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All in all, I had a good weekend. We went to the state fair on Saturday where I indulged in cream puffs, (deep fried) cheese curds, lingonberry ice cream, and spaghetti and meatball dinner on a stick.

We visited the creative arts displays where I saw a replica of a fairy that I completed two years ago (I’m working on a companion piece for it). It was beautiful, but I joked that mine looked better. g00fy_blonde responded that he thought the one on display looked better because he liked the sage linen better than my boring beige. Good thing we were in public and I couldn’t deck him!

We also attended a birthday party for a three-year old. It was a Dia de los Muertos theme with a delicious skull cake, fried ice cream, and a pinata. Watching three year olds trying to take down a pinata was very amusing.

Sunday I watched Five People You Meet in Heaven with my grandmother. She really liked it and wondered afterward who the five people would be that my granfather would have met.

We also learned that g00fy_blonde‘s brother who got his girlfriend pregnant so that she could have a little girl is actually having a little boy. g00fy_blonde actually laughed out loud when he heard that. To be fair, his brother seems happy anyway (if not stressed out because he’s figuring out that in order to take care of this baby, he should have a house and a job that doesn’t require weeks and weeks of travel amongst other things).

I also finally received my deposit check–less $50 for cleaning expenses!!!!! I’ve tried calling several times today, and I’ve left two messages. I wouldn’t be so pissed off except that I was told that I would get the full deposit back–especially since the apartment was left in better condition than what I moved into. I removed two trash bags full of the previous tenants’ belongings and spent a full day cleaning the kitchen (ok, my mother actually did that), the windows, the cupboards, and the construction mess from the bathroom before I could move in. Cleaning expenses my ass!

Fortunately, I still have copies of various letters I sent to the management including the letter that went with my first month’s rent, where I mention the stained carpet and nasty walls that I did not wish to be charged for, and my written notice of my intent to move out. How difficult can it be to just return my money???

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What the????

Earlier this year, the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) issued a permit for a new wastewater treatment facility that would allow two cities to grow but would increase pollution in an already polluted river. This decision went to court earlier this month where the judge found that this permit was in direct violation of the Clean Water Act.

The MPCA is now going to appeal this decision because, “Without approved wastewater discharge plans, cities that are at their wastewater capacity now can’t issue new residential building permits, and industry can’t go forward with construction,” according to the MPCA Commissioner. (quote taken from an MPCA press release–I haven’t seen any media print this yet).

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I wound up having a good time last night. Everyone made fun of me and the way I make smores. I learned a long time ago that I like the marshmallows burnt and I get tired of turning the stick to get the perfectly even, golden brown hue. So I torch them. I stick the marshmallows right in the flames and then blow out the little fire. Three times usually does the trick–and my marshmallows don’t fall off the stick, they’re not still cold in the middle, and they smoosh nicely between the crackers. What more could you ask for, really?

I have to give kudos to g00fy_blonde. He knew that I wouldn’t have much time between work and the bonfire last night, so when I came home even later than expected, he had tuna salad sandwiches all ready to eat. He also dug through his garage and found a lawn chair for me to bring. Even though I was 20 minutes late getting home, I was on time for the bonfire. I am so lucky to have him.

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I haven’t received my return deposit check yet. I’ve called multiple times and finally last Thursday I was informed that a check would be sent out on Friday in the full amount (I will be highly surprised if I get the interest too). Lo and behold, the check has not arrived. So I called today and was told that the company forgot to send it, so my contact is personally sending it out as we speak. I’ll believe it when I see it. If it is not in my hands by Monday, I will resort to daily phone calls. This is getting beyond ridiculous.

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After yesterday’s lull, the telemarketers have found us again. Apparently, I need to know that our cable rates are going up again and that all our loans can be consolidated. I’ll just get right on that.

We had a quiet night last night. I got caught up on a couple of things and generally just relaxed. I continue to work on the never-ending cross stitch project, A MidSummer Night’s Fairy. She’s the companion to Titania, which I finished about 3 years ago. I highly doubt that I’ll finish her this year, since I’ve started to split some of my hobbies into seasons. Cross-stitch and doily-making are warm weather activities. Knitting and other crocheting (not doilies) are cool weather activities. I haven’t put quilting into a season, which may be why there has been no progress in a year. Scrapbooking and card making are year round. I don’t get much done on them either. Let’s face it–I should just quit my job so that I can finish all these projects. 🙂

Tonight I’m going to a Women of Today social. We’re having a bonfire and roasting smores. I’m not looking forward to it. I don’t feel like being social, which is probably exactly why I should go.

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I’m very bored today. My boss is on vacation and we’ve had 5 phone calls all day–and none of them were telemarketers! Even they must be on vacation this week.

So I’ve been goofing off and taking a very close look at the monthly financials I’m generating. Actually, it’s been more goofing off. When I’m bored, looking at financials causes me to nod off. And we can’t have that.

I just finished listening to the first nine minutes of Neil Gaiman’s Anansi Boys. I found it very entertaining and now I want to read the book–or maybe listen to it. I do like audio books if the right person is doing the reading. This book falls into that category. Another audio book I highly recommend is The Journey of Crazy Horse, read by the author who is Native American. I loved listening to that book while I was packing for my move.

Generally, though I prefer the printed page. There’s something about that ink and paper in my hands that transports me to another place. Seriously, I am pretty much dead to the world when I’m reading a good book. I don’t get that with audio books.

We went to see the Twins play last night. They won, which made it even more fun. I can’t believe how expensive it is to see the game! We had free tickets (front row third base line) and a free parking ticket. The tickets would have cost us $24 apiece. Parking was $10 in the lot. Two sanwiches, one beverage each, and chips came to $23. We’re already at $81–and that does not include any of the popcorn, candy corn, peanuts, or drinks being hawked during the game. The cheapest price that I saw for any of those items was $3.75 for a small bag of cotton candy. Yikes! Can you imagine if we had a small child? Obviously one of us would be staying home.

I just can’t reconcile myself to the costs of things like sporting events and concerts. I don’t go to many concerts because I just can’t get myself to pay $50 each for bad seats. Good seats for a lot of the concerts I’m interested start at $90. And then there’s the souvenirs, which are often pretty cool, but can also run an arm and a leg. Way more money than I’m comfortable spending on an evening’s entertainment.

But then, I’m willing to bet that my books/hobbies have cost me more than most people would care to spend in that area.

Currently reading:: Something Rotten by Jasper Fforde–speaking of Jasper Fforde, he’s moderating an online reading group next month on barnesandnobleuniversity.com. The book is The Big Over Easy (if you’ve read The Well of Lost Plots, this is the book formerly known as Caversham Heights where the nursery characters can go).

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I was cold all day yesterday. Never mind that it was 78 degrees–I was wearing a cardigan. We stopped by g00fy_blonde‘s parents last night. He told me we were running up there because they had an excessive amount of fresh tomatoes. We learned that they called him and asked us up so they could check out my left hand (no, I still don’t have a ring). It wasn’t even subtle.

Not that he’s under any pressure. They’ve been after him to propose since our second date. His response was, “Don’t you think she should get rid of the first husband first?”. That bought him a bit of time. It wasn’t entirely effective–they’d make comments whenever anyone they knew was getting married, but since my divorce (two years ago), they’ve been a lot less subtle. “Don’t worry about your bridal shower, your mom and I have already discussed it”. I’m not worrying–I’m not having one–and my mom knows it.

Their well-intentioned energy is probably better directed towards the birth of their first grandchild. I’m under the impression that their son and his girlfriend could use some support.

After that pleasant visit, we came home where I caught up on the dishes (with some help), did a 3-card reading, and read for a bit before bed. I cannot go to bed before 10. I was in bed reading at 9:15, the deal was that lights off would be 9:30 (and I got a few extra minutes at that too), but I could not fall asleep. Even with an oil that’s designed to help induce sleep. I was wide awake. However, getting up at 5:30 this morning was easier than it has been lately–so maybe this will all work out.

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