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I’m so excited! I am still working on the mis-shaped afghan for g00fy_blonde, but I ran out of one of the yarns again last night. This is perfect timing because today my Purple Tree order arrived!

Purple Tree is a new line that sells craft kits. Each kit contains virtually everything you need to complete a project–and most projects take an evening or Saturday afternoon. I really like this company, so I signed up to be a coordinator. One, because I get a discount on my orders, and two, because the nearest coordinator is over 50 miles away. I don’t plan on quitting my day job to pursue this though! It’s just something for fun.

Anyway, I can’t wait to open my box and see all my goodies!

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I’m doing pretty good today. I think the best part of my day was the Twix I had for a morning snack. For some reason, it just hit the spot–and I’m not a big fan of Mars or Hershey products. They do in a pinch though.

By the time I got home last night, I was at the beginnings of a migraine. Fortunately, I can still stop these with Motrin, but I thought I was going to vomit when I walked into the house and could smell the pork and green sauce in the crockpot. My sense of smell is heightened so I could even smell it after I went to bed.

Fortunately, I was able to get to sleep (better than last week when I didn’t have a raging headache)and only woke up very, very weak.

Work has not been overly hectic, or really even hectic at all, so I’ve been able to work at my own pace. So it hasn’t been a bad day.

That being said, we seem to have a small amount of hot water in the house. Not sure why this is, but he’ll be looking at it tonight. I think he’s kind of hoping to replace the hot water system. I know he wants an on-demand setup. Although, having to handwash a load of dishes before I can take my relaxing bath isn’t so bad–at least the dishes are getting done! Of course, the limited hot water means that there may not be any dishes or baths tonight!

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It’s a Monday

Our phones are not working. They worked when I came in this morning, but they are not working now. In fact, when I tried to contact the phone company (using my cell), I was unable to get through. So anyone who tries our numbers right now gets a dead line. One call somehow made it through, but they don’t even get our voicemail.

I was watching an episode from 24 yesterday (the one where Jack and Paul Raines are at company trying to get information about a terrorist)and the company set off an EMP bomb. The first thing that went were the phones, and then all the electrical crashed. Hmmmmmm……

On a funny note–g00fy_blonde was invited out with the boys last night. They were at a semi-local bar playing pool. He got there a little after 8 pm and can you guess what they were doing? These redneck guys were watching Desperate Housewives! (He also made me tape it for him so he wouldn’t miss anything)

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It’s been a long day. I finally got some sleep last night, but all of yesterday seems like a surreal blur. I wound up falling asleep on the couch before dinner, after dinner, and in the tub. I woke up in the middle of the night for a while, but felt better rested this morning.

That being said I have a bug that wants to be a cold but doesn’t completely manifest. It’s currently in my nose and throat. Once in a while, I have a pathetic cough and that’s the extent of it. Unfortunately, I have to take cold medicine to stop the ever-running nose and that makes me whoozy. It’s a party at my house tonight!

Tomorrow the women’s group has its district meeting. It’s about two hours away, so the Patchwork Princess and I will be leaving early. Yuck! We’ve agreed to make a slight detour to Blue Moon before we leave town.

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I spent all day in a planning session. Two coalitions are becoming one. That being said, I still don’t understand why there was a 45 minute discussion about the word “target”, as in “selecting targets based on geographical data”. People were really hung up on that but had no problem with “screening” or “filtering”. Prioritizing also caused concern.

Then, this afternoon, we spent 20 minutes discussing HOW to read a document in front of us! (Should we split it into two parts or not?)

In other news, I feel a cold is coming on and I didn’t get much if any sleep last night (and that’s after taking Nyquil).

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In spite of my best efforts, I was unable to get to bed before 10:30 last night (and no, I wasn’t up dusting). There just seems that there is so much to be done in the evenings. So, I could hardly get out of bed this morning. I stopped by Blue Moon and picked up a Saturn (white chocolate mocha with raspberry) to go and dragged my butt into work. The Saturn did have the effect of waking me up, but I’m jittery and unable to focus today. Definitely not good when trying to sort out the financials and payroll.

I have an hour left to go and my brain is officially mush. I will be in an all day strategy meeting tomorrow and working from home on Friday, so I can’t just work on something mindless right now–there are other items that need to be addressed in the short term.

Speaking of which, I’d better get back at it.

::Currently reading Dead Angler by Victoria Houston (not especially recommended)

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One of My Many Guilty Secrets

Okay, I joined FlyLady a little over a year ago, and while I’m not out telling the world how she saved my life, I do have to say that her methods have made a difference in how I approach housework and other things that I don’t want to do. Yes, she gets a bit sappy and whatnot, but I’ve stuck with it (for the most part).

The first indication that she was getting to me ocurred last July. If you remember, I moved in with g00fy_blonde that month. One thing that came up right away was that he had no idea what my evening schedule was. It’s simple really, but it’s also not his responsibility to remember every little commitment I may have. I decided that we should have a joint calendar in the kitchen. And what an amazing coincidence–FlyLady was selling one that start on August 1! So I ordered it and it really is fun to use as well as useful. He can tell his mother right away whether or not we have plans on any given day without waitiing for me to get home.

Anyway, I keep reading all these testimonials about various products that she sells. The site, emails, and routines are completely free so you can’t blame her for trying to make some money from the site. Over and over women are raving about one item that has changed their lives. It makes them feel pretty and special, and–gasp–it makes housecleaning so fun that even their kids want to join in. What is this wonderful product you ask?

My New Toy

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