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Last night, my women’s group got together for a photo scavenger hunt. There were only 5 of us, so we decided to just be one team and see what we could get in an hour. Even though it started to storm, we had a lot of fun–playing on playground equipment, harrassing fast food employees (not really), and posing with a variety of items.

Work kept me busy and occupied, which was nice.

Other than that, there isn’t much more to say.

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First Doctor Visit

Thanks for all the support yesterday. I had my very first prenatal exam today and I’m so glad that I’ve decided to deliver 45 minutes away from home. I’d much rather be trying to relax in the car while in labor than go to the hospital that is a mere 10 minutes away!!!!

My appointment was at the clinic in Woodbury. It looks like I may be further along than was previously thought–instead of 9 weeks, my midwife thinks it may be more like 11 or 12 weeks. We’ll be doing an ultrasound to find out. I’m pissed because I went to the local emergency room in July because I thought I was having an early miscarriage (or an ectopic pregnancy). After a pelvic exam and a urine test, I was sent home and told that I wasn’t pregnant and that everything I was experiencing was perfectly normal (not for me, but they wouldn’t listen at that point). I was told to come back if I developed either a fever or nausea (I had both when I came in and when they discharged me). So I didn’t bother. And because I wasn’t pregnant, I had a few drinks during the next couple of weeks.

Now it looks like I may have been in the early stages of my pregnancy (and hopefully, I had stopped drinking before the baby’s brain and spinal column really started to develop). Either that, or I’m having twins. My midwife said that it is possible to hear a heartbeat at 9 weeks but she’d never heard one before 12–until today. So, it’s most likely that I’m closer to the end of the first trimester. Like I said, I’m scheduling a dating ultrasound to hopefully help sort this out.

The good news is that I’m healthy, we have a nice, strong heartbeat–so it seems that the baby is healthy!

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We heard our baby’s heartbeat on Friday!

Yep, I’m preggers–and it’s intentional. 🙂 I hadn’t wanted to say anything until we knew that everything was going okay. I’m 9 weeks along, so my due date is around April 28. My first appointment is tomorrow (the reason we were able to hear the heartbeat on Friday is that my husband and I were the only two people who showed up for a pre-natal class at the clinic–so they postponed the class, helped me fill out all the paperwork, and pulled out a microphone to see if we could hear anything).

Overall, I’m feeling very tired, slightly ill, slightly scared, and very excited.

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More Police Beat

There hasn’t been much lately from that small Nebraska town–mostly breakins and skunks, but here are a few stories I found.

8:47 a.m. Caller from Third and Main St. advised that she would like to complain about the driving of a man. Caller stated that he is 100 something years old and that about a week ago he cut her off at the stop light.

2:21 a.m. Caller from the 500 block of Linden St. advised that a male had shoplifted two bottles of cooking wine and drank them.

2:44 p.m. Caller from the 200 block of Morehead St. requested to talk to an officer in reference to theft of some cooking oil.

2:42 a.m. Caller from the 300 block of Main St. advised he was kidnapped from the bar and dropped off at the above location. Caller stated he needs an officer to take him back to the house beside the bank so he can pick up his winnings.

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As you may remember, the company that I was technically a consultant for, Purple Tree, went out of business in July. I took advantage of my discount (70% going out of business sale) to stock up on a bunch of projects I had been looking at but not ready to buy.

I have the kits sitting around the house waiting to be completed. I’m kind of saving them as a treat for a rainy day. About a month ago, I opened a jewelry set and found that instead of a watch, necklace, and earrings, I had received two necklaces and the earrings.

I was kind of bummed (but remembered I only paid a small amount of money for the set) and just set it aside. But the Patchwork Princess encouraged me to contact the company on the off chance that they would make it right.

I put it off because they’re out of business, right? But yesterday I got a bee in my bonnet, so I sent them an email. They responded that I will receive a replacement in the mail shortly! I have to admit that because it was a new company, there were often glitches in the products, but the company always made it right. Always. And they were cheerful to work with. It makes me even sadder that they’ve closed their doors.

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My sister had her ultrasound today–and she’s having a boy! She had a slight preference towards a girl and she’s hormonal, so she’s a little mixed. She said she cried when she saw him moving around (not from disappointment but from the excitement). She’s still very emotional and very excited that all is continuing to go well with her pregnancy. Her husband is beyond thrilled. He’s got two neices that call him “Uncle Goofy” and they’re delightful, but he had his preference too.

My women’s group had a table at our Diversity Days Festival. We didn’t plan it well. We should have done shifts, but oh well. Diversity in Red Wing is rather interesting. The majority of the population is descended from Norwegians, Swedes, or Germans. There is a reservation nearby and in the past decade, the African Americans and Latinos have become more noticeable–but really when you walk down the street in Red Wing, you see a bunch of white people. Very little diversity.

It rained during the setup and poured off and on the first couple of hours. But then it was a beautiful day. They had live music and a small variety of foods. Apparently, the festival is running into debt. I doubt they were able to raise enough money from beverage sales to offset this, so it should be interesting to see if they do it again next year. I believe this was the sixth year.

That’s pretty much it for the weekend. We watched Don Juan de Marco because I had never seen it and we both decided that it was a very romantic movie.

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My women’s group met last night.  We’ve changed the date and the location for a few reasons, and most people who are involved in the group remembered the change.  Unfortunately, we will probably be changing locations again.  One of our new members had suggested a local rest home that had recently remodeled their conference room and was looking for people to use it.  Because we are such a small group, we were given a smaller conference room off in the corner, but that would have been okay.

I’m not totally comfortable in rest homes.  And this isn’t so much a rest home for the elderly as it is for young adults with severe disabilities, amputees, and head injuries.  However, I had been there before as a child and my grandmother lives nearby, so I knew what to expect. Unfortunately, that wasn’t true for a couple of our members.  The Patchwork Princess stopped in a couple of days ahead of time to get the logistics and make sure that everything was going to be fine (that we can bring in food, that there was no charge for the room, etc).  She had her 4 year old with her and on the way in, the staff was rolling out a body.  Yes, it was covered, but it was still a bit of a shock. Fortunately, the four year old just thought it was a cart.  And while she has worked in a nursing home, she didn’t expect them to remove bodies out the front door!

Residents of this facility like to sit outside and watch the traffic and they are very friendly and greet people who enter the building.  I rather like that, but there was a concern that prospective members might be uncomfortable.  The flourescent lighting was terrible–very yellow and gave a grimy look to the halls which smelled like urine and cleaner.  There were patients gagging down the hall, and we heard quite a few overhead pages during our meeting.

As we were walking out, two patients came outside with us–on in a wheelchair and one on a cot. The patient on the cot was missing the lower half of his body–you couldn’t see anything but the sheet, but I think a couple of our members were a bit weirded out by it.

So I guess we’ll have to find another place to meet. Caribou Coffee has a nice conference room in town and all they ask is that your group spend $25 in purchases.  Shouldn’t be a problem.  But I do feel bad because I think the Health Center is trying to change their image and the staff was very nice, but the money spent on a brand new conference room may have been better spent on better lighting and living conditions for the residents. 

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