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There is not much going on in my world these days.  If yesterday I felt pretty much incompetent and blah, today I feel like I’m completely on top of things and anticipating everyone’s needs/questions.  Not sure what that’s about–but I definitely like today’s attitude better.

We had the inlaws over for dinner last night.   When we have people over during the week, we often use the crock pot because that way, there’s going to be something ready even if we don’t get home on time.   Last night was a simple pot roast.  It was too simple as I didn’t add the extra ingredients that I normally do.  I didn’t hear anyone say it was any good–and frankly, it really wasn’t.  I usually throw in a half cup (or so) of wine–but the only red wine we had was brought back from Maui, and I wasn’t about to put it in a crockpot!  I tried to season it using some garlic and rosemary  but I forgot that they should have been added towards the end. 

There was, however,  a subtle flavor of gross tap water, which is ironic because I didn’t add any water.  The meat was so fatty, I didn’t really think there needed to be any.  What I suspect is that the roast was freezer burned.

It looked like the lid didn’t make a proper seal, so the top of the meat was dry.  (I have now decided that I will be a brand snob when it comes to my kitchen.  I’ve had it with these cheap knockoffs!)

Dessert was from Schwan’s so at least that worked out.

I took a nice, relaxing bubble bath last night–so maybe that’s what changed my attitude.

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I’m not sure how I’m doing today.  I started off sluggish and cranky and moved into an emotional wreck.  Now I’m more complacent and “emotional wreck” seems to be too strong a term.  Let’s say that I was emotional and on the verge of crying during normal discussions with coworkers.  It’s probably hormones–and I was congratulating myself on avoiding any hormonal outbursts this morning.  Guess I should have waited a bit. 

I’m working on something entertaining today.  I’m playing with data in ways that I haven’t had time for lately.  That makes me feel like I’ve got a brain and it makes the day go by so much faster than it does when I’m just paying bills.

I also went to a pseudo-Weight Watchers meeting today.  A group is trying to form in the office building where I work but they don’t have enough people.  So, a few people who have done it before are running it until we get enough members to have an official trainer.  In the meantime, the meetings are free.  Hopefully, this will add to my motivation which seems to be a bit lacking these days.  Without the wedding looming up, I haven’t been as aggressive regarding weight loss.  I haven’t gained, but I really don’t want to maintain this weight–there’s more to lose!

So at times today, I’m frustrated and uneasy and at other times, things are wonderful.  Must be the hormones.

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I received an email today notifying me that the home party business that I was doing is being closed down.  It had been in business for a year and a half and just never took off.  I’m slightly disappointed because I really liked the company and the product.  I had a good time doing the parties.  I didn’t get into it to make money, but to get a discount on the merchandise–and I pretty much have everything I wanted from the catalogs.  I have some “business credits” I can use to purchase some final items–and I’ll take advantage of that, but it’s going to leave a bit of  a hole in my crafting life.

With the exception of Wal-Mart and a small selection at Target, there is not many options for supplies.  There is a new store, Creative State, where I can get inspired, and she may have some sewing/craft classes in the future.  She’s just starting out and I don’t think she’s going to carry much of the supplies.   She primarily has completed artwork/crafts that she sells for a commission. 

I forgot Ben Franklin but it’s been having its Going Out of Business Sale for two years running now.  I stopped shopping there when my DMC floss was on sale 2/$1.  I had never before paid that much for floss!  Well, not DMC anyway.

A Scrapper’s Story is a nice store.  Since I make a lot of my own cards, I can pick up those supplies there, but they are primarily a scrapbook store.  They don’t carry many rubber stamps or inks or supplies for other paper crafts.

I suppose I’ll have to resort to using up my “stash” so I can save money for trips to Rochester or the metro.

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I found another favorite store, Teavana.  They have a  location at the Mall of America.  They were giving out free samples yesterday–and the tea I was given was sooooo good.  I purchased a tin of it.  It’s  a blend of Jasmine Dragon Phoenix Pearl and Rooibos Tropica.  It’s heavenly.  And it smells good too. 

They convinced me to purchase this little gadget, which makes the best tea I have ever had outside of a tea house.  It may wind up on my list of gift ideas for people I know who drink tea.  It really is very clever.  You put your tea in and fill it with hot water.  Then you place it on the included coaster.  Once your tea is brewed, you set it on top of your cup and the tea just flows down through a strainer.  No spills, no mess, not even a drip.

So now I have a choice.  I can either use my French press and have a nice cup of coffee or use my little tea maker and have an excellent cup of tea.  Decisions, decisions, decisions.

Being that it’s Monday–it was coffee this morning.

Oh and last night’s anxiety had to do with my guilt in tossing out a birthday gift that doesn’t work and cannot be fixed or returned.  My in-laws gave me an iced tea jar with a spigot at the bottom.  Unfortunately, the spout leaks.  We have tried replacing the spigot but without any luck.  It’s a cheaply made item and the paper inside of it was yellowed so it was probably something they picked up several years ago as a gift to have on hand.  Fortunately, this is not the only thing they gave me, but I still feel bad that I won’t be using it when they come over this summer.  I know that some thought went into it because she was so excited that it would match my Fiestaware.

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Pajama Party

The downtown council organized a Girl’s Night Out Pajama Party tonight.  That’s where I was doing my readings.  A few years ago, the downtown council started the Holiday Stroll.  It’s the Friday after Thanksgiving and all the stores stay open and have free food (there’s also some pretty amazing chili that’s also free) and the holiday lights are all lit up.  I’ve been to every single one of those and they are a lot of fun.  It’s how I discover new stores–even though the downtown area fits inside of 5 blocks. 

That event has grown larger every year and so this was supposed to be a summer version of the same idea.  I would have to say it was a success.  I was doing my readings at Creative State, a store that does alterations and seamstress jobs and also sells local artists’ works.  It’s a very cool place but is unfortunately located across the street from the rest of downtown.  She didn’t have many sales, but she had more people inside her shop than she’s had since she opened about a month or two ago.  Hopefully, some of these visitors become customers.

One of my spiritual mentors was giving psychic readings at one of the local coffeeshops and she said she had a great night. I couldn’t sell a reading, but I gave out plenty of free identity card readings (basic numerology assigned to a card).  People are interested in hiring me for parties–which can be kind of fun (and a very quick way to earn some good money).  Of course, I don’t have business cards for my Tarot reading because I don’t do it much and I really don’t want the wackos on either side to contact me.  Instead I gave out my Purple Tree cards.  The owner of Creative State has a bunch, so maybe something will happen with that too.  Frankly, I prefer Purple Tree parties because I like watching people create things (that’s the whole reason I took art classes–lord knows I don’t have an artistic bone in my body).  So far, I haven’t made much money doing the Purple Tree thing, but I haven’t put a whole lot of effort into it either.  I may just have to bite the bullet and take out an ad in the paper.

Anyway, back to the psychic.  I was so glad to see her because she’s been fighting breast cancer and she looked great.  She said she’s in a great relationship and her store is becoming more successful.  I love hearing good news about people who have been sent some pretty hard stuff to deal with–especially when they are really wonderful themselves.  It was nice catching up with her.  I also saw the girl I used to babysit who now does Henna.  Her mom comes to all her events and runs the appointments for her.  She does really good work and is very reasonable.  It’s funny what a small world this “alternative” stuff creates. 

And I only had one woman tell me that the Tarot was evil.  Her friends were trying to coax her into a reading and she was refusing.  I just said that it was fine that she thought that and that she didn’t have to have a reading.  Frankly, I was busy and there’s no point in getting into that sort of a discussion.  I thinks she was shocked that I wasn’t offended and didn’t really care what she thought.

Oh yeah, and pretty much everyone was in their pjs.  That , in itself, was fun.  I wore my pink Tinkerbell pajamas (like long johns) and gypsy slippers (look like oversized feet with tacky toe rings).

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I meant to post this a couple of days ago.  I thought that I had gotten over the Sunday night/Monday morning anxiety attacks.  I’d been getting a decent night’s sleep for the past three weeks and had avoided caffeine on Sunday afternoons.

I was wrong.  I was up from 3 am to 5 am and of course fell asleep 5 minutes before the alarm went off.  So what was my obsession this time?  The always popular finanaces?  Nope.  Wedding stuff?  Nope–that’s done and over with.  Work?  Nada.  I was wide awake and alert because I remembered I have unused tanning sessions and when I go in now, I will have to reduce the time to prevent burning.  A real crisis, I know. 

I’ve learned to try to rationalize through these things, but it’s like my mind has to grasp something to be worried until I can’t rationalize it.  I guess everything else in my life must be going well if I’ve been reduced to worrying about tanning appointments.

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Yesterday was our one month anniversary.  I had a board meeting and book club.  He was on his first few hours on the insulin pump.  I didn’t make it back to town in time for book club, but neither of us was in the mood to celebrate. 

I was kind of bummed about book club, but my job rarely requires me to work late or on weekends, so I really can’t complain.  And I did something highly unusual–I grabbed McDonald’s on the way home.  I love their fries but I seldom stop for them.  I even ordered a cheeseburger and as  a sign that I haven’t done so in a while, I remembered to ask for it without ketchup but forgot to remove the mustard too.  But hey, not much can really help a McDonald’s burger anyway.  It was fast and it was cheap.

I stopped by the Coffee Gallery  (aka Open Book) today for lunch.  It’s a really good little lunch place with out of this world soups.  Today I’m having the Egyption Red Lentil.  With a name like that, I wasn’t expecting a pea green soup!   Fortunately, colors don’t really bother me much.  And the aroma coming from the soup would convince just about anyone to take a taste.  And it’s very yummy.

Our other board meeting is tonight but it won’t go as late.  Well, it’s not scheduled to–and I don’t expect either of the two big brou ha-has that came up last night.  One was expected, the other came out of left field (and there is an unintentional pun there).  The first is that we are considering a name change for the organization.  Our current name is 12 syllables long and has two words that our focus groups said were terrible and turn offs. Personally, I’ve always disliked it.  My husband can’t say it without stumbling and my family members cannot remember the name even though I’ve been here almost 4 years!  The second issue was a surprise statement that we should screen potential board members based on their stance on abortion.  While yes, there is a tie between population expansion and environmental issues–it is not an issue in Minnesota, and our focus is limited to state level issues.  That’s a rabbit hole that I really don’t want to go down–and apparently several of our current board members are very uneasy with the suggestion.  But how do you tell your largest donor that she’s wrong?  Suffice it to say, I learned a lot about Minnesota political parties last night–and the agendas of a few board members.

Tonight should be much smoother.  Smaller board for one, and they’ve been pushing for a name change.  The other discussion won’t even be brought up tonight.  If ever–it’s not something they see as a role/position.

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