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I am about to successfully complete my first week back at work.  It was better than expected, but I can’t say that I have the same enthusiasm for my job that I had before.  That’s okay though.  I don’t hate my job and once I’m here, I don’t mind it–it’s just hard to leave a happy little boy….

I’m alone in the office on a Friday afternoon.  And we all know that I’ll sneak out early.  Seriously, I could finish the financials, but it’s a gorgeous day, and it’s a Friday, and I have a little baby waiting for me at home, and do I really need to come up with any more reasons?

We’re celebrating my mother’s 60th birthday party tomorrow.  It will be a barbecue at my brother’s.  Simple but fun. 

I learned just a bit ago, that no one knew about the organizational changes until my boss sent an email to the board that included them.  The only reason why he called me and told me about it before I came back was that one of my coworkers told him that I’d probably freak out if I came back and hadn’t been told that everything had shifted.  I wish I would have known that before because I was under the impression that staff had been involved in the design of the new hierarchy so I didn’t ask some questions that are now becoming glaringly obvious.  Such as why are communications/program work in the same category as administration?  (To clarify there are three categories: development/fundraising, political work, and program/communications/administration).  The answer is probably that they didn’t feel I was ready to head up my own group.  If I want to be charitable, it could be that my position actually works in both those areas so they kept them together so that there would be a clear chain of command.  Anyway, it’s going to be very interesting reporting to M.  He has never worked with the administration side of things and is the worst offender for not doing the administrative tasks because they take up valuable time that could be used for projects.  We’ll be meeting for 2 hours on Monday to give him an overview of the processes–and then we’ll see if he really wants to learn all the nuts and bolts.

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Work is definitely keeping me busy today.  I’ve got to compile data and write a summary of it for a grant report.  Usually, I have more than a two day notice so I’m kind of in crunch mode.  Not that it stops me from checking in here.

DH has decreed that neither Justin nor I have thrush and he will not call the clinic or take Justin out there.  To be honest, Justin’s tongue looked considerably better this morning, but I don’t want us to be cross-contaminating each other.  I plan to keep an eye on things for now, but if it gets worse, we’ll be visiting the doctor.

I’m so glad that my husband is such an expert on children’s health.  (read that last bit with a sarcastic voice).  I know I could just call the clinic myself, but I can’t bring Justin out there–and maybe I’m over-reacting.  So I’ll give it another day.

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I found out today how much I am needed in the office.  The financials are a disaster, no one knows how we’re going to integrate the three databases that we are planning on purchasing, and training/quality control for the action network fell through the cracks.  The good news is that I’m busy and I love it.  The bad news is that I wound up staying late and being late for dinner with the in-laws.

Justin was fussy today.  DH called because Justin had been crying for an hour and “wasn’t hungry” and nothing was working but I had to note that he wasn’t hungry.  That’s DH’s first assumption when Justin fusses and it’s hard to get him past it.  I reminded him that Justin just had his vaccines on Monday and this could be some of the after effects.  Maybe he should give him some of the baby Tylenol.  DH said that he wasn’t sure that was the problem and didn’t want to dope our kid up.

He continued to fuss most of the evening and nothing really worked.  Finally DH put Justin on a pillow and gave him a pacifier.  As Justin calmed down, DH informed me that this was what had worked in the afternoon.   Then why for the love of all that is holy didn’t we try that first??!!!!  It would have saved my hip from going out from walking him around the house (another good strategy for calming him).

Oh and I think we have thrush.  Both of us.

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First full day of work today and it is so hard to get a routine going.  I need to pump three times–morning, lunch, afternoon–kind of like a smoke break.  However, I’m having a hard time getting all three in.  I got two in today, so I’ll have to pump tonight later so that we have enough for tomorrow.

I feel like I’m really diving back in.  So much stuff is in planning stages and I’m having a hard time keeping it all straight.  This list is doing what?  What data are we giving this group and why?  Those sorts of things.

And now I need to get ready to leave as I have an appointment with my chiropractor.  I feel like I’ve been in the weeds all day today–even this morning before I came to work.

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I went back to work today.  I wound up only going in for 3 hours because I overslept.  That’s what happens when you set your alarm but forget to actually turn it on.  Work was okay.  I spent the morning getting situated and making sure that everything was running properly (and fixing what wasn’t) and in a meeting with my new boss.  In the 8 weeks I was out, I only had 4 voice mail messages!

Justin had his two month check up today.  I was expecting to be a basket case when it came to the vaccinations, but I was okay.  He didn’t like them, of course, but it was easy to comfort him after and he’s been doing pretty good tonight–mostly sleeping, some fussing, and a little playing.

I’m really ambivalent about being back at work.  There is so much that is changing and so much that no one seems to have any clear direction on.  No one’s really sure what the new distribution of responsibilities will be; there will be a couple of meetings this week to sort some of that out.  No one knows how the now 3 databases are going to interact and who will be responsible for them.  It was only 2 databases when I left–all of them are new and none of them are operational right now.  We’re still using the bad database.  The first new one goes live in two weeks.

Things are going to be interesting.

And I have to say that pumping breastmilk is a royal pain in the butt.  I hate having to set everything up and then take it apart, clean, sterilize, and put it away only to take it out again in just a few hours.  Also, with both hands holding the bottles, I can’t read a book–better look into the audio book options.

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I went to the chiropractor again this morning.  This is the second time this week, and I’ll be going in again on Saturday.  I’ve got a joint that’s locked up in my right hip.  Who would have thought that pregnancy and labor would foul up my body???  It’s not that bothersome, except in the morning and late at night and any time I actually try to be semi-active.  I just thought that since I had some time this week and I happen to have a friend who is a chiropractor that it might be good to get checked out. 

I’m sure everyone is wondering how Justin was today.  It’s been a mix.  Sunny, happy, active boy this morning.  Pensive and semi-sleepy this afternoon.  Slept through LLL tonight and has been awake ever since.  And somewhat fussy, but nothing like last week.  We’re both starting to figure things out more and trust each other more.

And now it’s off to bed for me…..

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The story time last night was fun.  DH came along and said it was something he would do again.

I think that dairy really is our enemy.  I ate some pizza last night and had a fussy child later.  I thought that eliminating dairy would be easy since I don’t like milk and am rather sensitive to it myself, but it’s summer and I want to make (and eat) ice cream and smoothies.  I really want cheese.  Bummer.

Today I am going to get some work done around the house.  I’ll work in the spare bedroom and my office.  I will do another load of laundry, and I will put away all the laundry.  I’ll even get the dishes washed. 

Yeah, it’s a pretty quiet day around here.

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