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Apparently, Blockbuster has just shipped out a fourth movie to me.  I have an excercise DVD at home.  Yesterday, they shipped Curious George and today it’s Mission Impossible III and Click.  Hmmm……

Plus I have my free weekly movie and my free November movie still to be used.

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Wow.  I don’t have any drama to write about today.  And that’s a good thing. 

Last night I picked up my husband from the pool hall where a group from his company plays every Monday.  We decided to eat there because the games were running late.  I had barbecue wings, and the sauce was yummy, but the chicken was overcooked.  Bummer.  He had a hamburger that came with tater tots and this really good seasoned sour cream for them.   That made up for the dry chicken. 

Then we went home and I watched Justice, which is my new favorite network show. 

I went up to bed and he got to clean up a mess he discovered in the kitchen from Fletch.  Apparently, he’s still having some issues adjusting, but my husband doesn’t want me to say anything more to my family about it because he really wants to keep him and we both think that this is a temporary thing. 

Tonight we plan to leave work early so we can hand out candy to the cute trick-or-treaters.  Not sure how many costumes we’ll actually see because it’s supposed to get below 30 tonight.  It was 60 over the weekend, which I think was the only time it got that high all month.  We pretty much skipped fall this year.  And that was the shortest Indian Summer I’ve ever seen–three days!

All things considered, it seems to be a good day.

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I’m pretty sure I just felt the baby move! 

It’s still too early to feel consistent movement, so I may not feel anything more for a while.

Also, I started wearing maternity clothes today.  My belly could still be mistaken as fat, but my jeans were beginning to cause some cramping and I’d read that it’s better to start wearing maternity clothes earlier rather than later.  So I’m wearing some comfy leggings and a long shirt. 

This is really happening!!!!!

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Even More Family Drama

This weekend I received an email from my brother stating that because I did not tell anyone of my father’s decision to leave and that I told my father that there was an intervention in the works, that I was no longer trusted by my uncles, himself, or my sister and would be informed of any updates when it was deemed that I needed to know.  He made a point of telling me how disappointed various family members were in me and that all further communication was to go through him. 

What bothered me most about this is that I never told my father about the pending intervention.  That’s what really hurt–and it’s also the reason that my uncles were so disappointed in me.  What that all stemmed from was a very emotionally charged conversation I had with my brother two weeks ago when I said that I had spoken to Dad about his suicidal comments (which he claims were not suicidal) and that if they weren’t meant to be taken that way, he’d better knock it off because there had been talk about placing him in an institution.  My brother remembers my use of the word institution and says that when discussing treatment options during an intervention that I was not a part of, my father kept referring to them as institutions.

Fortunately, through some pretty tough emails I was able to give my brother my side of the story–and he at least seems to be accepting that this was a horrible miscommunication.  He and several others are still upset with me over my silence regarding Dad’s plan to leave town, but he thinks that they’ll eventually get over it.  And he says that he’s going to set the record straight regarding the intervention.  Now my father has said to his brothers and my siblings that he would be around for another month or so.  But then he told my husband that he was going to visit an uncle in Wisconsin for a few weeks and my brother seems to think Dad will be in treatment in a couple of weeks.  Maybe it’s a cover story, maybe Dad is telling people two different things.  I’m not going to get involved.

So the worst of the damage has been semi-repaired.  I have made the decision for the moment to allow my uncles and siblings to handle Dad’s situation.  I have enough going on in my life and frankly, I’m furious with him.  He has made it clear that he does not want any help, he does not want to be involved in my life, and he manipulated me into a position that put me at odds with the rest of my family.  I don’t want to be put in a similar position again.  I have no intention of stopping by the house or checking on him.

Two weeks ago, I was talking with

 and said that I can’t understand how he hasn’t hit bottom yet.  He’s always said that his kids love and support are the most important things to him and I told

 that I couldn’t withold that.  After the events of the past two weeks, I can.  I don’t know what the future will bring or how I’ll react to his treatment (if he gets any) or if he hits the road and then returns.  But for now, I don’t want anything to do with him.

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I stopped up at my Dad’s last night.  He’s still there and said that he’ll be there for a while because the deal with the antique store is on hold.  His brothers have decided that they want to remove everything of value before Al comes. They could have done this years ago–in fact, my father has been saying that my grandmother’s stuff needed to find a new home, especially since the house has been foreclosed on.  Apparently, I come by my procrastination honestly.

What this delay has done though is really make all the emotion and upheavals of last weekend such a waste.  I gather that most of my family is still upset with me on principle.  And while I’m somewhat bothered by it, I’m also really okay with it for now.  I’m annoyed that I cried my eyes out last weekend and made myself ill for nothing.  He’s probably going to leave sometime soon, but it’s not like the disappearing in the middle of the night scenario that he pasted.  I’m mostly frustrated with all the pointless drama that was created–and that I played a role in creating. 

Because the major complaint I’ve heard has been the lack of communication going on, I’ve made a point of leaving messages for my siblings updating them on Dad’s progress.  I really don’t expect to have my calls returned, but if their concern is not being informed on the situation then I can at least do that.

Frankly, I’m sick and tired of this whole situation and, to be honest, at this point I’m pretty much past caring.  Go if you’re going to go or stay.  Whatever.  I just need to know when I need to start keeping an eye on the house until it can be turned over.  Or maybe I should let that go too and let someone else worry about it.

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I am wiped out.  I’m waiting for a fax to complete sending before I can go home.  It has been a nutso couple of days because Campaign Finance reports are due on Monday and one of the groups that I keep the books for had several errors on their last report (which I submitted) and lots of missing information that I don’t even know how to begin to track down.  I’ve asked someone else to do it.  I think 17 hours is enough for me to slave over this.  In comparison, our report only took me a half hour and there’s been more activity in our report.

As soon as I get the confirmation that the fax has been sent, I’m heading home where I get to check on my dad’s house.  Thank god that I only work a half day tomorrow!

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I had a lovely, uneventful evening.

I also had a prenatal appointment, which could be considered uneventful.  Or maybe not.  Apparently, the lab forgot to run the OB screen on the blood they took during my first visit.  Strikes me as a very silly mistake since I’m there because I’m pregnant.  So they needed me to do it yesterday.

I have the tiniest veins on the planet.  You can see them through my skin, but you can’t get to them.  I have had a few experiences when the tech has been either amazing or lucky and gotten some blood on the first try–but it’s rarely even half a vial.  However, yesterday was not one of those days.  I have a mark on the inside of my lower left arm–with a really nasty bruise, another near one of my knuckles on my right hand, another on the inside of my right wrist, and the final one is in the elbow of my left arm.  And how much blood did they get?  None.  Not a drop.  I only bleed when they remove the needle.

I’m expecting a call today to let me know if I have to come back in before my next appointment in three weeks or if it can wait until then.

And as a child I was terrified of vampires.  Silly girl.

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