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I woke up about 8:30 and lounged around until 9. Really, the only thing that got me up was the Macy’s parade, which was a good thing because I had to make birthday cards for my brother and g00fy_blonde‘s two brothers. I decided to keep it simple by making all three identical but with different sayings on the inside. I managed to get them done before the end of the parade!

g00fy_blonde helped me with my sausage & cheese balls. They are easy to make but kind of a pain to form. But we had a good time doing it and they were a huge hit at my dad’s.

Dinner at Dad’s went very well. He decided the day before that he didn’t really need the help he thought, so I just showed up with the appetizer and the cranberry sauce I love. It was a perfect Thanksgiving–even with my little neice crying because she was so tired.

Dinner at g00fy_blonde‘s brother’s was different from my usual holiday get together. Dinner was supposed to be at 5 (at least that’s the time we were told to arrive–but maybe that was because everyone knew we were going to my father’s). Thanksgiving is an important holiday for the guys because it’s always close to their birthdays and their family celebrates it after dinner. This year, however, his girlfriend’s family also joined us (after all she lives there too!) and it was just so rushed. Granted, we arrived late, while everyone was in the middle of dinner (6pm), but once people had finished eating, they pretty much collected their families and left. Apparently, there were plans to see a movie. The guys opened their gifts while standing in the kitchen. We were home by 8:30. It just didn’t have that family feeling about the whole thing, but maybe having two families together for the first time was the cause.

It was nice to sit back and relax before heading up to bed to start the next day, g00fy_blonde‘s birthday!

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Thanksgiving Eve

I know it’s been a few days since I posted–a week already! My time in the office has been focused on packing and getting some little things out of the way before the big move so I haven’t had much time to goof around–just enough to keep current with my friends list.

However, I have about 2 hours to kill this morning so I will create a few posts to catch up.

Thanksgiving Eve was a lot of fun. My boss did eventually let us leave work an hour early, so I was able to get home and relax before heading out to Jimmy’s. Quite a few people showed up for the traditional get together. All of my siblings were there with their significant others and two uncles also showed up. And yes, my father did get toasty, but he switched to club soda a little over half way through the evening, so it didn’t get overly emotional.

I found out that the stock my uncle gave me this year has been doing very well. So well in fact that he’s advising us to get rid of some of it. He suggested putting some of it into my 403b, but that plan appears to have been losing money and the account itself (not the fund) has been mismanaged. One possibility that came up was to invest some of it as part of a downpayment on a new house. This plan would replace the idea of refinancing and seems like it would make sense. g00fy_blonde is crunching the numbers to see if it is possible.

And in case you are wondering, at Jimmy’s I had an Irish Monk, a Bloody Mary (it was terrible), and a Smith and Currans.

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Thanksgiving Plans

I enjoy this holiday–and it’s almost as busy as Christmas for us.

Tonight we will join my father at Jimmy’s, an English-style pub located in the fancy hotel, for his traditional Thanksgiving Eve celebration. This year my father, my brother, my other brother and his wife, my sister and her fiance, my uncle and his wife, my step-sister and her boyfriend, my cousin and his wife, my other uncle and his wife, g00fy_blonde and I are expected. It shall be very fun. (Unless my father or my brother get totally tanked as they did last year. They get very sentimental and it becomes embarassing and very difficult to deal with. That is not the norm for this event though.)

I will wake up on Thanksgiving Day and enjoy the Macy’s parade. During which, I will make my famous sausage and cheese balls (they are baked and oh so yummy–you can find the recipe on a package of Jimmy Dean sausage).

Then it’s off to Dad’s where he is hosting Thanksgiving for the first time that I’ve been able to attend since he left my mother (we’re talking about 15 years). I will prepare my favorite cranberry sauce (no one likes it but me) there because it must be served warm over my turkey meat. I doubt anyone else will touch it, but it does make the kitchen smell good.

We will then try to swing by Mom’s and say hi. And then we drive over to Stumperland (aka Wisconsin) for his family’s Thanksgiving hosted by his brother and his pregnant girlfriend. Remember, they just moved into their new house and haven’t gotten completely settled in. There we can expect ourselves, the host couple with her two rambunctious boys, another brother, his sister and her husband, his parents, her mom and sister and I think someone else from her family. I’m also fairly certain that his sister’s husband’s parents will also be attending. It’s an interesting family. But then I guess any family that is not the one you grew up with is interesting.

But the fun doesn’t end there! Friday is the triplets birthday. The morning will be spent loading a dumpster from my dad’s house (not the meal but the junk that has collected over the years). The afternoon will be spent making pumpkin ice cream and cheesecake for g00fy_blonde‘s birthday. A special dinner is also planned–but that will probably have to wait until after the Holiday Stroll.

The Holiday Stroll is kind of a downtown open house. There will be carolers, a live nativity scene, and all the stores will be open, decorated, and offering food or beverages. It’s usually how I “discover” new stores. It’s a lot of fun–and we look forward to it all year long. We probably won’t stay for the ceremonial lighting of the city. Yes, our entire downtown is outlined with holiday lights. It’s actually very pretty.

Saturday I have to pick up the toys for our Christmas Project family from Toys for Tots. Then I go to Cottage Grove to create invitations for a certain pregnant girlfriend’s baby shower. This will be followed by dinner at my mom’s to celebrate someone’s birthday a day after the fact.

Do you think I’ll be able to get enough rest on Sunday to face the office move next week?

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12:46 p.m. Caller on West Niobrara advised of a little boy between the ages of 2 and 3 standing on the corner. Caller stated he’ll stand there until a car comes and then he jumps out like he’s going to start chasing it. Caller requesting an officer before he gets hit. Officer made contact with the boy advised him to stay out of the street. Mother advised she would watch him more closely.

3:53 p.m. Caller from 1200 block of Chapin advised she could see a white Suburban chasing a little boy. While on the phone, caller talked to a man in the Suburban who stated he was the father and that the little boy was just mad.

12:00 p.m. Caller advised that some guys in a truck came down the alley and spilled molasses feed all over the place. Caller stated that stuff is really sticky and it’s everywhere. Caller stated she gave the men shovels an they had a lot of it scooped up but they can’t lift the buckets now and they are saying they have to leave to go get some horses. Caller is requesting an officer stand by to make sure they don’t leave before they get it all cleaned up.

3:24 p.m. Caller advised the person living nearby have their TV turned up so loud that it shakes his bed. Caller requesting officers to make them turn it down.

10:13 a.m. Caller advised someone had dumped a lot of cooking oil in the alley. Caller requested something be done about it because people entering the business from the alley were tracking oil into the store and because he believed cooking oil might be a biohazard. Police department believed it part of mess from yesterday. Street dept. was contaced to pour sand.

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Thanks mareinflames

my pet!

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Yesterday was my brother’s birthday, so we went over there after work and hung out with his family. His little girl is soooo adorable. We stayed and watched the first half and a little beyond of the Vikings game. Poor g00fy_blonde was the only Packer backer in the room, but he took the ribbing with good form. We both cheer for our teams and will acknowledge the good plays, but we don’t get nasty. I’m always a bit taken back when we’re with groups of people and they point out all the bad plays of the other team and mock the fans of that team. I know it’s all in “good fun”, but I feel lousy–even if it’s not my team being mocked. Trust me, I know the Vikings are mock-worthy and I truly admire those who can keep the obvious taunts to themselves.

They live close to a Michael’s so I picked up some green and red candy melts to make my holiday candies. I’ve got a mold that makes a candy box shaped like a christmas tree and a companion mold that makes holiday shapes that fill the box. I usually flavor the candies (green is mint, red is cinnamon, not very original I’m afraid) and they go over pretty well. I’ve volunteered them as my part of the Women of Today holiday banquet.

The term banquet is a bit pretentious here. We’ve decided to serve three different types of soup. I’m looking forward to it, but it’s not what comes to mind when someone says that they’re having a banquet.

I’ll probably start making the candies this weekend because I need them for the 6th. They tend to be kind of putzy–so I like to start them a week in advance. With the office move happening next week, I’m not sure I’ll want to have a putzy project in the evenings. I may just want to curl up on the couch, pop in Freaks & Geeks, and crochet my cares away.

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One of my very good friends has started a blog over on blogger called Patchwork Princess. I’m trying to get her to drink the Kool-aid over here at LJ, but in the meantime, you should check it out. She’s a lot of fun.

Yesterday was not a good day. I had a really strange hatred directed towards myself, but I think I’ve gotten over the worst of that. Nuff said.

I also have been dropping things the past couple of days. Two days ago it was the soup all over the inside of the fridge and kitchen floor, the perfume sample all over me and the carpet around my desk, the runny eggs that wound up on my clothing, the sunglasses and cell phone that fell on the floor…Yesterday it was the salsa in the fridge, the clean dishes I was stacking in the dish drain, the car keys, so it wasn’t nearly as bad. Not sure what is going on there. I haven’t noticed much today, but there’s still quite a bit of day left.

Did I mention that I spent at least an hour and probably more cleaning the fridge on Sunday? Spilling soup and salsa in it was not one of my better inner monologue moments. On the plus side, I had extra motivation to clean it all up carefully instead of the swipe with a paper towel method.

Side note–I originally put “dialogue” instead of “monologue” in the previous paragraph. I generally do not answer myself internally, so monologue is the correct choice.

I’m looking forward to this weekend. I’m going to see the new Harry Potter movie tomorrow and meet up with a friend tomorrow evening. He’s in the Navy and has just spent a year or so in England. Should be fun. We’re going to one of my favorite restaurants, Oar d’Ouvres, so I can enjoy a flight of wine and some amazing appetizers as I look at the pictures he’s taken from all over the world.

Tonight will be sent wrapping up some odds and ends with my Women of Today group, washing and stretching a cross stitch I’m donating to a silent auction for a group my mother belongs to, and crocheting a baby afghan–the same one I’ve been working on since this summer. I’m a slow crafter.

Maybe, I’ll pick up some eggnog on the way home……

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