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My car stalled on the entrance ramp to the freeway last night.  I’ve officially lost all confidence in that vehicle. My husband says that it only stalls when the engine is idling–but it is now time to get rid of it and look at purchasing a new vehicle.

Along those lines, I finally got copies of my credit report.  The good news is that it appears that there hasn’t been any evidence of identity theft.  The bad news is that my FICA score is in the tank.  It looks like the largest problem is an overdue payment to Victoria’s Secret–90 days overdue.  The last time I shopped there was before the wedding, but I only remember purchasing one bra (for the dress).  The amount that is due is the equivalent of three bras–that purchase was over two years ago!  I don’t really like to shop there (my body shape is not one that they market to), so I’m going to do some digging.  Other than that, I just need to reduce the balance on some of my credit cards–which we’ve been working on. 

And on a really strange note, today is my parent’s anniversary (they’re divorced and obviously don’t celebrate it) and the birthday of my first boyfriend, who happened to be grandfathered in when Minnesota changed the legal drinking age from 18 to 21by one day.  Too bad he’d never let me drink!

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I’m having a relatively good day.  There was an issue this morning regarding a project that I’m supposed to be leading and someone changing some of the layout without discussing those changes, but it’s been resolved.  Unfortunately, I was frustrated and that came out during our discussions and I needed some “chill out” time following the discussion. 

The inlaws are joining us for dinner tonight.  I didn’t plan the meal.  I haven’t really been into meal planning lately and besides–it’s his parents.  He knows what they’ll eat better than I do.  I also have been a little lax in the housekeeping department.  He’s been complaining that the floors need to be vaccuumed but when I did it the past two times, the dog was acting funny and my husband said that the carpet really needs to be done more thoroughly.  Fine, he can do it tonight then–and he agreed to.  I can’t wait until we tear that crap out and refinish the oak underneath.  That carpet is beyond nasty!  The more I vaccuum, the worse it smells.

I finished The Mercy of Thin Air.  If you haven’t read it, I highly recommend it.  It’s a beautiful love/ghost story.  There isn’t any suspense or thrils, but the author has a way of describing all of her characters’ actions in a given situation so that I was sympathetic to all.  Also, she focuses on the good qualities of her male characters.  It was very hard to stop reading–and I had that sense of loss I get when I finish a really good book.

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I got to work around 7 am yesterday and started right up with the data pull.  By 10:30 I was satisfied with the results and ready to move onto the Campaign Finance report.  Fortunately, I finally received the fax notifying me of the user id and password to use their online system.  I prefer to go online because the software let’s you know when you’ve made a mistake (or may be out of compliance) and does all the math and calculations for me.  I worked through lunch but had to go to a staff meeting.  I finally submitted the report at 6 pm last night.  I’m pretty proud of myself because a couple of years ago, it would have taken me a good three days to a full week to get it done.  And now that it’s online, it becomes much easier to keep up with.

So on the one hand, my day was pretty good because it went by so fast.  On the other hand, I have learned that I can no  longer skip meals.  My body has adjusted to my eating habits (breakfast within one hour of getting up, snack at 10, lunch at 12:30, snack at 3, and dinner between 6:30 and 7).  Lunch was delayed because I lost track of time and I was light-headed and felt faint during the staff meeting.  Fortunately, eating my lunch at 2 made me feel 100% better.

I was just told that I was grumpy yesterday.  I suppose I was, but I really couldn’t stop what I was doing because other people were having computer issues or needed me to find them something to do.  I will train my new coworker on these things, but crunch time is not the time to try to explain the complicated systems involved.  I think January will be a good time for that–once she’s more familiar with more routine systems and things are pretty quiet.

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Long day.  I’ll post more tomorrow.

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As much as I enjoy thunderstorms, I’m tired of the gray days we’ve been having lately.  I’m finally out of energy and really don’t want to do anything.  I’m partially disappointed because I left the book I’m currently reading at work last night and I was hoping to finish it this weekend.  It’s very good and I want to know how it all resolves itself.

I really should get up off the couch and wash the dishes and run out to the library. 

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I’m a Bit of a Liar

I just emailed my women’s group to beg off tonight’s barbecue.  I said that I’ve been working late a lot this week–which is true, but the real reason is that I just cannot do another potluck right now.  Yesterday, my weight watchers group had a potluck that I made a fruit salad for.  I stayed up until 11:30 on Tuesday night working on it (I quadrupled the recipe thinking it could be stretched out).  Last night was a barbecue to welcome the new employee and say goodbye to the intern (I had enough fruit salad for that).  A week ago I promised to bring something in for the intern’s last day (which is tomorrow, but I won’t be in the office, so I had to bring whatever it was in today).  She requested scones, which are very easy, but I had to get up early to get them baked.

The fruit salad couldn’t be stretched to three events.  We didn’t get home until 9:30 last night.  Knowing that I had to be up before 5 am this morning, I talked to my husband and he agreed that we should just skip tonight.  I feel bad because this has been on the calendar for a month, but frankly, I’m rather “socialed” out.  The barbecue last night was planned last minute, but I really couldn’t say that I couldn’t do it–there’s only 6 of us in the office.  It was nice and I had a good time, but I am really beat today.

In other news, I watched Project Runway last night.  The challenge was to design for everyday women, and the models were the designers’ mothers or sisters.  They couldn’t design for their own relative.  It was interesting to watch because many of the designers completely floundered when it came to plus-size women.  Many of the outfits were not age-appropriate.  I thought it was a great treat for the “models”–to have clothes especially designed for you, have your hair and makeup professionally done, and then get to walk down a runway in front of a small group of people….who wouldn’t want to do that?  Unfortunately, one of the designers made one woman very anxious and pretty much ruined the experience for her.  He didn’t like what she said she felt comfortable wearing and let her know that her opinion didn’t have any consideration in his design.  I felt really, really bad for her.  Maybe I was overly tired.

Work is about to get interesting.  Campaign Finance reports are due to the state on Monday, but I can’t get the user name and password to file for one organization.  That information can only be sent to the treasurer, and I’ve emailed him and spoken with him to request that he either call, email, or fax me when he gets the login.  He should have received it yesterday.  This will take a bit of time to enter all the data in, generate the reports,  and run them past the treasurer for review before I upload them to the state. 

At the same time, I’m being asked to perform a datapull complete with householding and deduplication for phoning.  The policy is that these requests take 24 hours (in case I run into a technical glitch or have something else going on like the above situation).  I have told my coworker time and time again that if he waits to finalize the list of participating groups until noon on Monday, I cannot get the data over to the phone bank by the end of the day.  I cannot do both the Campaign Finance report and the datapull at the same time because they both require my full focus and attention to detail.  I can’t give either of these projects to anyone else because I’m the only person in the office who knows how to do them (and trying to explain the complexities would take more time than just doing them myself).  That will change in the next few months as I train the new employee in.  But she only started last week and is still getting to know Peachtree–I don’t want to expose her to the nightmare that is Campaign Finance Reporter.

The ironic thing is that I don’t have anything else going on right now.  I can’t move forward on either of these projects until I get more information.  And I have a feeling that the information I need for each project will come late this afternoon.  That means, I’ll be working my butt off from home tomorrow and dying of boredom today.

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I haven’t written much about my husband’s dog here. Frankly, I’m not overly fond of her. She’s hyper and believes she’s attention starved. She gets jealous if anybody in the house besides her is getting any affection.

Last night I found a new reason to really dislike her. She got sick. To her credit, she tried to make it to the back door, but her body was already heaving before I could open it and chain her. Her stomach convulsed three times before I felt that I could get the chain on her without causing her more discomfort. She then finished up out on the patio.

I have never seen so much fill in the blank here!  My husband thinks that it was everything in her stomach for the last day and a half.   Let’s just say I’m not going anywhere near dog food for at least a week!

After I had everything all cleaned up, she was hyper and happy and bouncing around again.  Fortunately, there wasn’t any recurrence.

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