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Crazy busy day. Pictures at daycare so we needed a bath and two outfits (just in case). Payroll with some very significant changes and a project due date that had my phone ringing off the hook. Then I got the call from daycare. Very apologetic but just wanted to tell me that….

Justin was bitten by another infant.  They think it was a kiss that got a little too excited.

I am very proud of myself.  I didn’t go running off to daycare to bring him home.  I let them deal with it–he was sleeping anyway when they called.

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Work is going….well it’s okay.  Sometimes I get so pissed off at little things.  How can someone be promoted to Chief Operations Officer when he doesn’t like the administrative side of things, doesn’t like systems/processes, and doesn’t pay attention to details?  And he only works 30 hours per week!  I feel like my responsibilities are dwindling and yet I’m still at 40 hours. 

Our annual scorecard went out–and once again, we have a major mistake.  How many times do I have to tell people to always, always, always review the vote matrix.  The first time it was sent as a draft to the designer there were all kinds of problems.  I was told not to worry–it’s just a place holder.  However, no one ever asked me to send the final version until I asked around.  No one had proofed the matrix and everyone assumed that it was okay.  We proofed the final version and sent it to the designer.  It was correct for a while, but mysteriously during one of the revisions a column header got switched (meaning that the scores below are for the wrong vote).  The COO (who has been doing the scorecard for years), the ED who should know better, and the new Communications Director didn’t share the proofs with anyone else in the office and didn’t bother to check the matrix–so we have 6500 scorecards with the wrong information.  The ones that were not sent out, about 300 or so, will get a sticker to replace the column headings.

Next we have the bi-weekly timesheets & payroll process.  The COO is supposed to verify the timesheets and make corrections as needed so that I can enter the time into payroll.  This needs to happen every other Tuesday.  It’s even listed as a task for him in our project management software, WorkZone.  So I uploaded the spreadsheets for his review in WZ and I get an email back saying that it’s not clear that I want these done today, but he assumes that I do and that he’d prefer if we used some sort of approval process because the email doesn’t prompt him to do anything.  So I found the spot where I can request approval for uploaded documents and we’ll try that out.  Since he’s taken over this responsibility I’ve not only had to get on him to get these done so that I can do payroll (and we can all get paid) but I’ve had to go back to him with questions where he didn’t make a change that he should have.  He’s also one of the biggest culprits of not getting his timesheets even in.

And now  we come to the monthly financials.  I don’t care if he reviews them or not.  It’s my job to generate them.  It’s his job to present them to the board for approval when we have board meetings.  It’s helpful that they are reviewed to catch errors before I have to have the board reports done, but nothing really depends on this being done.  He wants me to give him a deadline to review them by.  If he wants a deadline, why doesn’t he just put a reminder on his calendar–why do I need to help him set up his systems?  Shouldn’t that be part of the Chief Operations Officer’s job–to figure out his own systems????

I know he hates WorkZone.  He doesn’t seem to work well with deadlines–everything is always a soft deadline until he finishes a project and WorkZone tracks deadlines and due dates.  It’s also a great way to share institutional knowledge, but he doesn’t like the idea of having to log into something else (we use Outlook too) for tasks and project information.  He keeps saying that he wants further training on the product, but then doesn’t show up to the meetings we hold to go over the system. 

So, why was he promoted to this position?

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We had a good weekend.  A neice was baptized and we got to see all of Justin’s cousins on my side of the family.  That means that Justin went into overload today with the milk.  They actually had to bring up the reserves kept in the freezer at daycare.  I’m not surprised because this happens every time he sees his older cousins. 

DH has noted that the Monday/Thursday meltdown now happens at 7 pm on those nights.  I’m glad that Justin can hold out that long.  However, when I came home, he was crying and reaching out for me–throwing his body towards me actually.  The minute he was in my arms he grabbed my shirt and held on tight.  And immediately stopped crying.  He nursed for 30 minutes until he fell asleep and has been sleeping ever since.

Anyway, here’s my current favorite picture of my little guy…

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I just got off the phone with a colleague with some questions/concerns regarding a project that I’m working on.  I heard a delivery guy drop off a package and went to the door.  I expected it was DH’s medical supplies because I haven’t ordered anything and there isn’t any event that I’m expecting a gift for.

It was from Barnes & Noble and addressed to me.  Now I was really curious.  Had I accidentally purchased something? 

Nope.  I received my free advanced copy of a new book as part of their new book club, First Look.  I do remember responding to their email and thinking that there was no way that there’d be any books available. 

What a great surprise!

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Wow…I can’t believe I haven’t posted in a week. Work continues to keep me busy, but not stressfully so.

Justin went on a hunger strike over the weekend. If it’s not fresh from the breast, he won’t have anything to do with it. And he went 12 hours–until I was around and he was awake enough to nurse. Daycare reported today that bottle feeding still wasn’t going well, but he did drink some. But nothing once he got home, until I got home–then he nursed for almost an hour straight.

I actually imagine him with a little picket sign….

We had our first ECFE class on Friday, and I really enjoyed it. We discovered the best. toy. ever….a half inflated beach ball hung from the ceiling. Justin can bat it and grab it and pull it into his mouth–the fun never ends!

I’m doing well. I’m a bit behind on the house, but DH has been really stepping up in that area.

I’d better go–it’s getting late and I want to get some reading in before DH decides to come to bed.

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I’ve got the day off from work.  The last three days have been killer, but I made all my deadlines and gave a good presentation (on less than 3 hours of sleep).  Since I was working so late, midnight and 1:30 am both nights, I asked to take today off.  No one had a problem with it.

Justin is at daycare.  That way I can do some things that I can’t do when he’s around and I can also just veg and not feel guilty about it.  I just got done nursing him at daycare and he’s been sleeping most of the morning.  I’m going to pick him up an hour early so we can play a bit.

DH is taking me out for dinner tonight to make up for the fact that yesterday’s walk-through didn’t happen.  He actually spent more time cleaning than I did, but I did do some before I went to bed Thursday morning and after I got up on Thursday morning.  After that, I want to see Patchouli–they’re playing at the Blue Moon and I haven’t seen them in over a year.  This will probably be their last local concert until next spring–maybe not, but their schedule seems to be busier.  It’s a family-friendly show, so I’d take Justin. 

Bowling season starts tonight.  So DH may go with me to Blue Moon and then leave for bowling or he may opt to have his own downtime.  Maybe, Justin and I will stop by the alley and surprise him–it’s become a non-smoking facility due to the new state law that goes into effect on Oct 1.

And here’s a picture of my little guy taken over the weekend on his 4-month birthday.

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I’m back dating this because I haven’t been to bed yet–and if I wind up staying up more than a couple more hours, I’ll just pull an all-nighter.  I was up late last night pulling together a mailing list.  This morning I was informed that the list was too small and needed more names.  Unfortunately, it meant doing the whole thing over–I couldn’t just add more names.  So last night was a  complete waste of time.

The reason I pushed myself last night was that the data was supposed to be sent out this morning.  I would then have the rest of the day to work on a presentation I have to give tomorrow.  The presentation has been delayed because I’ve been waiting on feedback and further information from my boss.  The plan was that the presentation would be in good shape by the end of the work day, and then I’d be able to focus on getting the house ready for another showing.  And I’d kind of like to spend some quality time with DH and Justin.

Redoing the data took 8 hours–and then Access crashed in such a way that it couldn’t recover.  I lost everything I had done today.  Fortunately, I was able to redo the list, and since Access and our online database decided to actually work the way they are designed to, it only took a couple more hours. 

But that means that I’m now just about to start the presentation.  Oh and I just remembered a little something I need to add to the data before I can send it out.  There are four additional fields that need to be created and then populated.

DH really did a lot of work cleaning the house, but there is still some stuff left to do on that front too.

I think the work chaos should slow down after tomorrow. 

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