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Days 6 and 7

g00fy_blonde‘s brother, girfriend, and her two boys came over for dinner tonight and to do the gift exchange. She’s looking pretty good for being about 2 1/2 weeks out from her due date. I think we did well with their gifts and they gave us a couple of gift certificates–can’t really go wrong there!

Her kids are notoriously picky and so I decided to stick with a pot roast. Of course, one refused to have any. The other one (older) tried a bit and decided that it was okay. He liked the meat. The carrots didn’t go over as well as they usually do, but that means there’s more for me.

For dessert, I cracked open the gift from sweet_pickles and downthedip attempted to make the Spiced Pear Bundt Cake. The end product was very tasty and received several compliments–even from someone who never likes spice cake. However, getting there was a bit of a battle.

More Detail than You Probably Care to Read

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And After 6 Years…..

The upstairs bathroom has been nearly completed–complete enough that it can be used…there are a few more details that need to be finished (like wall tile behind the sink and a mirror/vanity).

Before Before
This is what the bathroom looked like shortly after I moved in. The only difference is that the floor was actually a subfloor. Here he has the tiles down.

After After
The access panel is still open because he is still watching for any leaks. We haven’t had any since Christmas Eve, but he’s still watchful.

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Day 5

My First Cap My First Cap

Yesterday was pretty relaxed. I drove to Rochester to pick up some size 7 double pointed knitting needles that apparently are necessary when working with circular needles. I was very good. I went to Hobby Lobby and walked out with a very small sack containing only size 7 double pointed knitting needles. Some of you should be impressed.

I was able to finish the cap last night. It was my first time working with both circular needles and double pointed needles and there were lots of errors in the process. For example, holes would appear after a few rows, but try as I might, I couldn’t locate a dropped stitch or any other reason for the hole.

I also got to use my brand new bath tub! It was heavenly! I’ll post before and after pictures in another post.

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Days 3 and 4

Also known as Christmas Eve and Christmas Day

I got up at a decent time on Christmas Eve and wrote down a list of everything that had to be done before going to my mother’s. I then assigned a time for each item and pretty much stuck to the schedule. Of course, there were some last minute things to pick up. So I got that taken care of and I made the cheese ball for my mother’s event.

We even had enough time to attend the 4 pm church service where we were reminded that Mary was an unwed teenage mother, Joseph was probably freaking out, and both the stable and the shepherds stunk. Not exactly the way the son of God should enter the world according to our views. It actually was a very interesting sermon.

Church was done early and we were on our way back to the house to pick up the gifts and food for Mom’s. g00fy_blonde decided to check the porch to make sure that the upstairs pipes weren’t leaking after all the work that he and his brother did during the day. Of course, the patio was flooded. So in his suit, he shut off all the water to the house, climbed up the ladder, and adjusted all the fittings. Lucky boy.

This little project ran us late for Mom’s. Besides the cheese ball, I was also responsible for the green bean casserole. I had thrown everything together, but hadn’t bothered to bake it because of church. I gave the cold dish to my mother and told her that it needed to go in the oven. She took it and put it in. A half hour later, dinner was served. And the casserole was cold! Like about room temperature. Nasty, nasty, nasty. Apparently, Mom thought that the casserole had been baked and assumed that I knew that the oven had been reset to “warm” to keep the ham at a good temperature. Her husband’s family was very gracious about it and said that they eat the leftovers cold all the time.

We had a great time at my mother’s. My siblings and I exchanged gifts (except for the brother who has the baby–they don’t want to participate in the gift exchange) and we had a secret Santa. g00fy_blonde made my sister’s night because he had drawn her name and was able to get a super secret potato salad recipe for her. (personally, I believe this potato salad to be nasty, but everyone else raves about it).

I got lots of wedding scrapbooking stuff, a beautiful desk clock, a t-shirt proclaiming that I was part of the cabin roofing crew, an electric griddle, and the tea that was one of Oprah’s favorite things. Not bad for one night!

Christmas Day came all too early. I had a stocking for g00fy_blonde (actually 2 stockings because it didn’t all fit in one because I bought out the last supply of dark chocolate peanut M&Ms available). We exchanged gifts and he gave me two pairs of yoga pants, a matching shirt, a crossword puzzle calendar, and a book of sudoku puzzles. We then proceeded to make a bunch of cheesy sausage balls.

Next stop was Grandma’s where we helped her get ready for everyone else. She is so worn out and tired–I wish she wouldn’t do so much during the holidays. But it was nice to see my cousins in the brief amount of time that we were there.

Then it was time for g00fy_blonde‘s family Christmas. It was nice but there was the usual drama. I received many nice presents from his family and the dinner was very good.

And now I’m off to quickly meet a friend who is up from Dallas. Hope everyone had a great holiday!

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I have now reached my second day of Christmas. Yesterday did not turn out exactly as planned, but really when does it ever? Things come up, priorities change, and sometimes you realize that all you want to do is veg out on the couch.

But the real change was that I hadn’t planned a trip to the emergency room. Before you panic, it wasn’t me–I was the driver and everyone still has all their body parts. g00fy_blonde was working on the tub and sliced his thumb with a brand new, just out of the package razor blade. It was just the tip, and his nail stopped it from being a clean slice, so we had to go to get stitches. I was in the room with him while they cleaned the wound and gave him the injections that would numb his thumb. Those things hurt! I watched him squirm and moan. At the end, his blood sugar was dropping, so I had to leave the room to get him some orange juice. As I was waiting for the nurse to return, I began to faint. So then I was taken to a waiting area, my feet were propped up, and I was given some soda and pretzels. Regular Florence Nightingale, aren’t I?

I should also mention that when he came downstairs from working in the bathroom, he had his hand wrapped in the towel like he was wiping it dry. He asked if I wanted to put the dog in the kennel, and I mistakenly assumed that he meant the tub was ready for me to use. When he mentioned going to the hospital–I got my shoes and looked around for a book to bring. He was so calm that I didn’t feel any need to rush. Okay, I’ve said before that I’m not the person you really want around in an emergency.

In other news, we got our fathers gifts purchased! And tomorrow we head up to the Mall of America to get the final things. Well, maybe the near to final things, knowing me.

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2005 Tree 2005 Tree

So this is day one of my twelve days in a row. First, I slept in until around 8:30. It’s amazing how that has changed over time. A year ago, sleeping in meant getting out of bed sometime between 10 and 11, but now I can’t sleep through. Although, sometimes on weekends, I’ll read in bed until 10 or so.

I decided that since I have all this free time, I would start doing my pilates again and maybe some Dance Dance Revolution. I was almost finished with my 15 minutes of pilates when the guy showed up to replace the glass in the side window. He was supposed to call first.

I think I’ll wrap some gifts and work on the baby afghan for g00fy_blonde‘s brother’s baby. I have one more round to do (plus border) before January. Maybe with all this time off, I can get it finished. I think I must be the slowest crafter on the planet.

There’s also some household stuff to take care of…things like dishes and decluttering. I don’t have his gift yet, so some shopping is probably in order either today or tomorrow. He hasn’t been exactly forthcoming in ideas either. He wrote a list out two weeks ago that included a gift certificate from the Scandinavian gift shop! Then he told my dad the other night that while he doesn’t follow NASCAR, he enjoys road rallies. It’s a good thing that we have some premarital counseling coming because I suddenly feel like I don’t know this guy at all!

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Once again, I visited the newspaper of that tiny town in Nebraska….

1:02 a.m. Caller from Recency Trailer Court advised he parked his pickup in front of a bar on 100 block of Main St around 10 p.m. By 12:30 a.m. he noticed it gone and wanted to report it stolen. Says it was locked. Police found pickup parked on 200 block of Bordeaux St. Caller’s wife was given ride to get pickup as caller was unable to drive. Caller had forgot where he parked it.

9:47 p.m. Caller from the 400 block of Maple St. advised that he believes his house was broken into and busted some of the pipes in his bathroom. Heat was turned off and pipes had froze. Water department shut off his water for him. Caller also has a sewer pipe leak in his yard.

4:05 a.m. Received a 911 call from the 300 block of West Second St. Nobody would answer. At one point caller did say one word but then hung up. PD made a return call but was hung up on. Caller wanted cigarettes. Another party brought caller cigarettes and told her to go to sleep.

11:31 p.m. Caller advised she would like an officer to check out her fuel oil. Caller said that she believes its about empty and doesn’t feel safe at home. Everything was fine, caller was just lonely.

In other news, apparently after bar close, 150 bar patrons decided to get into a fight in the street. The 150 combatants included football players from the college. Police broke up the fight with little or no injuries, but no one would/could comment on the cause of the brawl. I only remember one bar that could accomodate that number of people–and it wasn’t considered rough by any means. They had weekly karoake and was the type of place that would cater to wedding receptions and the like. Weird.

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Found on bluealto’s journal

You are The High Priestess

Science, Wisdom, Knowledge, Education.

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I had a good weekend. We ate out on Friday at Fiesta Mexicana, where I had a wonderful raspberry margarita. The enchiladas were good too.

Saturday was spent Christmas shopping, and we got most of it done. I talked g00fy_blonde into getting King Kong for his brother. The electronics department at Target was swamped, but there was a rep from Microsoft there who made sure we got helped and kept us company while we waited. He then gave us a free game that he’d been using as an employee incentive! That took care of said brother’s birthday present.

Of course, we weren’t done shopping, so they brought the game to the front. And in our confusion of getting everything checked out, we forgot to ask for it. I didn’t notice until I started wrapping gifts on Sunday. So we went back–and the game was half off now! Since we hadn’t paid for it on Saturday, it worked out very well.

I finished icing my rollout cookies last night. The frosting didn’t quite turn out. He thought he was doing a good thing when he picked up the jumbo eggs, but I only use large and apparently that was enough to throw off the icing recipe. The flavor is a bit off too and I’m not sure why. Oh well, the cookies still taste okay–just not as good as they have in previous years.

We took advantage of the repeat of Desperate Housewives and watched Batman Begins. I hated the beginning. I collected Catwoman comics for years, so I’m somewhat familiar with the Batman storyline and the beginning of the movie drove me crazy. However, it got much better. The movie had a plotline very similar to what you’d find in a comic book–so in the end, we decided we liked it, but we’d probably skip the first half hour or so if we were to watch it again. The first half hour is vital to the last half hour, so if you haven’t seen it, I think you’d be lost at the end. I don’t know that I’d recommend it to anyone on my friends list–let’s just say that it was okay.

The best part of today was when I learned that I have 12 days off starting on Thursday! I have 13 hours of personal leave that must be used before the end of the year, two holidays, three days being given to us (so that we can just close the office next week), and I’ll take a vacation day on the 1st to recover from Big Christmas.

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Yesterday was a very long day. I spent most of it in a strategy session with a group who not only doesn’t know who they really are but can’t seem to agree on where they want to go. Actually, I take that last part back; they know where they want to go, but nobody is willing or able to do the work. For example, the number one goal is to get adequate funding to preserve open space. But many of the member groups are not allowed to lobby at the state capitol (which is where the adequate funding would come from). The groups who do lobby have their own agendas (like finding the funding to clean up the lakes and rivers) and can’t take this on too.

My initial thoughts were, well then this isn’t the group to do that work. Don’t get me wrong, I think there are things that this group can do to make a difference, but I don’t think they should set goals that they can’t work towards. That is a waste of time and effort (although I’m sure everyone felt pretty good about themselves when they left). I had to leave the session early, so I’m not sure what the end result was. Maybe they took my parting impressions to heart.

I spent a whopping two hours in the office and then headed home. I was able to tie up some loose ends, but with Wednesday being a snow day and today being the day I work from home, I haven’t been physically in the office much this week.

I watched the Apprentice last night and at first I thought Randal was a complete jerk, but as I thought about it, I really saw his point. He worked hard to win and having to share that victory (even if it is with someone he respects) would take away some of that. If I’m upset with anyone, it’s Trump. But hey, if he’s going to let a “star” like Rebecca go, I’m sure someone out there will pick her up in a heartbeat.

Well, I suppose I should get back to my data cleanup.

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