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I’m still pregnant., which in spite of my belief that I would go early, is to be expected.  I’m not disappointed or upset.  I’m still staying at my mother’s house, but I may be able to move back here tonight.  The house is still a mess, but the dust should be pretty much gone.  DH has been working his butt off all week and all weekend to get it ready for me to come back.

If we do come back tonight, I’m going to focus tomorrow on organizing all the baby stuff we’ve received.  Currently, some is in the car, some is at my in-laws, and some is here.  It would be nice to get all the clothes washed and put away, all the diaper changing stuff put together, all the toys put together, and even find a place to keep the items we won’t need for some time yet. 

My sister thinks that the baby will wait until the 9th because both my nephews were born on the 9th.  I hope not, but in case I do go way over my due date, and wind up burning up a chunk of maternity leave, DH is going to take two weeks off of work when I go back to work to take care of the baby.  He’s taking one week off when we first have it to help me out.  Originally, it was supposed to be the other way, but then I rethought our strategy, and I feel better about this.

That’s all I have for now.  My life is pretty much a waiting game……with some slight discomfort thrown in for good measure.

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Baby Shower Update

I thought that this was all solved.  May 20th was to be the date of the shower my mother wants to throw with my sister and SIL.  It was a bit odd that it will be our anniversary, but not a big deal because  we wouldn’t do anything until that evening anyway.
Looks like that day will have to be scrapped.  My uncles are planning an 85th birthday party for my grandmother.  This really is important, so please don’t think that I’m against it.  I want to go and with everything she’s been through lately, it would be nice to have a celebration.

I’m just so flippin’ frustrated that we cannot find one date in 3 months to have this damn shower!  I’m to the point where I just want to skip it.  My mother has come to every other shower that was thrown for me, and my sister and SIL came to the blessingway.  So it’s not like they haven’t done anything or been supportive.  Instead, I just feel that this has been on the back burner and not important enough foor them to plan.  I do understand that both my sis and SIL have new babies and their time is very limited.  But this is beginning to be more hurtful than what it’s worth.

My aunt, who I happened to tell the date to because she has a very busy schedule, thinks we can work around it.  The time we had discussed for my shower was 1 and grandma’s party would be at 2.  Maybe we can change the time of the shower, but I don’t want people to feel rushed.  This will be a very special day for my grandmother.

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Green Light

I have been given permission to have the baby at any time now…….everything is looking good.

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Today is my last day at work before my maternity leave.  I’m still having the “false” labor contractions but at least today they’re being fairly consistent.  Usually, they disappear while I’m at work, which has been a good thing actually as I had a lot of things I needed to focus on.  Or maybe they didn’t disappear and I just wasn’t paying attention.  No, there’s definitely more today than previously.

I finally installed the software for the new camera on my work laptop.  I don’t have access to the home computer and I wanted to see how the pictures were turning out.  The result is that I can’t say.  My home computer runs Corel Paint Shop Pro and my laptop has Photoshop Elements on it.  I’m very impressed with Elements.  The pictures are looking great, but I’m not sure if it’s the camera or the software…..

BTW–That’s the bracelet that was made after my Blessingway.  The beads were given by my friends/family members and each one has a special meaning and represents their love and support.

Well, I suppose it’s about time for me to go and get myself in at the clinic.

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Not much news lately.  I’ve been a bit more productive at work as I try to tie up loose ends before my maternity leave.  My last day in the office is tomorrow–and I’ll probably be here.  I’ve been having some “false” contractions and some that don’t feel as false, but they don’t come consistently so there’s no need to get all excited.

We’re still at my mom’s.  DH is still working on the house and there is a chance I can move back in before the weekend.  Otherwise, there’s a chance that the baby will be coming back to my mom’s if I deliver early.  I need to start looking into daycare.  I know I’ve put this off way too long, but I haven’t wanted to do it for a variety of reasons.  One is that I don’t know what my schedule will be like when I go back to work, another is that I’m not sure if it’s wiser to have a daycare closer to the office or home (I tend to think the office is a better location).  I’ve heard that the daycares in my town have got all the infants they have room for, so that helps with that decision.  I just dread the entire process.

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Not much new going on here.  DH is at home painting the office and removing hazardous things from the kitchen.  I woke up this morning with some false contractions–and I’m having them again right now.  I haven’t been bothered by them at all throughout the day, so it’s nothing to make any calls for.  As a matter of fact, I’m feeling really good today–energetic even.  Must be getting close…….

I’m finding all sorts of loose ends that need to be tied up or passed on while I’m on leave.  It’s kind of stressing me out a bit.  I know the office will survive without me.  But I also know that there will be at least one call while I’m out.  That’s the way it is.

I’m going to have my brows waxed tonight before heading home.  It’s amazing how a brow wax makes me feel so much better about my appearance.  Not that anyone looks at my face these days with a belly that sticks out as far as mine does.

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I’ve been slacking on posting because work has been pretty hectic as I try to tie up loose ends before my maternity leave next week.  The woman who will be filling in while I’m gone came in for a half day of training today and I think she’s going to work out well.  She’s coming in for a full day tomorrow.  I hope I remember everything I need to show her.  I’ve got lists, but…..there’s always something.

I had a very mixed weekend.  There were two baby showers that were wonderful.  I had a good time at each and everyone was so supportive.  From the second one, a blessingway, I have a beautiful bracelet made from the beads and well wishes of my friends and close family members.  I plan to wear it every day and into labor (though I’ll take it off at some point during a contraction I’m sure).  The weather here has been beautiful.

Now for the ugly.  House renovations hit a huge snag.  My office is coming along nicely as DH has been priming and painting.  The rest of the carpet came up without incident and there is very little repair work that needs to be done–just a lot of sanding.  Yay for oak floors. 

So what’s so terrible?  That would be the kitchen.  DH started taking down the ceiling because it was falling down.  It’s an old house so he found seven layers of ceiling material.  At the very bottom on the planks he found mold.  Not just  a little, but 3/4 of the ceiling is covered in it.  Looking further, he is finding broken and cracked beams. 

On the one hand, I am thankful that we found the source of the mold before the inspector did so we can take care of it now.  On the other hand, I don’t think I’ve ever seen DH so depressed and overwhelmed.  He had help, but I think I think finding all that mold was a real blow.  Then to learn that we’ve got structural problems pretty much did him in.  He’s taken today and tomorrow off to remove all the mold and find out the extent of the structural damage. 

My grandmother has been transferred to the worst nursing home in Red Wing.  Bar none.  The reason she is there is that this is the only facility that has staff trained to use the equipment she needs to improve her circulation.  She’s been there since Wednesday.  As of Saturday, the facility still hasn’t received the equipment!  The staff have screwed up her meals (she’s a diabetic and has food restrictions) and to put a phone in her room would cost an additional $55!  Her sons are debating installing the phone or getting her a cell phone.  I also think that there will be some very concerned phone calls to the administration.  My sister saw her yesterday and an uncle saw her over the weekend and her spirits are low–and she’s starting to lose it.  She told my sister that her friend Dorothy Quinn visited her yesterday afternoon, but Dorothy Quinn passed away about 5 years ago.  It’s getting very sad, and I should probably make a point of visiting her soon.

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On Saturday, DH and I were at the grocery store getting our supplies for the holiday and the week and we ran into my former fiance’s mother.  We had run into her at Wal-Mart several months ago and she had given me her number so that we could get together and catch up.  I had dated her son for over 3 years and she and I had become close–a large part of the breakup pain came from losing my connection with her and her daughter.  I had called and left a message but she never called me back.  I didn’t take it personally, and just last week accidentally found the number sitting on my desk and tossed it out.

Anyway, right away she apologized for not calling and I told her it was fine and asked about her Easter plans.  She was going to visit her mother and then called my former fiance over.  He hadn’t changed much, put on a little weight, and looked a bit rough around the edges, but I have to say that my stomach did not flip like it used to (even after we broke up).  His nephew was with him–he was small boy when I last saw him 12 years ago and was insistent at that time that he was going to marry me.  Funny that he can’t remember me now.  🙂

It kind of knocked me for a bit of a loop.  I know my life would be so different had we actually gotten married.  For one, I don’t think I’d spend nearly as much time on the computer and internet.  I wouldn’t have moved to California, Texas, or Nebraska.  After all, he’s a big part of the reason why I moved to California–we were in a vicious break-up/get back together cycle.  And frankly, we weren’t good for each other–it was a relationship filled with emotional abuse and mind games.  He’s already got a son, and I know that he was trying to get me pregnant before our last breakup (which is why I have always relied on two forms of birth control).  Scary to think I could have a twelve year old already.

It was hard to break up with him because basically I had to decide that I would prefer to be alone for the rest of my life than with him because he had me believing that no one else would put up with my crap.  Yes, I honestly believed that.  Also, it was difficult for me to admit that while he could possibly overcome his alcohol and drug addictions, it wasn’t going to happen while he was with me.  I think that was a significant blow to my fragile ego–that there was someone else out there that was better for him. 

He didn’t say much when we talked.  Just said that he was focused on raising his son.  I don’t know if he’s married or with the mother.  I don’t know what he does for a living now.  I don’t even know if he’s happy.  But for that matter, we didn’t talk very long.  Obviously, he could tell that I’m pregnant, but he doesn’t know anything about my life these days either.

And that’s just as well.

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Easter was busy this year.  I spent Saturday grocery shopping and getting things prepped for Sunday.  Lunch was at my mother’s and I made a mountain of garlic parmesan mashed potatoes.   Everyone pretty much brought something that they wanted to make–after clearing it with my mom, so we had a pretty balanced menu: ham, scalloped corn, veggie tray and dips, rice salad, seafoam salad, mashed potatoes, deviled eggs, cheesecake, and brownies.  Apparently, no one volunteered to bring the green bean casserole, but that was okay.  It was nice seeing my nephews and my neice.  They were all absolutely adorable!

Dinner was with the in-laws.  My SIL had made a menu and then doled out assignments to family members.  We wound up with the raspberry trifle.  I think I’ve only had trifle once in my life so I asked her what she expected.  Turns out their family makes trifle with poundcake, fruit, and cool whip.  I had thought that angelfood cake was used in most trifles.  I do have a lovely trifle bowl that


 gave us for our wedding which I use for salads at holiday events so we pulled that out and I grabbed the pound cake recipe from Martha Stewart’s Baking Handbook (great recipe, btw). Fought with our very fickle oven to get it baked, but wound up with something edible.  Oh and there was supposed to be a chocolate sauce for thewhole thing, but kept off to the side.  The rest of the meal was okay–they had ham (which I didn’t try), turkey (which was overdone and in very small pieces), green bean casserole (made with fresh green beans that weren’t cooked ahead of time (very crunchy), some potato dish that my SIL makes that’s very tasty, snickerdoodle salad (I really don’t care for this dish), and deviled eggs.   The twins slept through most of the meal–except for my little neice who had a severe case of reflux towards the very end of the meal.

We both decided that dinner at my mom’s turned out better.

My grandmother is being transferred back to the nursing home today.  They have her on some sort of pump that will hopefully improve the circulation to her foot.  Her hopes are that this will prevent the amputation of the entire foot.  Thanks to everyone for their thoughts–she appears to be on the mend again.

Once we got back home, I curled up on the couch and watched the season premiere of the Sopranos.

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I haven’t posted in the past couple of days because I haven’t been able to.  Wednesday at work was spent focusing on our financial software issues and responding to requests from the auditors.  Fortunately, our financial software was repaired and has been working ever since.  That evening my dad came over to eFile his tax return and like the good daughter that I am, I allowed him to use my computer.

In the middle of the night on Wednesday, I woke up with a serious cramp in my lower back.  It  was one of those cramps that  seem to affect every muscle near it, so it was like a band of pain around my mid-section.  I was able to relax the tension after an hour but then woke up again two hours later with the same thing.  That one dulled down pretty fast, but then 10 minutes later it happened again.  This caused me to call my midwife who recommended that I take a warm bath, try to sleep, and go to my scheduled appointment.  She thought it was probably a pulled muscle and that my stomach muscles (not uterine) were contracting to counterbalance, but it could also be something else

Luckily, it seems to be a pulled muscle.  Unfortunately, it’s on my left side so I can’t sleep on it.  I did feel better throughout the day and visited the midwife, had an exam, etc.  Definitely a pulled muscle and I have an infection that requires a second dose of antibiotics.  Anyway, sitting up and playing on a computer were not things I really felt like doing.

Woke up again last night with the same situation.  I think it’s going to be like this for a while.  Hopefully, this muscle gets its act together soon as I really kind of need it in order to get up, walk around, get dressed–all kinds of good stuff.  It does get loose throughout the day, but I don’t think I can start my day with a 30 minute bath every morning.

In other news, my grandmother took a turn for the worse.  Her fever returned (it was gone on Tuesday and they were talking about sending her back to the nursing home on Wed/Thurs), her color went bad, and the doctor’s think something may be going on with her heart.  She’s been transferred down to Rochester–I’m fairly certain because of her heart, but I haven’t been told the official reason.  There won’t be any amputations until her body can handle it–and it’s fairly obvious to everyone that it can’t right now.   She’s at a really good hospital (way better than what’s available in town), so she’s getting the best care she can.  Her sons have been very involved in this situation, so she’s also getting lots of family support–and everywhere I go, people ask me how she’s doing.  So a lot of people are pulling for her.

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