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Not much going on today.  It’s snowing and blowing.  Sometimes more blow than snow, sometimes more snow than blow.  It doesn’t actually seem to be hitting the ground though–and it is cold enough that it should.

Has anyone had any problems with their ipod or shuffle pausing in the middle of songs.  Sometimes I attribute it to a bad track from a cd, but it’s happening in more and more songs these days–and it’s not in the same place even if it’s the same song.  Is it possible that I’ve worn my trusty shuffle out?  Say it isn’t so!

The Patchwork Princess has loaned me a bunch of books early on in the pregnancy.  I just started Birthing from Within and I really like it.  It’s kind of like the Artist’s Way for pregnancy.  Well, not quite, but it’s like a class in a book.  She encourages birth art, meditation, and all kinds of hippie stuff that I’m kind of into.  So far, the authors seem to be biased towards home births, but they haven’t completely condemned hospital births.  Just want women to know their options and be as emotionally and spiritually prepared for birth as physically.  And the chapters are short.

We have dinner tonight with my ILs.  I meant to print out a bunch of pictures of the twins for them (they don’t have a computer and all the photos were posted online by my SIL), but DH informs me that he can pick up some overtime tonight so we may not have time to print pictures.  In twins news, the little boy was brought home last night!  I haven’t talked to my SIL yet, but I’m sure she’s got her hands full–and she still needs to go to the hospital daily to assist with her little girl.  I hope that my SIL is able to establish some sort of routine before too long; it’s got to be pretty draining.

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Campaign Finance is done!  Well, my part is, and I’ll submit it tomorrow on the deadline.  This has been a complete nightmare this year.  I worked on it most of last week, this weekend and all day yesterday.  I woke up at 2:30 this morning and decided that since I obviously wasn’t going to go back to sleep that I should take advantage of my wakefulness and an empty office and get started. 

I was on the road before 4 am and in the office by 5.  I worked straight through and finally got the reports to balance at 12:30.  Now I’m catching up on all the things I put off to work on these reports.  Who says that January is the slow month?????

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I’m Feeling a Bit Guilty

So after the long rant about the bedroom and sleeping conditions, DH has turned into an angel.  I had a very late night last night trying to drive home from a meeting in the southern part of the state, and DH stayed on the phone with me the last 30 minutes to help keep me awake and to make sure I made it home all right.  That means he was up past 11:30–and I didn’t ask him to.

Then he had my breakfast waiting for me this morning (an english muffin with butter–but that’s usually what I grab on the way out the door).  He’s staying home today to work on the house and to primarily get the area of the living room (or just outside the living room depending on which of us you talk to) cleared out.  I think he also plans to work in my office.  He’s called once to ask me about specific items–not in a bothersome way, but in a “I can’t remember what you said about this” sort of way.

So he’s definitely back on my good list again.  And I’ll have to do something sweet for him tonight–maybe a back massage before he goes bowling.

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Sleeping Situation

I have known since the time I moved in with my husband that we have very different sleep styles and schedules. 

  • I like absolute silence.  That way if there is a strange noise, I will wake up and check it out.  He has to sleep with white noise running.  It can be an air filter or humidifier, but there must be some consistent noise all night long.  Otherwise, every little noise will wake him up.  White noise is very effective for me–it blocks everything out and I can’t relax.  I hear it all day at work too.
  • I also like absolute dark (and I may invest in a sleep mask).  The tiniest bit of light can keep me up all night.  I even cover the display on my clock radio.  He can’t sleep with the door closed (effectively blocking out all the light from various windows) because the room gets too stuffy.
  • I am a night owl.  It is very hard for me to get to bed/asleep before 10 pm.  He’s ready to go to bed at 8:30.  This shouldn’t be a problem right?  Except that he really doesn’t sleep until I’m in bed and in order to fall asleep, I need to do some light reading.  We’ve tried a reading light, which was successful for a while, but now bothers him.  So every night he stays up late and I head up early.
  • He’s a morning person.  Before we started dating, he would get up between 3:30 and 4 in the morning so that he could be on his way to work by 5 am.  That way, he had his afternoons free.  We get up at 5 to leave by 6 (but I spend a lot of time sleeping in the car).  I actually become physically ill if I get up much earlier than 5:00.

So the other night, he wasn’t feeling well and said that he wanted to go to bed early.  Fine by me.  I need him to be healthy and he should take care of himself.  Unfortunately, he decided to stay up until 9:30, making himself more tired because there were things he had to get done. He also mentions that he’s thinking about switching the bedroom furniture around because he thinks he’ll sleep better the way it was set up before.   I brought my book downstairs and read much longer than usual to completely exhaust myself.  Normally if I read downstairs, I am pretty much wide awake and active by the time I climb back upstairs and into bed.  Kind of pointless really.  So, I head upstairs half asleep and start to climb into bed.  He complains about me shaking the bed when I remove my pillow sham.  He yells at me when I try to find the edge of the covers to get into bed. He says he’s got a killer headache but won’t take anything for it.  At this point I realize that he’s going to be on my case all night because I do toss and turn a bit as part of being pregnant and trying to find a semi-comfortable position.  So I do the sensible thing–I go back downstairs and try to make do with the futon–which I cannot fold out by myself.  It was cold and it was bright but I think I may have fallen asleep a couple of times during the night. 

He gets up at 5 am and has the nerve to ask me why I’m sleeping on the couch!  On the way out the door for work, he tells me that he’s going to have his brother come over and help move some of the furniture in the bedroom.

I got home last night and the bedroom furniture has been completely rearranged.  I now have to get dressed using two different rooms plus the bathroom.  However, there is less clutter and more openness to the bedroom (which is a good thing because the furniture really didn’t fit in that room).  I had no say in where anything went or whatnot.  So we had a little chat about that last night.  Basically, I told him that when it comes to common areas, I want to have some input.  I know this is one of those things that happen when someone lived in the house for several years before the other person, so I’m trying not to go off on him.  I also realized that this was his way of making up for making me “sleep” on the couch.  He worked really hard on this and completely wore himself out. 

His defense to my statement that I wanted to have some input was that he “told me about it last night”.  Which if you have been reading my journal long enough may cause a laugh.  Who would believe that the guy who has taken 8 years to redo a bathroom, 1 1/2 years to set up my office, and has several other projects on the waiting list would actually complete a project one day after mentioning it to me!

And to be fair, I slept better last night than I have in awhile–and I told him that this morning.

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Prenatal Update

Went and had my prenatal visit today. Met a new midwife–and I really like her. She came in while I was reading Water for Elephants and got all excited because she’s an avid reader, enjoys circuses, and hadn’t heard of the book. She actually wrote the name and the author down for later!

I passed my glucose test with flying colors–in spite of all the junk I’ve been eating lately. Apparently, my body can handle it. I’m up 15 pounds from my first visit (9 weeks and 26 weeks), so no worries there. The level 2 ultrasound shows a healthy baby well within all the normal ranges. I’m measuring 2 weeks ahead of schedule, but the ultrasounds show the baby is right on target, for whatever that’s worth. I’ve measured two weeks ahead the entire time (hence the first ultrasound).

So all is good with the pregnancy. And the glucose test wasn’t nearly as nasty as the lj communities would have me believe. It was just like a small bottle of orange soda. I’ve had worse from fountains. My only issue was trying to drink the whole thing within 5 minutes.

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I’m teaching myself how to knit in enterlac because it’s the best way I can think of to make my sister’s baby blanket according to her specifications. She basically wants something reminiscent of a gingham comforter she had as a child. With the help of the web, I think I’m doing pretty good. I’m working on a practice swatch that should be done before the weekend.

We went to the ILs for my nephew’s first birthday party. Overall, it was nice. I actually had a very pleasant conversation with my future SIL. I have to say that I don’t find my nephew to be cute, although he is getting to be more attractive and I still have some personal issues over how his parents ignore him. But maybe that’s only when there are other people around. He can be crying and they won’t feed him until it’s the right time. When they do feed him, he’s so hungry that he wants to eat more than his stomach can hold and winds up spitting up everything. So they feed him a limited amount of food. I know how cranky I am when I’m on a diet….

My SIL came down and said that at least one of the twins may be able to come home by the end of this week! They are both doing quite well so it won’t be long until they’re both home.

That’s about all I have time for, I need to get on a conference call and then head home!

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I received a notice a few weeks ago that I had been selected for jury duty starting today. I rearranged my work schedule so that I could work from home this morning and then work a full day on Friday. I dutifully called the hotline over the weekend to make sure that I still had to serve and the answering machine message said that all trials for Monday were still scheduled but that I needed to call again after 10:30 today.

I just got off the phone, and all the trials have been cleared off the calendar today. I’m highly annoyed because I was supposed to do some volunteer work on Friday afternoon that I had to cancel because of the switch in work schedule. Also, I have discovered that there is a reason that I don’t work from home on Monday mornings. It’s been pretty hectic.

And the bonus–I am still on call and will probably see another summons in the next month or so. And I’ll get to do this all over again.

On the plus side, I did not reschedule my Wednesday morning midwife appointment and the dreaded GD test. So that’s still on.

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