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My Little Peanut

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I could have sworn that I’d posted more this month–at least once a week. 

My home computer is having issues.  I think it’s a fan because it’s that type of buzzing sound that starts up just about when I’m going to blog.  Until recently, I don’t really shut down my computer because it takes to long to get up and running and my moments of free time are a bit random.  However, shutting down has really cut into my blogging.

So what’s been going on in my world?

We went to Lark Toys on Saturday with my mom, my brother and his two kids.  Justin and I rode on the carousel and he was full of grins the entire time we were there.  I’ve been trying to get DH to go for years, and now he’s all excited about doing some holiday shopping there.

I was sick all day Sunday and most of Monday with the flu.  I really have to admire stay at home mom’s who get sick.  Sunday was a nightmare.  Every time I thought I might be feeling better and had just a bit of energy, Justin wanted to nurse and it took everything back out of me.  I really appreciated being able to take him to daycare on Monday so I could recuperate.

Speaking of taking Justin to daycare, we had a bit of excitement on the way yesterday.  I turned a corner and his carseat fell over!  He’s okay, it didn’t even phase him, but I was a basket case.  I pulled over and found that the base was loose and sliding all over.  I tried to tighten it as best I could (which wasn’t very much) and then carefully drove the 4 blocks remaining to daycare (bad, mom!). 

I then called my DH and proceeded to rant and rave.  He worked on my car this weekend and took out the backseat.  He was too tired to really focus on putting everything back in place.  He assured me that he checked the carseat several times and it seemed fine.  Fine?  Not even close!  I told him that until I could find someone to help me get it back in, he’d be the one to cart Justin around (which really isn’t an option since he leaves for work before the daycare even opens and if he had to pick him up as well, Justin would be in daycare for about 10-11 hours).  Fortunately, the Patchwork Princess came to the rescue and adjusted the seat, which still wasn’t in properly after DH “fixed” it last night. 

Anyway, my tolerance of him being an expert on anything last night was nil. 

So today is Halloween.  I’m about to get Justin up and we’ll take some pictures of him in his costume before we get dressed for daycare.  I’m sure you’re all dying to see my little peanut!

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I got my first baby kiss today!!!!!

I was kissing his hands, which I do often because it makes him smile. He took my hand and put it against his lips. He didn’t try to put it in his mouth, but couldn’t figure out what to do next. His tongue came out a bit but he realized that wasn’t right so he just held my hand against his lips. It melted my heart.

Seriously, the boy could do no wrong today. He had a free pass, but he didn’t even need it.

He did some more arts and crafts and his teachers told me that he seems to really enjoy these little projects they do. Wonder where he gets that from….

We had a blast at baby story time. He gets so involved with the books and the little songs, the librarian actually started to giggle because his grin was so big.

And if that wasn’t enough, he actually ate some of his rice cereal tonight!

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Perhaps we were a bit hasty in our triumph with the rice cereal. He hasn’t wanted it since. I should have known it wasn’t going to be that easy.

I’ve got a bit of father drama going on. It seems he fell down a flight of stairs outside of his apartment and landed on his face. He woke up in a hospital 60 miles away because the local hospital only stabilizes patients and then sends them somewhere else.

Last October there was all sorts of drama surrounding him and it looks like this October won’t be much different. Hopefully, I’m smarter this year.

This hasn’t been a bad day, though. I talked with sweet_pickles and had my mom and her husband over for dinner.

Justin just went down–hopefully for the night. I need to go pump because the boy drank 18 ounces of milk at daycare today and 4 more when he got home. He’s nursed twice since I’ve been home. Don’t want to run out of the liquid gold….

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Justin is 5 months old today. He’s been showing an interest in food lately, so we set up his high chair and mixed up a bit of rice cereal. It was definitely time. He loved it! He tried to help hold the spoon and helped me get it into his mouth. It was messy, but less than I thought it would be–I’m surprised at how much actually went down.

So now we need to add this to our daily routine. I think one of the biggest challenges new parents face is working the baby’s schedule into our schedule. Or is it the other way around? Ideally, one of us can be feeding him while the other gets supper ready. But there are at least two nights a week where I’m not home and DH needs to eat sooner than when I get home. We’ll work it out.

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Gotta make it quick because it’s getting late and I need to get to bed.  We bought Justin an exersaucer this weekend.  Originally, I was against such a thing because I believed that it caused delays in walking, but they use one at his daycare and he’s always very busy in it.  He gets this serious expression on his face and works with whatever part is in front of him.  It’s really cute to watch.  So we bought him the Baby Einstein one (in spite of the part recall which I need to get ordered).  He loves it!  He played in it and told us all about it for a very long time.  This turned out to be an excellent purchase since he’s no longer interested in the swing.

Babies sure are fickle creatures.

We had a family “date” on Saturday.  DH took me bowling and Justin came along.  We had a good time, although DH slaughtered me, which he should since he’s been bowling on a league team for years.

Work continues to be interesting.  I’m no longer completely frustrated, they are trying to resolve a multitude of issues.  It should be interesting to see if all the proposed changes actually work.

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