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9:18 p.m. Caller from Chadron requested to speak with an officer because he said the staff illegally searched his room and took a can of soda pop for one thing. Officers talked to a nurse and she advised she went into the room to pick up his dinner tray. She advised there was a Mountain Dew bottle in a dresser drawer that was open. She advised that the caller has doctor’s orders that states no Mountain Dew after 5 p.m. She advised she took the bottle. Officers advised caller it was not an illegal search and advised him it was in plain view and taken for his own good.

11:18 p.m. Caller from 1100 block of West Highway 20 advised of a silver vehicle driving erratically near the above location. Caller stated vehicle would slow down and then speed up. Caller also stated occupants inside were yelling at people as they passed by. Driver advised officer he was being stupid. Officer advised driver to stop being stupid.

5:37 p.m. Caller from East Tenth St. advised he would like to talk to an officer in reference to someone breaking into his house and taking his W2’s. The only thing known to be missing from caller were two W2 tax forms and some other tax papers. Caller believes his estranged wife is responsible as she called him asking for a third W2 that he got in the mail after the theft. There was no forced entry and caller had changed the locks a couple of months ago. But is wife must have had a key.

9:44 p.m. Caller from the 300 block of West Second St. advised of five people fighting and a baseball bat is involved. Made contact with caller. There was no fight. Caller advised he wanted officers there to scare someone. Caller was cited for false reporting.

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I’m Back!

And I survived!

I was at a very intensive training last week. It began at 10 am Monday morning and ended at 3 pm on Friday afternoon. With the exception of Thursday, our schedule was something like:

6:30-7:30 wake up, shower and try to look semi-presentable
7:30-8:30 breakfast (meeting and work discussion)
8:30 homework due and training sessions
somewhere in here is a 15 minute break
1:00-2:00 lunch (meeting and work discussion)
2:00-6:00 afternoon training sessions
a 15 minute break somewhere in here
6:00-7:00 dinner (again more meeting and work)
7:00-1:30 or 2:00 homework assignment and group work

During these training sessions, we were encouraged to try new things. So I did do a little public speaking (and learned that while I am not anyone’s first pick as a speaker–I can do it if needed). I also tried my hand at fundraising and all kinds of new things. So there is a lot of pressure and little sleep.

But my group was amazing and we did really well. We were so driven in fact that on Thursday, we didn’t do any work during the meals and even took some time for a little hike!

BTW–I did all this with nothing stronger than hot tea! Amazingly, after showering and plucking my eyebrows on Thursday morning, I felt as good as I did on Monday morning. That feeling carried into Friday too.

The weekend was spent in recovery. I did venture out to hear Lorna Landvik speak (author of Patty Jane’s House of Curl, Angry Housewives Eating Bon-bons, and O My Stars). She’s also a comedian and will be going on tour soon. I recommend checking her out.

I also bought my wedding gown. I won’t go into the details here, but suffice it to say it was a lot less dramatic and stressful than I had anticipated.

Yesterday was spent in the office trying to catch up, followed by a Women of Today scrapbooking social. I even managed to make it to Mom’s to watch most of 24.

Busy, busy, busy.

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I don’t really want to be at work today. Last night I treated myself to a romance novel. Yes, I’m somewhat embarrassed, but I consider it candy for the imagination–and what better time to indulge than Valentine’s Day? In any case, the book is currently unfinished (even though I got up early to try to read more and left for work late–I’m terrible, I know).

It’s not just the book that calls me back home. I’ve got chocolate there (and more to come if g00fy_blonde continues his Valentine’s Day tradition of a box from Godiva). I mean, what would be nicer than relaxing in the whirlpool bubble bath with a glass of wine, some chocolate and a romance? Well, I mean, before he gets home.

And it’s not like I have much going on in the office these days. I thought yesterday morning that I was going to be swamped this week, but so far that’s not the case. I’m doing all the little piddly things that eventually need doing. Apparently, eventually is this week.

On the other hand, the office that we share is having a pot luck and fundraiser for Second Harvest. They call it Share the Love. I’m bringing a raspberry vinagrette to go with a salad my coworker is making. I bought a couple of raffle tickets for a scarf and some for a cd mix and a bouquet of flowers. There is also a silent auction with a bunch of pretty nice stuff. So in a way, I’m glad to be here because I’m actually participating in a social event with our neighbors and they are very nice people.

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Somedays I realize how lucky I am to be in the relationship I’m in. Saturday night was supposed to be g00fy_blonde‘s night to pick what we do (this is his “prize” for winning a Super Bowl side bet). However, I realized that my favorite local band was in town and he had promised me that the next time that they came, we would go.

He graciously agreed to postpone his “night” until next Saturday. Instead, we had what I consider to be a perfect night. It started by making homemade pizzas the way we each like them. Then we sat and watched a few episodes of the first season of The Muppet Show while eating the resulting pizzas (this is something we both have fond memories of doing as children). We got to the Blue Moon in plenty of time to get a comfortable spot to listen to Patchouli. They have a new cd coming out soon, so we heard some new songs and Julie asked me for what I wanted to hear–and then opened with my request (Where the Water and Sky Meet).

We had a great time there–and I finished the doilie I was making for my sister’s wedding (the pattern is called Swinging Bells) while watching a couple more episodes of The Muppet Show once we got home.

I also managed to finally complete the seemingly never-ending afghan for him. He requested it two years ago and it has taken me this long to finish it. It’s very–shall we say, original?–due to the fact that I either misread the pattern or there was a mistake, so the opposite corners do not line up. It’s a rather peculiar shape that somewhat resembles a rectangle (maybe because it has four sides and two are longer than the others).

Time for a staff meeting, so I’d better dash off.

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It’s beginning to snow and the rumor is that we’re going to get a couple of inches. I was planning to leave work early today in order to make it to my women’s group meeting on time (and since I have the keys to the church, everyone gets to wait until I get there). Now I may be leaving earlier–as the snow just picked up in intensity.

I’m embarassed to say it, but we’ve got a local legislator who is a real idiot. Fortunately, he’s not my rep, so I shouldn’t care, but his actions reflect on Minnesota. This idiot got a wild hair to learn about the conditions in Iraq: in person. This is a state representative, not someone who works in Washington, and he decides to hop on a plane to Baghdad (with a stop in Damascus). He even pulls strings to get a visa into Syria rushed to him. And then, from what I can tell (and I have to admit, I haven’t read his blog carefully), he appears in a Baghdad airport and thinks he can just waltz in. Oh–and he has no cash. None. He’s paying for everything on a credit card. Which makes reading his journal kind of surreal, he can afford $1700 to change planes, but he can’t get anything to eat or drink. If you want to “see” for yourself, his blog is located at http://johnlesch.blogspot.com/.

One of the funny aspects is that he intended this blog to be just personal notes to share with family and friends. I got the website from one of the major papers in the Twin Cities in an article pretty much blasting him for his stupidity. This guy does have a family and a young daughter–what was he thinking?????

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Today definitely did not go as planned. That’s kind of strange because I didn’t really have a plan–I just know that what happened was not what I had anticipated.

First, I’m not sure if I was up most of the night or if I dreamt that I was up most of the night. At times I was very cranky, but when it came time to actually get up–I wasn’t worse than my usual non-morning self. However, I did start getting a bit of anxiety so I decided to get up early and play some DDR. (I never get up early and “exercise” anymore)

Of course, that caused me to be late getting out the door because the Playstation wasn’t properly hooked up, the memory card was MIA, etc. But I still wound up getting to work on time (before everyone else at least)

In a strange turn of events my organizations was offered around 100K names and donor history from a defunct group–for free! This changes some of our current tasks as we try to figure out how to assimilate them into our database.

In another strange turn, a group that I never hear from called for help using a service that we actively promote, but they’ve never used before!

All of that is actually positive stuff. The downer today was that I learned that some data that I sent for enhancement came back all screwed up. That’s a bummer because I didn’t catch it when I sent it to the end user. The real bummer is the excuse of “I found a glitch in the software we were using that day” because it’s lame. The real scary thing is that the guy who screwed up the data and “found the glitch” is the guy that will be migrating our data into our new database. Looks like I’ll be taking a more active role in that project.

But back to the plusses, because I exercised this morning, I’ve been feeling thin and healthy all day long (not the reality, but perception can become reality).

And g00fy_blonde decided to clean up around the house before I got home tonight.

Definitely not what I had planned.

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Weekend Update

Is it just me, or did the weekend seem short? Maybe it’s short because I’ve had so many three-day weekends lately.

On Friday, I met a friend for coffee at Lily’s. Actually, I had their famous hot cocoa that everyone just raves about. I found it to be overrated. It was good, but not nearly what I had been led to believe.

An acquaintance confirmed my suspicions that the store where I sometimes read tarot cards is closing (driving past it this weekend–I think it may already be closed–and I didn’t get one of her gorgeous fairies!)

It was also a weekend for celebrating birthdays. On Saturday, we had dinner with g00fy_blonde‘s parents to celebrate his father’s birthday. (more…)

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