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This is Just Not My Week

So today I’m working from home and can’t connect to the office network.  A phone call to our helpdesk and some sleuthing on their end revealed that when I cancelled the website hosting for our old site, http://www.mnlcv.org, the hosting company released our DNS.  Basically, we have no presence on the web.  Fortunately, our new domain name and website are fully operational and so there is a solution.  Unfortunately, any emails being sent to our old email addresses will probably not reach us.  And it may take up to a week to get the domain successfully transferred.  In the meantime, I’m able to use the new domain to work from home, so it’s not a complete disaster.

I thought it was only the afternoons that this stuff happens. 

I’m going to my sister’s this afternoon to attempt to set up her wireless connection and remote access to her office.  I’ve warned her about my week, but she very bravely still wants me to try.  Maybe my luck will switch today. 

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The fun with the database vendor continues.  Another group had a technical glitch and during the resolution of the glitch we found a larger problem.  And another small problem.  My coworker says that the product seems to be crumbling around us.  Does it make sense that when you are trying to find records that fall on a certain date, say 3/28/2007, that you have to search for it as beginning on 3/28/2007 and ending on 3/29/2007?  And to find things for today, you have to include tomorrow’s date.  That’s the small problem–because now that I know, I can make it work.  The larger problem is too much to go into here.  Suffice it to say, they don’t have a ready answer for me and are doing further research. 

Oh and they now have two uncompleted projects for us that have been pending for over a month.  We’ve actually not paid the bill for one of them–the other hasn’t even gotten to the point where they would bill us.

I’m still having an off day with technology, but at least if I’m persistent and plow through, things are finally beginning to work–which is a vast improvement over yesterday.

In other news, I have finally started to lose my ankles during the day.  I’m kind of strange in that my feet/ankles swell up over night and then go down during the day.  Not so anymore–I’m looking more and more like the typical pregnant chick during the day too.  And I can’t wear socks because then the swelling stays in my calf and it looks like some freak deformity.  And they’re probably cutting off my circulation.

I’ve gained 28 pounds so far, but the books say that 10 of that is baby, blood, and placenta.  They say that there’s an additional pound in my breasts, but both my DH and I can tell you that there’s considerably more than just an extra pound there–maybe an extra pound in each one!  Each day I look in the mirror to see which half is poking out further!  For the record, I’m not that worried about the weight–I know it will come off and that most of it is accounted for within the “normal” pregnancy range.  It’s just that sometimes the number on the scale kind of freaks me out for a bit (and I want to know because I’m curious like that). 

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I Hates Them I Do!

I don’t think I’ve really done much ranting about my office’s favorite vendor.  They are our database provider and hardly a day goes by where there isn’t some issue or another.  I can guarantee that we have at least one issue every week.

Yesterday, we received an invoice from them for $1,400 with a note saying that they had been undercharging us and that our future bills will be $1,800 (past bills were just shy of $1,000).  That didn’t seem right to us, so we asked for an explanation.  The billing person was very confused and sent us a breakdown of the charges and a copy of our contract.  We spent an hour and a half calculating our bill.  We owe slightly more than $800.  Small difference, but hey glad we could help you out there.

Today, due to a glitch in a beta feature, a test message (and you know how those are written) was sent to a large group of very random people and elected officials (including the President, some Canadian ministers, city council members, etc) with my name and home address on it. This message was only to go to two people–both of whom are involved in the beta testing.  The company has no idea why these random people would have received the emails.  Fortunately, my organization’s name does not appear anywhere in the email, but that’s a small consolation.  The company will be sending a letter of apology to all the recipients.

And yes, we have already signed a contract with a new vendor, but can’t start the migration progress until the second week of April.

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Baby Shower Drama

Back when we were TTC, we started hearing all the pregnancy announcements within the family.   Due dates ranged from November through mdi-February and I remember mentioning to my husband my worries with all these babies coming that ours would somehow be “forgotten” once we conceived.  He didn’t completely laugh at me, but was reassuring.

It appears that some of my worry was justified.  My mother is having a difficult time scheduling the baby shower for my side of the family. Back in February, I told her that my MIL and the Patchwork Princess were each going to throw a shower for me and the baby and that I while I had a pretty open calendar, I was going to accept dates as they were offered.  I didn’t even mention this until both my sister and step-sister-in-law had their babies because I knew my mother was really focused on them–and rightfully so.

I tried to schedule a time to go baby shopping together, but because of weather and schedules, my mother couldn’t make it.  In all honesty, in February she was focused on her new grandchildren and another step-sister’s wedding in Alaska.  My sister contacted me in February to try to find out what my schedule looked like and to put a fire under Mom, but nothing came from it.

After the Alaska trip, Mom called and said that we needed to schedule the baby shower.  She was gone the first weekend in March and had just returned that second weekend (so even with advance planning, those weekends wouldn’t have worked).  The third weekend in March was our preparing for birth class, so that didn’t work for me.  This last weekend didn’t work because the step-sister-in-law’s family was throwing her a baby shower and my mom’s husband’s family wouldn’t be able to attend.  This coming weekend, is the wedding reception for the step-sister who was married in Alaska, so that won’t work.

In April we have Easter on the first weekend. The next weekend has the baby showers thrown by my in-laws and Patchwork Princess.  The following weekend is a granddaughter’s birthday and also the baptism for my nephew.  And the weekend after that is my due date. 

In May, we have the weekend after my due date (which is a littletoo close for comfort if I follow the trend and am overdue) and the baptism for the twins.  The second weekend is Mother’s Day, and the third weekend is my anniversary.  The last weekend is Memorial Day.

I’m okay with having it on our wedding anniversary–it’s not like we have a big to-do planned anyway (what with a new baby and all).  She’s still checking everyone’s schedules and will get back to me.   

The main issue is that one person (the step-sister-in-law) works on Saturdays and can’t participate unless we hold it on a Sunday.  If May 20th doesn’t work out for some reason, I’m at the point where I will tell my mother to just skip it.  This whole thing is really getting under my skin and I’m hurt–especially since I have put a lot of energy and money into the showers she’s thrown for other family members.

In other news, with the exception of not knowing who the in-laws invited to the shower, everything is going very smoothe on that side.  I just may have to add a couple of  last minute additions if everything falls through with my mother’s shower.

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Yesterday was a long day.  I’m having difficulty focusing on any one thing these days–making everything I do take that much longer.  The Duck Rally meeting was better than expected and they seem to be coming around.  Even better, they’ve decided not to meet until after I’m on maternity leave, so it was the last meeting I had to attend.  I still need to get their financials in order, but once that’s done, my relationship with them will be over.

I’m still feeling tired and unfocused today.  It may be the time of year, the pregnancy, the medication I’m on, or any combination of those factors.  I could easily fall asleep at my desk right this minute.  However, that will not help me get the audit information together.  Nor would I really feel that much better once I woke up.  The best thing to do is to struggle through and keep plowing through the list of things the auditors seem to think they need.

I’m looking forward to going to a progressive dinner tonight that my women’s group is doing.  I made a white chicken chili which I’ll bring over to the Patchwork Princess’ before we head out for appetizers.  I think she’s making a soup/stew too.  With three different stops, we decided to keep the main courses fairly light.

Not much else going on that’s even worth mentioning.  The state of the house is really starting to get to me.  Not so much in a nesting way, but in a “I can’t believe that all this crap is lying all over the place” kind of way.  Although the clutter and crap laying around does distract me from the remodeling mess that’s also just sitting around.  So maybe it’s a good thing…..nope it all needs to go!  I just have to find the energy.

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So far the most interesting thing today is that I wound up calling the midwive’s line and then going into the clinic because I was experiencing some of the symptoms of pre-term labor.  Not all of them, but enough for me to decide it was worth a phone call.  The good news is that everything with the baby is fine and there’s nothing to worry about on that front.  Everything is intact and where it should be.  Although the midwife noted that the baby is really low (which I’ve been saying throughout this pregnancy).

It wasn’t a wasted trip.  I’m now on some antibiotics because there was an issue with me.  No biggie though–we’re both fine.

In other news, the Duck Rally group has their monthly meeting tonight and I get to take the minutes.  Yay!  And my boss informed me that he has another meeting and will have to leave early.  I can’t believe that he can just abandon me like that!  It’s probably a good thing I have an hour drive home so that I can get the frustrations out of my system.

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Pregnancy Stuff

We had our “Preparing for Birth” classes this weekend.  On Friday night, I was having second thoughts of letting DH anywhere near me during labor/delivery.  I thought that he wasn’t paying attention during the class.  Turns out, he couldn’t hear anything and didn’t feel that telling anyone would make a difference.  He also “joked” that my number one method for pain management was complaining.  Not the smartest thing to say to someone whose hormones are on the rampage and is already feeling pretty sensitive.

Fortunately, Saturday went much better; although he’s still pretty squeamish watching the births.  He claims that he’s only squeamish when he thinks about it, but will be fine once it’s happening.  Let’s hope so.

I’ve been reading Dr. Sears’ The Baby Book and it tied in really well with our classes.  Many of the things he recommends both during labor and after delivery are standard procedures at the hospital we’ll be going to.  For example, they delay most of the testing and the vitamin K supplement for an hour so that the mother and baby can bond/breastfeed.  And all the tests will be performed in the room with us–the baby doesn’t leave while we are there.  If for some reason, I can’t handle it and really need some rest, they will put the baby in a nursery but that’s not encouraged.

We stopped up at the in-laws so I could chat with his mom about the bassinette.  As her gift for the baby, she’s doing a lot of the nursery linens and decorating.  I cleared up some confusion on where I wanted the print and solid fabrics on the bassinette and she showed me the pattern she’s designed for the crib quilt.  It’s going to be adorable!  DH says that he’s really impressed because she’s really trying to work with me on what I want.  He doesn’t think that his sister or sister-in-law spent as much time with her, or she with them.

On the work front, I’m prepping for our audit in two weeks.  Wish me luck!

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