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I’m Free!

I was relieved of jury duty today.  There was no cause to dismiss me, but I’m quite certain that I was not their ideal candidate. Now that I’ve been taken off the duty, I can disclose the type of case it was.

As I said before, it was a criminal trial.  The man had actually been convicted of sexual assualt on a child.  I don’t know the specifics.  However, there is a law that states that when someone is found guilty of a crime like this, a trial can be scheduled to hear “aggravating factors”.  I’m not sure what that means but apparently it is a factor in sentencing, which is the duty of the judge.

So the key factor is that the man is guilty of a crime that brings out a strong reaction in most people.  I was questioned yesterday for a long time and the lawyers brought up a lot of issues from my past and some issues regarding family members.  It would have been a very hard trial to listen to and then make a decision on. 

I’m relieved that I wasn’t selected.  I know I would have been going over the case at night before bed–and I probably would have had a breakdown at some point–hormones being what they are these days.

Wow.  Now I’m really relieved.  I just found an article that describes what was actually going on these past few days.  http://www.republican-eagle.com/articles/index.cfm?id=39320&section=news

There’s no way I could have been impartial once some of the details were released to us.  Fourteen years is too short a time.

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I get to go back tomorrow.  Thought I might be excused after the interview today and I still might. Tomorrow is only a half day so I think I’ll work from home in the afternoon.  Testimony starts Thursday morning.

DH stayed home today with a migraine/exhaustion.  Basically, he’s trying to do too much.  I know he’s under pressure to work on the house, but he also needs to make time to relax.  The real problem is that he doesn’t finish anything.  Every project is taking longer than he thought and some projects have some time limitations.  For example, he can only remove carpet when I’m out of the house but at the same time he’s trying to finish putting in a vent over the stove and plaster the wall up in my semi-future office.  He also insists on continuing to do his “chores” during the weekend.  What’s weird about the chores is that they are just partial projects, like vacuuming.  He will vacuum most of the house but does nothing about the dust or cleaning of a single room.  He’ll move his clutter from the table to his desk so that it’s more out of sight.

I feel guilty because it’s not like he doesn’t do anything, but I feel like I’m following around finishing all the normal tasks and I can’t help him with the larger ones because either I won’t do them right or they pose a risk to the baby.  I also think I’m at the beginning of the nesting period, which is terrible because there is no place in this house for me to prepare for the baby.  Every bit of cleaning I do is pointless while he’s remodeling and we’re not setting up a nursery at this time.

Have I ever mentioned how much I hate this house?

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Thanks to

 for the icon.  Just checking in on our lunch break.  Still not officially selected nor disqualified, but I should be interviewed shortly after we get back–and by shortly I mean within two hours…..

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I showed up for jury duty today.  The lawyers and judge are still selecting jurors so I get to go back tomorrow.  There’s a part of me that wants to serve on this jury because it could be more interesting than my job is these days.  Once I’m either disqualified or the decision is made, I’ll describe the case.  If I do wind up being selected, it could mean two weeks of duty.  It’s definitely a minimum of one week.  Minnesota does have a law that states that no one person can serve more than 10 days on a jury (unless the trial goes over) per year.  If I’m on this jury, then I’ll be done for a while.

Fletch got himself in a bit of a predicament tonight.  He used the snow pile to jump over the fence.  Once on the neighbor’s property, he couldn’t get back on our side–no pile of snow to help. 

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Kind of a bummer couple of days.  One of the dogs, I believe it was Brittany, chewed up one of my knitting needles putting a stop to any further work on my nephew’s baby blanket until I can get it replaced.  In a way, I’m not terribly upset because I’ve wanted to work on my cross stitch but feel guilty working on anything but baby blankets.

My wireless connection was down all day which made working from home impossible. 

The baby keeps trying to make me throw up.  He hasn’t succeeded, but that doesn’t seem to stop him from trying.

The guy at our local T-mobile store is incompetent.  We went in on Tuesday night because my husband’s contract was expired so we were going to get a family plan.  He had researched all the possibilities and chose the MyFaves 1000+.  We were there for over an hour because my husband needed to run home and get some information that he needed to switch companies and then to get his ancient phone because the phone he intended to buy was sold out (it arrived last night). When he got back the guy took several tries to set things up correctly–and it looks like he failed miserably.   While he was gone, I specifically asked if my phone, a RAZR, would work with the MyFaves.  He looked at it and said yes.  I found out today that he was mistaken.  It appears to be working, the numbers are being marked as such, but I don’t have all the features on my phone to make it easier.  The support person told me that T-mobile cannot guarantee that this will work, but for the time being it will have to do.  Or buy another phone, which is not really in the budget now.  On top of that,  my voicemail was disconnected in the process and I had to call and have it reset.  And it doesn’t appear that the mobile-to-mobile between my husband’s and my phones is working–the calls are still being counted against my minutes. 

On the plus side, I received a letter acknowledging my claim to some unclaimed money from the state of Texas. 

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In Review

I’m feeling much better today mood-wise, but I don’t really have anything to say.  I went through my archives to find posts closest to today’s date and took a little stroll down memory lane….

2003–I was at my FIL’s completing 93 bridal shower invites for my future SIL.  The shower turned out to be lovely and about 25 or so people showed up.  My SIL is still happily married and they just had twins on Christmas Eve of this year.

2004–I was a real whiner that day.  J and I apparently had been bickering over some pretty stupid stuff (the cost of apartments in NY for example), work wasn’t going well, my bank account was messed up…..Hopefully, I went to bed early that night and got some sleep!

2005–The now infamous phone fight between my now DH and his brother who lived with him at the time.  Long and short of it was that C was constantly on the phone with this girl who eventually became his girlfriend.  (Boy, was she a piece of work!)  They were typically on the phone for 2-3 hours at a time–even though they lived within 10 minutes of each other.  The argument resulted in the phone being ripped out of the wall/jack by my DH and both brothers getting cell phones the very next day. Oh and in passing I was referred to as a “bitch”.   As a side note, the girlfriend lasted until Christmas Day when she broke up with him for basically being too needy.  Ironically, DH just signed onto a family plan with me last night and is getting a new phone tonight.  We still don’t have a regular phone at the house, and my BIL is shutting off his cell phone because the bills are getting too high. (Although I don’t know who he’s talking to these days).

2006–No entries for that week because I was in hell, aka Environmental Leadership Institute where I was sleep deprived and working with complete strangers on imaginary campaigns.

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I have my 30 week checkup today, which means I get to leave work early!  It also means I get to step on a scale and learn what new high my weight has reached.   According to my scale this morning, I’ve officially put on 26 pounds since I’ve been pregnant.  I know that’s not bad–we’ll see if the midwife says anything.  They haven’t yet.

My boss asked me to find out about travel.  There’s a training for our new database that will be held in Austin, TX.  I don’t think I’ll be able to go, and he understands that.  Frankly, I’m a bit disappointed because I love Austin, I have friends there, and I would love to go.  If my boss had made the final database decision months ago when we were begging him to, this wouldn’t be such an issue.  He’s going to try to have them fly someone into Minneapolis to train the entire staff.  Kind of a bummer, but I’ll get over it.

I don’t think I’m going to make any sacrifices for Lent this year.  Some years I do, but most years I don’t.  This doesn’t feel like a good year to do so.  In the past it’s been television or soda or something similar.  This year, I feel I need all the comfort/safety nets I can find.  Tell ya what, I’ll give up alcohol–oops I’ve already given it up during the pregnancy.  Maybe I’ll give up sleeping through the whole night, or sitting comfortably on the futon…..(actually I’m not really this bitter, it’s just one of those days).

Book discussion was good last night.  There were lots of interesting thoughts and things that people picked up on that other people missed.  It was interesting to discuss some overarching themes in the book that weren’t readily apparent until the discussion started.  It was actually worth missing dinner for.

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Work has been rather chaotic today.  Apparently, another organization needed me to do something but didn’t realize that I only work half days on Friday and that we had yesterday off.  So they were a little perturbed.  I made it a priority this morning, but then the request turned out to be more complicated than normal.  Oh well.  I eventually got it done and while I don’t think everyone is satisfied, I did all that I could.

Fortunately, my computer waited until after that “emergency” to act up.  It kept getting knocked off our server, which would have hindered what I was trying to do earlier.  I called our tech people and they were as befuddled as I was. (why won’t the wireless connection disconnect?) A few downloads later and multiple re-boots and I seem to be back in business.  And it only took an hour out of my day!

I’m going to book club tonight where we will discuss Extremely Close & Incredibly Loud.  I’m not sure if I liked the book or not.  It should provide an interesting discussion because it’s kind of  a stream-of -consciousness thing with odd photos, gimmicks thrown in.  I can’t really give an explanation here that would do it justice.  The story is about a boy whose father died on September 11th in the WTC.  The boy finds a key and believes that finding what the key unlocks is some sort of test from his father.  But also interspersed through this plotline is the story of his grandparents told through letters they’ve written.  Suffice it to say that they had/have one strange, screwed up relationship.  Seriously. 

I am definitely looking forward to the discussion.

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I’m back from the trip to Madison.  I had a good time.  We ate dinner at Melting Pot (I hadn’t been to one since Houston), realized that the portions were much smaller at this location than what I remember and what L experienced in Dallas, so we made our own on Saturday night.  She also introduced me to Penzey Spices.  Wow. They have some really good stuff and the store is really fun to browse through.

We also stopped at Booked for Murder, an independent bookstore that carries only one genre of books.  The staff was very friendly and helpful.  I had to laugh because they get the same authors to come and sign that we get at my local library.  Of course I picked up a couple of things to support them.

Sunday afternoon I stopped by my aunt and uncle’s on the way home.  We had a really nice time.

I have today off since it’s President’s Day, so I’ve watched an entire DVD (4 episodes of Veronica Mars), done my nails, worked on the baby afghan, and will meet Patchwork Princess for coffee.  I do need to get groceries–so it’s not all fun and games.

There’s a bible study tonight, but I’m not sure where it is.  And it conflicts with 24 (which I could tape). Not sure what I’m going to do yet.

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Valentine’s Day Recap

I left the office at about quarter to four so that I could stop by Target before I got home.  Once I got home, DH had the table set (with candles), dinner was well on its way, and there was my favorite jazz singer playing on the stereo.  There was a chocolate covered strawberry on my plate and a single rose on my chair.

Dinner was okay.  He used some steak I had been marinating (we won’t be doing that recipe again!), but the roasted new potatoes and spinach were very good.  The steak wasn’t his fault–it was my recipe and my marinade.  I did the dishes while he filled the cars with gas for today.  After dinner we played a game together.  He also gave me a box of Godiva chocolates. All in all it was a very nice evening.

I’m driving to Madison tomorrow to visit a friend who just moved there.  I was her supervisor at her first job and we kept in close contact over the years.  She graduated with my youngest brother and would come to visit me in California and Texas during her college breaks.  She just got her phD in biochemistry and found a job in a lab of UW-Madison.  If I left on Saturday, DH would go with me, but it’s a long drive and I don’t want to leave on Saturday and then drive back on Sunday, so it’ll just be me.  I have Monday off, but I think I’ll use it to get things done around the house and take it easy before jumping back into work.  Besides, this may be the last “road trip” I can take for a while.

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