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I feel like I’ve been running around without stop for the past couple of days. Maybe it’s because I have.

I’ve been picking up my neice from daycare and watching her until her mom gets home from inventory. My neice is adorable–even when she’s not feeling good. We make funny faces and noises and play with her noisy toys. It’s been a lot of fun but draining because she’s just over a year and even though she’s not feeling her best (5 teeth coming in at once and some recent innoculations), she keeps me running.

I had a couple of meetings yesterday–one of which resulted in mass confusion. Not a way that I would recommend ending a meeting. There is an agreement to keep the lines of communication open while all confusion is being resolved.

I spoke with my father yesterday and he asked me to drop by when I got back to town. I asked him if everything was all right and he said no. That’s not like my dad. So I was rather worried about his health, his job, my grandmother, his house–a whole realm of possibilities. Turns out that it’s work-related but there’s nothing to do right now except wait and see. He’s got a crap job and the management is even crappier. Unfortunately, there are not a whole lot of other jobs available in our area*, so he can’t just up and find something else.

I’m looking forward to the weekend. Not that I have anything spectacular planned. Right now my plans are: not helping anyone move, not driving for hours to go golfing, not entertaining grade school boys, and not freaking out because I haven’t accomplished everything I seem to think I need to do (regardless of what other people say!)

*This would be the reason that I work an hour from where I live.

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I really didn’t want to go into work yesterday. We got the back up data on Friday and for $2,500 we got only 1/3 of our data. Apparently, the guy that gave me the codes to perform the back up gave me the wrong information. The good news is that the most important information was recoverable but a presentation that a colleague worked on for months is gone (her computer was stolen and the backup failed) and I have to recreate a rather large database (I have the information to recover from–but I’m missing all the archival information like excatly how I performed specific queries last year).

Yesterday was spent updating the timesheet database, which everyone did so that I can compare it to what I turned in for payroll two weeks ago and then I get to reconcile the differences and turn in payroll for Monday. Lucky me! It also means that I can finally run the September financials. I’ll be a very busy girl this week.

Yesterday didn’t turn out too bad. I had a long chat with my mother about various things like tarot readings gone bad, the struggle of retail in my home town, and the loss of jobs in same. It was very interesting because she and her husband are conservatives, and as you may have noticed, I am not. However, we were in agreement on a lot of these issues. Thankfully, we didn’t discuss solutions.

I got home and made dinner for myself (g00fy_blonde had pool league) and got a lot done around the house. Unfortunately, this did not wear me out and I laid in bed for a very long time waiting for sleep. Unlike last week, however, I got up early and seem to still have plenty of energy. We’ll see how long that lasts.

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It’s Friday!!!

This week has gone by so fast. But then, I guess two days out of the office in strategy sessions tend to do that.

I was positively giddy last night after our first meeting with the pastor. He stressed the importance of setting a date (duh!) and told us that we needed to get on the calendar because things book up quickly (double duh). I had to laugh when he took out the church’s sheet. Between today and next September, there were maybe 8 weddings scheduled–and I had the entire month of May to choose from!

I was in such a good mood I was able to seem excited when talking about D’s pending baby shower. She’s due in January and we’re having difficulties finding a Saturday that won’t conflict with holiday activities. At this point, I feel that we should just ask her what day she wants (besides her first choice of Dec 31–which none of us liked) and just go with it.

Unfortunately, giddiness does not help in the sleep department.

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More strategy today. I have been doing large amounts of data entry for fundraising prospects (not a part of my job description, but I need something to do these days). Some new tasks and programs are coming up and some of the staff think we should consider hiring a new part-time person to take them on! My boss had to repeatedly explain that his idea is that I will take those projects on–and we can hire a temp to finish the data entry if it needs to be done soon….

Wish us luck–we meet with the pastor tonight.

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Another long day. Last night I went to a district meeting in Byron that gone done late and didn’t make it home until after 11. I basically just passed out once my head hit the pillow.

Today was a day of strategic planning with more to come tomorrow. I did my civic duty and attended a school board candidate forum. I was surprised to learn enough to change my original opinion of two candidates (ones I had intended to vote for). I saw enough to change my votes. At least the scary woman who wanted to filter the curriculum (specifically science) through her religious beliefs didn’t make it past the primary. It was great to see how committed all the candidates were and how sincere they are in seeking out the best educational opportunities for the students. Sure, I think some candidates are better than others, but I also think that any of them would be an asset to the board.

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Incompetent Monday

That’s what our office dubbed yesterday. Construction Woes

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I had a great weekend!

On Saturday I decided that I could use a little retail therapy so I stopped by my favorite clothing store to pick out a pair of pants that are not jeans and yet, can be worn in the fall and winter. Such a creature does not exist in my closet.

I also had promised the owner that I would schedule a tarot reading with her. She’s a very good friend of my mom’s so I can make an exception to my no home visits policy. She was in a complete state. Her financial software for the store had been scrubbed from her machine and the backup wasn’t importing. Also, Norton was doing some pretty funky things to her programs.

I helped her as best I could–uninstalling Norton and installing AVG which is less intrusive (at least to the user) and providing the bad news that in her rush to create a backup, she saved the shortcut, not the program or data itself.

She was surprisingly grateful and promised to give me the pants and a shirt gratis! Of course, I argued and we settled that I would select some additional items. They were holding their annual Leaf Sale. When you are are ready to check out, you select a chocolate leaf. On the underside was a sticker for 10-40% off the entire purchase. I got 20% off everything that wasn’t free. So I wound up saving $105–and paying just slightly more than I would have for the pants. I went home with a sweater, two blouses, a camisole, and a pair of slacks in need of some alterations.

As a bonus, gas was down to $2.39 all weekend.

Sunday we went to northern Wisconsin for the annual family best ball golf tournament. My new clubs worked well (I at least kept the ball on the fairway–with the exception of 2 shots) and our team did well (only losing by 2 strokes). It was a perfect fall day–I don’t think we could have had nicer weather.

However, today is being dubbed Incompetent Monday. I shall write more on that later…

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