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Lazy, Lazier, Laziest

On Friday, I only had to work for a brief time. I did some dishes and straightened up a bit. We watched Parenthood and the 40 Year Old Virgin and decided to use a gift certificate for dinner because we were too lazy to cook.

On Saturday, we went to a pool party and watched Cassanova. I also took a nice bubble bath in the evening.

On Sunday, I lounged in bed until 2 reading a romance and we watched Failure to Launch.

To be honest, my husband did get some work done around the house. He finished the window. I kept kind of picking up and we both got caught up on our laundry. But really, it was a lazy weekend.

I finished My Sister’s Keeper and I loved it, but I feel the author took the easy way out at the end, which was highly annoying. I still think it’s a good book and I’d re-read it in the future. I may try another of her books. I’ve decided not to read Little Beauties for the Best of Times book club. It doesn’t appeal to me at all–and I don’t want to spend money on a book that doesn’t interest me–there are plenty of books that I would rather spend my money on right now.

My car did not get looked at this weekend, so we’ll be carpooling all week using his car. I’m not complaining. That’s more time for me to sleep!

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I only had to work one hour from home today. I’m not sure where all those hours came from, but I’ll take them.

My husband got very interested in a Tom Brokaw documentary on global warming. I mean really interested. I’m adding An Inconvenient Truth to our Blockbuster queue as well as Who Killed the Electric Car. I know he’s always been interested in ways to conserve energy and some environmental impacts, but he’s really taken an interest in this stuff lately.

I’m currently reading My Sister’s Keeper by Jodi Picoult. I have a hard time putting it down. I think it may be one of those books where I change my sympathies to the characters as I go through life. Right now, I can’t seem to get through the story fast enough. Because of the subject matter, I wasn’t sure I’d like it–even though my own sister had recommended it as well as some other friends.

And as a bonus for a day that’s really looking pretty good–I’m getting a haircut and brow wax! And now that my hair is longer, my stylist doesn’t style it so that I look like a complete dork. I used to always leave the salon looking really good but that would only last until I washed it; then it was hard to manage, shape, or style. I’d rather spend one day looking like a dork (and staying at home) and have several days where my hair looks good afterwards.

We finally got our wedding pictures back so I’ll be posting them to my flickr account. Let me know if you want access–I tend to keep these things friends only.

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Dinner last night was very nice. Amazingly, we would have made it by 6:15 in spite of the incredibly heavy traffic I ran into trying to pick him up from work. Why is it that when you don’t have to be somewhere, you get there faster?

I’ve noticed that my car’s a/c does not cool the car down as efficiently as it once did. Yesterday, it was blowing out warm air–and by that I mean warmer than the temperature both in and outside of the car. And then it decided that it didn’t feel like starting back up while my husband was running an errand. He eventually made it home, but he’s very frustrated and has announced that we will have to figure out a way to get another vehicle and dump my car.

I knew this was coming because I’m nearing the 100,000 mile limit of my warranty and there have already been so many issues that I do not want to own it after the warranty expires. Our money is better spent on a better quality vehicle. However, we are still trying to pay off our wedding, our trip to Maui, and remodel the house so that we can sell it. I know there’s never a good time, and this timing is better than most, but it’s still frustrating.

The good news is that we have a quarter share in a CSA and just purchased 1/2 a cow, the meat of which arrives today, so we are pretty much set for food for quite a long time. Seriously, we have 300+ pounds of meat arriving today. I have lettuce and onions coming out of my ears and more of that arriving today too.

So it’s all good in the end.

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Last night I watched Workout on Bravo. I’m kind of into cheesy dramas like that–it’s similar to summer reading, I guess. Anyway, I was actually motivated to do some sort of exercise during the show, so during the commercials I did some crunches, some push ups, and some jumping jacks. I even went for a jog/walk around the neighborhood. I’ve kind of hit a plateau in my weightloss and I need to add some form of exercise to start things back up but I don’t really like to exercise and so I’m trying to find ways to get around all my excuses. And I have a lot of excuses.

On a different note, we’re having dinner with the in-laws tonight. It’ll be lovely. When we first discussed setting this monthly dinner up, I mentioned that 7 pm was the best time because we often don’t get home until after 6:30. Of course, the first time that they came over, they called the night before to find out what time (and to see if they could come “a few minutes early”). We had to tell them no, because sometimes I need just those 15 minutes to get the table set and stuff moved out of the way. The same is true for my family. Early on a weeknight is not good.

So last night, they call (dinner is at their place this month) to find out what time they should expect us, and my husband says between 6 and 6:30! I wish him luck with that. I reminded him that I rarely make any plans before 7 because you just never know how the traffic is going to be or if I’m going to get bogged down in something right before I leave the office. It’s just an added stress that I don’t need. When I worked in St. Paul, I could consistently arrive in town before 6:15, but you never know how the traffic will be between Minneapolis and St. Paul. I’m willing to bet that I’ll leave my office at 4:30 today (in order to pick him up at 5 so we can make this crazy timeframe) and I’ll be late because of the traffic. And then I’ll be stressed that we’re going to be late and they’ll be waiting on us and the food won’t be at the right temperature…..it’s just easier to make plans for 7.

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Work this week has been fun because I’ve been sitting in on candidate interviews. Theoretically, these people want our endorsement and believe that they are champions for the environment. When they’re right–it’s invigorating to listen to their optimism and innovative ideas. When they are sorely mistaken, it makes for a very long 45 minutes.

Take for example the guy who was told that there were two viable proposals for dedicated funding for conservation this session. One would increase the sales tax and the other would be to use existing money. The queston was, “Which option would you support?” His response after three attempts was that he fully supported dedicated funding because it makes for a cleaner, greener envirionment. That was his response no matter how we tried to rephrase the question. For the record, the correct answer is to raise the sales tax because the public supports it and we don’t want to compete for money with education and social services.

Or how about the guy that came in with his “cheat sheet” on our issues. He highlighted one–Clean Water Legacy–and throughout the interview, his default response was that he fully supported Clean Water Legacy. He had no knowledge of any other issue and said so as if that were the end of the conversation. A colleague actually saw the bullet points that someone had been kind enough to give him and which he did refer to throughout the entire interview.

We keep hearing that the leadership has to balance our committee chairs. We can’t have two “green” chairs in each of the legislative bodies, so my coworker asked why that isn’t true for education. Why is it that there isn’t an anti-education chair for their finance committee?

Overall, there are some truly stellar individuals running for office this year. Many of them are very good on our issues and a few will fight for us. It’s only going to get more interesting as we begin to deliberate on who will actually get the endorsement.

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My new social security card arrived today.

Unfortunately, there is no passport, marriage certificate, or driver’s license included.

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Apparently, I’ve poisoned my husband. I tried to make a recipe from WW last night for Mexican Layered Chicken. The recipe called for 30 ounces canned black beans. I didn’t have black beans in a can but fresh. So we soaked them for a full day and rinsed them. However, they didn’t bake the way they should have and wound up rather crunchy in the casserole.

Within 30 minnutes of deciding to toss out dinner, he started to complain that the beans were swelling in his stomach. He tried drinking lots of water and spent most of the night out on the front porch where the air was fresh and cooler. He’s feeling a little better today, but not one hundred percent.

I, on the other hand, am unaffected.

We’ve got friends coming over for dinner tonight too. My plan is lasagna. I really hope I don’t make anyone else sick.

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