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I don’t feel good today. I thought it was because I ate way too much dairy yesterday, but it hasn’t cleared up like I expected.

Got my car back. Now I need to change my oil. Always something. Fortunately, I only have to pay for the oil and filter.

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The dealership called and my car should be ready today. When I called yesterday, I got the impression that even though the car has been there since last Wednesday and scheduled for repair last Friday, they still hadn’t really taken a look at it. Supposedly, they were working on it, but no one had called me to let me know if 1)the repair was covered by the warranty, and 2) what else they found–because it’s not realistic to believe that they wouldn’t find something else.

Everyone told me to have faith, that if they were working on the car, it must be a repair that was covered by the warranty.

I finally got the call I was waiting for this morning. Yes, it appears that the repair I need is covered (thank goodness I’ve kept my married name or else the warranty might have been voided). But…..

My brake pads are worn down to 20% in the front and 10% in the rear, so they are recommneding a 4 wheel brake job. Seems reasonable right? Okay, here’s my issue. g00fy_blonde looked at it last week and had his brother (a mechanic) consult with him. I was told that my brake pads were at about 50% and I should consider getting them replaced in the not-so-distant future. They were the ones who informed me that my problem was a wheel bearing. The dealership informed me that the technician had difficulty diagnosing the problem because the squeal from the brakes was so loud, he couldn’t detect the problem with the bearing. (Note that no one else complained of the brakes squealing)And all this rubbing has damaged the rotors so that they need to be ground down.

Okay, so up to this point, I’m fairly certain that they’re exaggerating the problem, but I might as well get the work done rather than bring it back when the brakes are shot. The rep continues by saying that the large amount of rust that has accumulated on all this is a problem and needs to be removed. Let me explain here that when I first got my new (brand spankin’new, mind you) car, I noticed that in humidity and rain, rust would appear on the wheel. I spoke with the dealership where I purchased the car and was informed that this was normal and as I drove the car, the rust would be worn off. In other words, this is not an issue for a dealership.

I find it humorous that the dealership would make a problem seem worse than it is, but I’m not surprised. After all, they want to get paid for working on my car–and surprisingly, my warranty no longer covers brake jobs.

But I consider myself lucky that I’m getting my car back for less than $400–not including the tow up there of course.

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McDonald’s Part II

This is a really poor picture, but you can almost make out the tv screen and one video game.

McDonald's TV McDonald’s TV

There were two televisions that I saw, one set to a children’s program (like Nickelodeon) and the other to FoxNews. There were also arcade games set up throughout the dining area–most were free and there may be one that has a charge, but the proceeds go to the Ronald McDonald house.

Whatever happened to families sitting around a table together having a conversation? I thought McDonald’s had an image that promoted family values. I recognize that the Playlands were becoming liabilities, but to replace them with video games?

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I had a couple of coupons for the new fruit & walnut salad at McDonald’s last night, so we thought we’d stop in. I hadn’t been inside (or even through the drive-thru for that matter) since they built the new restaurant.

It was sad to see the Playland go, but I do like what they’ve done with the inside. I apologize for the crappy pictures, but I was using my camera phone.

The next picture will show why I haven’t been inside the new McDonald’s before now and why they won’t be getting much of my business in the near future.

McDonald's Interior McDonald’s Interior

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It’s a Monday

While blotting my face with one of those oil removing papers, the lotion I was wearing began to smear (apparently, I had some dead skin that was not completely exfoliated this morning). Some of the dried skin/lotion landed on my cream shirt. And unfortunately, this is a tinted lotion and it landed in a rather unfortunate spot. Attempts at spot removal resulted in a soft brown smear right about where my nipple is.

My boss couldn’t print in color because his computer had removed itself from the internal network and he couldn’t access teh printer. While I was working on reestablishing the connection, he asked to print from my computer, which somehow resulted in my losing connection and subsequently crashing. All he did was try to open a file….

The bathrooms here have no water. Of course, this is not something that is obvious until you try to flush and wash your hands. There was just enough water to build a lather, but it started to turn brown and then stopped all together so I wiped the soap off with a paper towel.

My eye is bothering me, so I’ve been doing the eye drop regimen. I noticed that when I pulled my bangs back, the irritation was less, so I’ve just trimmed my bangs. Hopefully, that will help.

Had a good weekend. Wine tasting was on Friday and it was fun. I ordered two bottles, one Vouvray and one Petite Shirah. The June tasting is smaller than December, which may be why the alcohol hits us faster. Yes, I know, you’re supposed to spit, but no one else does so I felt like a total dork the first time I did. Fortunately, there is wonderful food available–so it’s not all alcohol.

We lowered the cost of the tarot readings back down this weekend and I had 3 customers (almost 6). Apparently, that extra $5 is too much for people to take. Whatever. I’ve also cut back my time there to once a month because things are way too hectic right now.

And C took possession of the house early. The owners had wanted a full week to do some repair work, but he agreed to do it so that he could move in early. The issue is that now he won’t be able to assist g00fy_blonde on the other house and finish the projects he agreed to do (like putting in front steps to replace the ones he removed last year), and yet for some reason thinks that g00fy_blonde will help him at the new place. Sure, when he’s not working overtime, retiling the bathroom, tearing up carpet, and driving the pickup to help C move, he’ll have time to help re-wire the new place, touch up paint, and a whole list of other things at the new location. I almost feel guilty asking him to help me move.

Speaking of moving, I’m about to go look at a potential new office location. Fun, fun.

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Things are much, much better. Maybe making a small amount of progress on the Monster was what was needed to restore my sanity. I think the other thing that helped was writing down a todo list that didn’t have everything listed at once. I tried to assign tasks to different days so it wasn’t so overwhelming–and I managed to get most of yesterday’s tasks done.

I’m having dinner tonight with a good friend who is moving. She used to own the store where I read Tarot, but got a wild hair to move to the country and have a little organic hobby farm. She’s a great person, and I’m going to miss her. Maybe I should convince her to get an lj account…..

I’m also returning 3 books to her by Terry Pratchett. They are part of the Discworld series and feature Death, who happens to be one of my favorite characters in the series (if you’ve read the series you may understand why, if you haven’t–I swear I’m not that weird, okay just a bit). Of the 3, the best was Hogfather, the premise of which is that the Hogfather (who resembles a Santa Claus with tusks) has been assassinated and Death fills in for the Night. The other two were Reaper Man and Soul Music. I didn’t like Soul Music, but it did introduce some of the main characters in Hogfather. However, the nice thing about this series is that you can just read one book and enjoy it without having read the others. Or not enjoy it–as I have with some of the books in this series.

Other than that, I plan to catch up with some Women of Today business, work a bit on the Monster, and put my new sheets on the bed. Maybe I’ll even get the dishes done. You never know.

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Okay, so I had a bit of a breakdown yesterday. I’m feeling much better today–although I’m still pretty drained. When I stop to think about all that I have to do, I get completely overwhelmed. Most of this I did put on myself, and there are specific projects that won’t last for much longer–but right now, it’s all a bit much.

The focus of the angst yesterday was the car issue. I felt like a complete idiot when dealing with the dealership and the tow truck company. As silly as it sounds, I’ve never had to have a vehicle towed before and because it wasn’t an emergency, I had time to try to look at my options. Unfortunately, no one around me was able to provide much advice. I mean, how many people have to travel over 50 miles to get their car repaired? I’m taking a bit of a gamble that this repair (we think it’s a front end bearing) is covered under warranty. Otherwise, I might have tried to find a local shop. However, if the problem is not covered, I may have made a rather expensive mistake. No pressure there.

There has been a lot of discussion lately about the possibility of selling said car. Each time it goes into the shop, I become more and more open to the suggestion. It’s like it’s great that I’ve got this decent warranty, but the distance to get to the dealer is beginning to outweigh that benefit.

Okay, enough about the car. It’s too depressing. Let’s talk about book club last night. We read The Sisters by Mary Lovell. It’s a biography of the 6 Mitford sisters who became (in)famous around the time of WWII. I had never heard of them, but two were authors, one became the Duchess of Devonshire, one was enraptured by Hitler, and another was imprisoned because of her marriage to a fascist. None of these women had a decent education (or at least they felt that way), so it was interesting in spots. The group agreed that while their childhood years were necessary to understanding later events, that part of the book was the most difficult to get through. If you are into biographies, or are an anglophile, I’d recommend it. One thing that is very nice is that everything is annotated, so you feel that you can trust the author–she conducted several interviews with the surviving members and had unprecedented access to letters to family and friends of the Mitfords. I guess the most interesting thing I found was reading about the supporters of fascism and Hitler because it was sometimes hard to remember that many of these people had no idea what would eventually happen. I should warn you that the book does get a bit long and slow in parts.

I think I’ve got the bank account situation resolved. I’ll borrow my mother’s car to take care of my part, and the other two signers have sworn that they will go in together to do theirs.

Tonight I’ll focus on the Monster. I’ve got lists of revisions and additions and notations and even some sections that have to be written (how do you forget to include the Sunday School in a church history????). I’m actually looking forward to making some progress on this project. And it’s at a stage where anything I do is progress.

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