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It’s after 10:30 and I’m still working.  I left the office at 4 because all the roads around it were going to be shut down at 5 for the Vikings game.  It’s been one of those days.  I left a critical component to my breast pump at home so couldn’t  use it at work today.  I managed to hand express about 2 ounces but it left me bruised and took a half hour.  Needless to say, I was rather uncomfortable all day.  I still have a huge workload.  I just want to finish one thing tonight and then I’ll call it quits until tomorrow.  It’s a three day weekend, but if tomorrow goes anything like today, I’ll be working over the weekend to catch up.

Justin drank 17 ounces of milk at daycare today!  He’s been nursing every hour tonight since I’ve gotten home.  In fact, he just dropped off to sleep.  We’ve been trying to get him down since 9. 

I’m tired and I need to finish working with this data so I can finally go to bed.

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It looks like work will continue to be busy through next week.  I’m hoping it lets up soon because I feel as if nothing is getting finished.  I’m in the middle of all kinds of projects that are being held up by one thing or another.  My bosses don’t believe that it will let up, but it has to.  Eventually, everything that is being created will be printed and in the mail and our learning curve with the new database will begin to plateau.  I know other things will continue and that new things will come, but this steep learning curve is getting brutal.

DH wants the realtor to come over tomorrow to take some more pictures inside the house.  That means that I’ve got to get the knicknacks packed away in three rooms.  I’ve almost got one done this morning and I’ll do some more tonight after I get back from a children’s book party.  What won’t they sell through home parties?  However, I am a sucker for children’s books so I’ll be going to see what they have.

Speaking of children’s books, the Anderson Center is hosting their annual children’s book fair in two weeks.  They get quite a few authors come and sign (mostly local, I’m sure) and have a sort of mini-carnival.  I think I’ll probably take Justin.  I think that may also be the weekend of the church’s carnival, which may also be fun to take Justin to.  I know he’s too young for most this stuff, but he likes getting out and about.

I’m also thinking about taking him to see Pachouli at the local coffee house that same weekend.  It’s a family-friendly show and Justin enjoys music.  I know I’m crazy for even considering taking him to the state fair this weekend.  It would be the first year that DH and I haven’t gone–and it was our first date.  I don’t want to find a babysitter for that length of time yet because it would be hard for us to get back quickly. 

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I Had Some Extra Time Today


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Is anyone really surprised?

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We went to Baby Storytime last night. I really wish they did it more than once a month. Even Justin has a good time. Today at daycare, one of the aides told me that when Justin was fussing this morning, she grabbed a couple of soft books and sat down to “read” them with him. He calmed down immediately and was engrossed.

I guess that making the effort to read to him at least 15 minutes a day is paying off. I don’t always get to it, depending on when he falls asleep in the evening, and sometimes it’s more something that I’m reading rather than something for him, but at this age what I’m reading isn’t as important as the fact that I am reading. I do wish that DH would read to him, but I think that I’ve taken it over because I can find the time easier than he can. It’s more important to me than it is to him.

There was a surprise package of books last week in our mail with wonderful artwork. I really appreciate the thought and I think we’ll probably spend more time discussing the beautiful pictures than actually reading the book. The stories are good too, but the pictures are–wow. The books are Penguin Dreams by J.Otto Seibold & V.L. Walsh and Sleepy Time Olie by William Joyce.

I had to laugh at my BIL on Sunday. My nephew, who is 6 months, received a treasury of nursery rhymes. Judging from the size and the content, it’s pretty comprehensive. The reason this was given to him was that my sister caught her husband singing to the baby,

“Hush little baby,
Don’t you cry.
Papa’s going to buy you…a camaro”

Of course, it’s really sweet that he sings to the baby.

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Work is keeping me busy. I usually post while I’m at work waiting for something interesting to do, but lately I haven’t had to wait around. I’m swamped! And in a good way.

Justin is doing fairly well. We’ve kind of hit a patch the last couple of days where he is pretty attention-starved. I’d think that it could be the beginning of separation anxiety but he’s still mad when we pick him up and stays mad for a long time. It could be the very early signs of teething. It could be any number of things really; my job is to try to comfort him and help him work through whatever it is that’s bothering him. Fortunately, he’s been very happy at daycare. So it’s just when he’s with us. Maybe that’s not so fortunate….

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Behind the 8 Ball

Work is crazy. I’m not complaining because I’m crazy busy. However, it would be nice if something I was working on would finish. The audit from before I left on maternity leave has come back to haunt me–the auditors just completed the 990s which have to be reviewed. The new database needed to be wiped clean according to tech support only now I can’t upload the records back into it. (oops, the guy says–I wonder why they went that route to fix the problem?)I just feel so far behind on everything and like I’m juggling about 5 different things–oh wait! I AM juggling about 5 different things….

I helped a friend pack tonight. She’s moving rather suddenly to ND. She’s got family there and her husband just got his dream job–so it’s a good thing in spite of the fact that it’s only been a month since her c-section–and there’s a tiny baby that needs all her energy right now.

Justin drank 14 1/2 oz of milk today at daycare. I pumped about 10. So I’m even behind on this today. However, there is a reserve in the freezer, but I’ll probably pump some more tonight.

The house is a wreck and I need to get on top of it.

We go to court tomorrow to learn the consequences of having a barking dog. DH is so mad tonight that I’m kind of avoiding him. He’s normally non-violent but he really wants to beat up the neighbor. He’s already taken a long walk to cool off. I don’t think it really helped though. Best to just get through it and go on with our lives.

During his walk DH learned that we’ll probably have to drop the listing by about $10K–and do more improvements before anyone seriously considers buying it. I just want out! Okay, I just want out and I don’t want to lose our shirts in the process.

This definitely calls for a glass of wine, a piece of chocolate, and a good book.

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We had a sick baby over the weekend. He’s feeling much better now, but it was a long weekend. It wasn’t even that serious, a nasal infection, and yet I kept watch all day long. Especially when he was sleeping. He’s on an antibiotic and I’ve learned that he’s inherited my disgust for all things flavored artificially cherry.

I really don’t have anything else to add. That was my life this weekend, and it’s been a busy day at work–and I still have some things that need to get done before bed. Just thought I’d check in.

BTW–even though I haven’t been posting as much, I am totally keeping up with my f-list, so keep posting!

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