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I haven’t been updating much because work has kept me busy–no sneaking off to journal. I’ve been able to catch up on my friends’ page so I’m not totally out of it.

However, starting tomorrow, I will be. For one whole week, we’re going to Maui! My sister is getting married there on Friday, so some of our family decided to go. Don’t worry, we’ve got our own car so we can run off and do our own things too!

I was semi-excited last week. I’ve never been to Hawaii and I was looking forward to it, but with a wedding and just the cost of tickets, I wasn’t expecting to be able to do much outside of lounging on the beach and taking long strolls. Don’t get me wrong–I’m looking forward to that too, but everyone was talking about biking down a volcano and snorkeling and luaus….

Turns out that there was more money set aside for this trip than I thought. I think we’ll have a blast! Although, a little voice in the back of my mind reminds me that anything that’s leftover from the trip can help offset the wedding expenses. And that would be a good thing too.

I won’t have any computer access (and I think I should be slapped if I even think of going online while I’m there) so I’ll catch up with everyone when I return–and maybe post some pics.

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Reading Lolita in Tehran

I know that some people on my friends list have read this book, and I’m wondering what you thought of it. I just finished it, so you won’t be spoiling anything for me.


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Last night was our PREPARE test. Minnesota gives a $50 discount on a marriage license if you take the equivalent of 12 hours of premarital counseling. The church we are getting married in uses PREPARE as its tool. It’s pretty much a scan tron test that each of us had to take separately to discover where our relationship is strong and where there may be some bumps.

As I was taking the test, I began to cringe. I could only imagine how he was responding to questions like, “My partner spends too much time away from home in the evenings,” and “My partner is overly negative and critical”.

However, on the upside I felt very good about our relationship after completing the test. There were lots of questions where I knew we were both in sync with each other–like about the finances. And the areas where I was undecided where areas where we either haven’t really discussed the topic (like religion/spirituality) because it’s rather a non-issue or we haven’t reached a decision (whether I’ll stay at home when we have kids). When we compared some of our responses at home afterwards, there were some questions that we both answered the same even though we hadn’t really discussed the topic. I’m sure that the counseling will be fine.

And judging from some of the questions and possible responses, I think we’ll be okay. There were some real doozies like “I believe that having a baby will solve our relationship problems.” and “I believe that our problems will fade after we get married.” Oh and my personal favorite “trick” question: “My partner has annoying personal habits.” I had to mark “agree”, but I really don’t want to discuss them in detail because they’re annoying, not deal breakers. And I really don’t want to get into my own annoying habits.

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I had a pretty good weekend. A friend of mine hosted a Purple Tree party (my very first one since my launch) and it went well. She told me that she was only expecting 3 people, but it was a good thing I brought extra supplies because 6 people showed up. I got three orders and my friend’s sister agreed to host a party next month. Her mother will be hosting one in May but wants it to count off the April party. Whatever–I wrote it down because something tells me that May just might get a little crazy.

The new catalogs came out today and I had a sneak peek over the weekend. I ordered a craft tool that lets you put rhinestone and metal embellishments on clothing and all kinds of craft projects. The Patchwork Princess and I are going to have fun playing with it once I get it.

I also got to babysit my 18 month neice. She was so much fun. I think we wore each other out equally.

On Sunday, I had coffee with the Patchwork Princess–we were both really dragging and I think it did us both some good to get outside of our respective homes. Then g00fy_blonde and I took his brother and a friend of mine out on a “double date”. It was and it wasn’t really. It was supposed to be kind of an introduction, hang out sort of thing. He was very quiet all throughout the meal and she was her usual perky self. When we were leaving, she said that it was nice to meet him and that we should all do this again sometime. His response was a very dull “maybe”. So, while I didn’t expect there to be sparks, both the fiance and I were a bit disappointed in his response because it was almost rude. He didn’t say that it was nice to meet her or goodnight or anything. Just mumbled “maybe” and got in his truck.

I don’t think that he meant to be rude or anything. He complains that he never goes out and doesn’t know anyone, but it’s not terribly surprising after this.

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I find it slightly odd that my current choices for reading material include books about an Iranian woman in 80s, a Norwegian woman during the Middle Ages, or a chinese woman during the 19th century. I just finished a book about an English/Spanish woman in the 1500s.

Do we detect a theme here?

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Another Snow Day

I worked from home for a half day today because the roads were still pretty bad this morning. I’ll have to actually go into the office on Friday and work a full day, which rather sucks, but I’ve managed to get a lot done today.

A friend of mine is hostessing a Purple Tree party for me on Saturday, so I had to put together the example for the Make N Take. It’s a decoupaged refrigerator magnet that didn’t turn out as hoped because I couldn’t find anything very interesting to decoupage. I just picked out some colored paper and tore it. Exciting stuff.

I did manage to finish a necklace that I’ve been dying to make. Unfortunately, it came with some beads that I didn’t like, so I replaced half of them with pearl looking glass beads. I really like this necklace! I had some extra beads left over, so I made a set of matching earrings.

Now I’d better go clean the bathroom. Fortunately, I’ve convinced myself that the only way to properly clean the tub is to take a bath!

Just Glitz Necklace Just Glitz Necklace

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Snow Day!!!!

We are seriously snowed in. The city and county have both decided to recall the plows–and earlier this morning, visibility was less than two blocks.

We’re also undergoing sporadic power outages due to the amount of snow on all the power lines. So I really can’t even work from home. Isn’t that too bad?

Actually, I really needed an extra day to get some things done around the house and to relax a bit. It was a very busy weekend. We went to a murder party on Saturday and had a lot of fun, and my sister’s bridal shower was yesterday afternoon. Again, it was fun. Her future in-laws did a wonderful job. You can tell that they are very excited to include her in the family.

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