caller from the 200 block of North Mears advised of a dead cat in the middle of the road at the above location. Caller requested an officer to remove it. Officer contacted the owner’s boyfriend who advised he would take care of the cat and break the news to his girlfriend. (How did the officer know where to find the owner of the cat? I doubt he got close enough to read a tag–if there even was one…)

11:47 a.m. Caller from the 300 block of North Main Street advised he has a squirrel in his house. Caller stated the dog started chasing it and he doesn’t know where it went. (There is almost always a squirrel story somewhere in these–and I always have to include it for sweet_pickles because she adores those cute little rodents so)

Caller from Chadron advised he would like to file a complaint against the manager of a trailer park because the manager had followed the caller’s girlfriend around town. The caller advised that he had followed her downtown and was right on her tail. Caller stated that this is the second time this has happened this year and when he tried to make contact with the manager, the manager’s girlfriend stated that he was out of town and she had not left the house all night. (How creepy is this–a trailer trash stalker???!!!!)

Caller from Main Street advised he would like to talk to an officer about people taking pictures of him while he was driving around. The caller was advised that nothing is illegal about people taking his picture. (There is only one person I know of who MIGHT have this problem. Harrison Ford does drop by Chadron on his way to his place in Wyoming once in awhile. However, I seriously doubt that the caller has this kind of star quality).

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Have you ever had one of those days when you find all kinds of mistakes you’ve been making? Some of these mistakes are several months old. Some are only a month or so. And all of them should have been flagged right away.

It’s funny that I’m catching all this and sorting it all out–and I’ve only had less than 3 hours of sleep. That’s right, the insomnia struck again last night. I could even feel it coming on during the evening because I felt woozy like I’d taken some cold medication (I hadn’t). I wasn’t tired, just kind of out of it with chills running throughout my body.

And I’m not tired today. Another side effect is that my appetite pretty much disappears and I have to force myself to eat my meals. Here I sit in an office full of chocolate candies and have very little interest in more than a piece or two.

And I have this insane urge to exercise. I guess that’s why I don’t really mind these attacks.

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I’m so excited! The wine tasting is tonight. It’s sponsored by a local liquor store and the St. James Hotel. We had so much fun at the July one and the store has assured me that the holiday version is a blast.

This time we know that we shouldn’t eat before we show up–the hotel puts out a wonderful selection of salads, appetizers, fruits and desserts to have with the wine. I’m also glad that it’s unseasonably warm as we will be hoofing it there and back.

I know that you are not supposed to get drunk at these events, but last time those little sips really added up. I plan to monitor that closer this time.

I’ve already taken tomorrow off so that I can stay up later and just enjoy myself tonight. I’m even going to dress in a strangely festive outfit I have. It’s hunter green with silver glitter leaves all over the top. It’s actually quite a “messy” outfit–leaving glitter everywhere. I think this might be the last time I wear it. Then it can go to the Salvation Army. I’m really rather tired of it–but it will be fun for tonight.

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