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We’re leaving for Baton Rouge tomorrow, so I won’t be checking in for about a week. We’re driving so it should be an adventure–remember how I can’t find my way out of a paper bag??? Let’s see what I can do with the whole country, shall we?

And he’s not much better. He thought it would be an excellent idea to drive to Dallas and Austin since “they’re on the way” because Dallas is “on the border” of Louisiana. And his sister keeps insisting that I will be spending my time sunning myself on the beach–even after I reminded her that Baton Rouge is not on the coast! So apparently, it runs in the family.

I’m not sure which one of us should be the navigator….

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Friday night, g00fy_blonde got into a huge argument with his brother regarding phone courtesy. Huge argument is a bit of an understatement because there was a lot of swearing, a lot of shouting, and some shoving. Basically, his brother has a psuedo-girlfriend whom he talks to for 2-3 hours every night. While they have call waiting, the brother won’t flash over during this marathon.

I was pissed on Friday because I was supposed to show up at the house when I finished things that needed doing at my apartment. As usual, I was running late, so I called to see if it was too late already; if not, could I just wrap up a couple more things, and what should I bring when I do show up. Because the phone kept giving me a busy signal, I finally had to change out of my workout clothes, get into the car and drive 10 minutes to their house–just to see if it was too late to come over.

So yeah, I was very pissed.

That however, does not excuse the brother calling me a bitch as I was leaving. This was said merely because he was mad at g00fy_blonde and apparently when one is angry, one can use girlfriends in their attack. Another recent issue has been that the brother gave his psuedo-girlfriend a key to the house without consulting g00fy_blonde. I have had a key for over a year now, but it was a discussion they both had before I was given it. So, in order to prove a couple of points, I have relinquished my keys.

g00fy_blonde spent a lot of time at my apartment this weekend. They are barely on speaking terms at this point. I do feel bad about the whole situation. It’s probably a good thing we’re leaving this week for Baton Rouge.

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The party last night was fine. People came, people played bingo, people bought candles. I guess that would be a success, right?

I have a 3-day weekend, which is good because I have to get that darn church history narrative written and make chocolates for a Death by Chocolate party on Tuesday night. The store where I read tarot closed, so I have an additional day there too.

I’m not sure if I’m going to continue readings on a regular basis. The primary factor is the lack of a location. I definitely don’t want to be doing readings from my apartment or visiting the homes of clients. Other readers have recommended coffee shops or the library. I’m not sure how that would go over though. My hometown is very conservative and rather small. I’m going to miss the extra spending money too.

Well, my ride is on its way. It’s time to pick up my car from the shop. I hope that they remember that they agreed to do the work as part of my warranty, even though I was 37 miles over.

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Tonight I’m semi-hosting a Partylite party. I very rarely host sales parties for a number of reasons. The primary reason is that I don’t know very many people–and I’m uncomfortable selling them stuff–even though I’m not actually doing the selling.

However, this party is held in the back of a local restaurant and the majority of the evening is spent playing Candle Bingo. Each guest needs to bring $5 to buy bingo cards for all the games, but the prizes are boxes of votives and the grand prize is a 3-wick, so it’s worth it if people are interested in that sort of thing.

I asked everyone that I was thinking of inviting prior to sending out the invitations because I don’t want people to feel obligated to purchase anything. I really don’t care about getting a hostess credit. The only reason why I’m doing it is that it’s kind of fun–and rather cheap. The consultant isn’t terribly thrilled because I only gave her 5 names, which is all that will probably show up. I’m not doing any “outside” sales because I am not a salesperson, that’s Partylite’s job–and I can’t think of anyone who is in desperate need of candles.

I was also careful not to invite anyone that I don’t socialize with. I hate being invited to these parties where the only reason I received an invitation was because the hostess wants a bunch of free stuff. It’s not like I’m ever invited along when there isn’t a party.

It really should be fun tonight–as long as the consultant doesn’t get irritated at the low turnout. I’m sure people will buy stuff–but I doubt we’ll hit the $200 party goal. Hey, then she won’t pressure me into hosting again!

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Here’s a picture of my current purse, per startingtomorro‘s request.

The funny thing is that it’s exactly like my last one except that one was denim. I was too lazy to go out and find a different style. I looked at a couple of stores and couldn’t find anything as functional as this one, so I sucked it up and bought the exact same thing.

Not much is going on today. I played hooky last night and did not attend the history committee meeting. I just needed a night to try to get caught up on some much needed housekeeping. I was slightly irked when I received an email this morning asking if I had finished the layout of text and pictures for the history booklet. There are two problems with that.

  1. I was told the deadline for that was March
  2. Not everyone has given me their pieces of the narrative and I don’t have any of the photos!

I haven’t decided how to respond yet. I may wait until after this weekend when I’ve actually worked on it. Maybe I’ll use some random images as place holders–that could be trouble!

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So, yesterday was Valentine’s Day. g00fy_blonde has been making several references/jokes regarding proposals over the last few weeks. And yesterday, he was positively giddy.

He informed me on Sunday that he would be taking a half day off of work to run a few errands that he hadn’t accomplished over the weekend. Then he called and asked if he could have access to my apartment to make a special dinner. He stopped off at the office (which in spite of our occasional carpooling is NOT on the way home from his office) and dropped off a box of Godiva chocolates (he gets me a box every year–lucky me!). He wouldn’t tell anyone what we were having for dinner or what we were doing because it was all supposed to be a surprise. He sent an e-card telling me that he planned to shower me with love.

So I get home and dinner is cooking. It was a very nice dinner, fresh asparagus, roasted potatoes and steak with mushrooms and gravy. He’d also picked up a nice bottle of Merlot.

After dinner, he goes over to his pile of stuff and grabs a small square item and puts it in his pocket. I’m still at the table and he sits back down and finishes his glass of wine. Then he comes over to my end of the table (where there is no chair) and proceeds to get down on one knee. He gives me a kiss and hands me something wrapped in tissue paper. Yes, it was a rock! But it was not the type that you wear on your finger–it was a real rock. Black tourmaline to be precise.

In his defense, I had wanted that particular rock for awhile as it is supposed to absorb negativity–and it feels really cool in my hand. I’m sure that he had absolutely no idea what I was thinking/expecting. So of course, I never mentioned it. He was so excited about making everything perfect last night, I didn’t want to say or do anything that would make him feel bad.

Actually, today I think it’s pretty funny. And I get to go through all that anticipation again!

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I’m beginning to feel that things are getting back under control. Our women’s group met tonight and I was totally prepared and had everything with me that I needed (with the exception of a pen, but then I didn’t say that I was Miss Efficient).

I’ve been tying up the loose ends from our event the other night. Everything went very smoothely. The Governor was on time and I think all 146 guests had a good time. Let’s hope that it was good enough that they’ll cough up some money! Ahhh, the downside of working for a nonprofit.

And I was a little bad tonight. I special ordered a new tarot deck–even though I just bought one recently. But this deck is soooo cute. It’s called the Housewives Tarot and it can be found at http://www.aeclectic.net/tarot/cards/housewives/.

I’m absolutely beat, so I think it’s time for me to get my sorry little butt into bed.

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