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It’s been a bit crazy around here lately. Last weekend’s highlight was a visit to the emergency room because Justin was having a hard time breathing and had a terrible cough. DH called it croup, but he calls everything croup–just like his mother does. X-rays revealed that Justin’s lungs were clear and the doctor said it was probably just a bad cold and sent us home.

On Monday, Justin was sent home from daycare because he had a fever. He was fine in the morning, the fever came on suddenly in the afternoon. That prompted another visit to the doctor where he was found to have a slight ear infection and some redness in his throat. He was given a prescription for antibiotics.

On top of all this, the boy is teething. His first tooth has come through.

Justin and I spent Sunday through Wednesday at my mom’s while Joe and a neighbor worked on our floors. I had offered to help, but Joe kept putting my assistance off. I did run some errands for them, get food, and managed to really hurt my hand trying to get carpet staples out of the dining room floor. However, the hard work was well worth the effort because the floors are gorgeous.

Thanksgiving Eve has traditionally been my father’s holiday. He used to open a tab at a local bar/pub and invite us all out. However, in light of his recent descent into alcoholism, my brother offered to host a party at his house. Because so many of us have small children, he told my dad, the event would be non-alcoholic. Dad was all for it a month ago, but on Sunday he announced that he wasn’t going. Because it didn’t interest him.

I walked into the store where he works–there were no customers as usual and asked him about it. He said that he didn’t want to go. I flat out told him that the whole thing was being done for him. He said that he didn’t care, he wasn’t interested.

Fine, we had the party without him. And he didn’t get any of the Gustavus Chocolate I made from my grandmother’s recipe that used to be one of his favorite desserts. We had a good time too. With the dessert, I brought cheese and sausage balls and artichoke dip. There was plenty of food and my brother decided to serve beer and wine since my father wasn’t there. I had an excellent red that I need to get the name of.

Thanksgiving was busy. We did make it to my mom’s for about an hour. The food was good there as it always is and she saved the gizzards and heart for me. Justin was great. He slept when I needed to get things done and was awake to entertain family members throughout the day.

We had my in-laws over for dinner. I did the turkey in the oven bag and it turned out perfect. I also made green bean casserole, garlic and parmesan mashed potatoes, a lettuce salad, hot cranberry sauce and cold cranberry sauce. I made both because I like them both and couldn’t decide between the two. The hot sauce is served on the turkey and makes your kitchen smell heavenly when you heat it. The cold is 

‘ recipe from Martha Stewart and is hard to stop eating.  We also provided dinner rolls from the local bakery as well as hot apple cider, beaujolais, milk and water.  Family members brought stuffing (two types because apparently DH’s sister suffers from the same type of indecision that I do), pumpkin, apple and raspberry pies (because my MIL also can’t make up her mind and wanted to bring three pies), and corn casserole (which DH and I think is kind of gross, but it’s growing on us).

Note that the mashed potatoes were made in my kitchen using real potatoes, real garlic, real parmesan, real butter, and real milk.  None of that instant stuff at my house!

Also note, my father did not bother to show up.  Even though he told my sister he was coming.  In fact, we had two other guests who did not come.  Their reason was that there was a big screen tv available at Walmart at 5 am and they had to be in line for it.  So I bought two extra place settings of Fiesta for no apparent reason.  Of course, I like them and I’m not returning them.

Yesterday was the Holiday Stroll.   We went early and got some free chili, some cinnamon roasted almonds, the commemorative ornament (hand painted), free hot chocolate, and some kettle corn.  We didn’t stay for the parade or lighting ceremony because I had to bowl.  But it was fun.  I’ve gone every year since it started and it’s gotten better each year.  I think they had fewer people this year.  Last year there was a write up in some magazine and a bunch of tourists came.  As much as I enjoy it, it’s not that big a deal–just the downtown merchants offering food and beverages with a bit of a street carnival atmosphere.  This year there were fewer street vendors, but I think that was in part due to the high cost of getting a space.  I can’t remember how much it was, but my little women’s group couldn’t afford it.

Bowling was fun.  My average is an 83.  I bowled a 90, a 94, and a 68.  Not good, but it’s not a cut throat league.

Today I’m pretty much tied to Justin.  He wants to nurse constantly and whines every time I try to do something like eat or wash clothes.  The only reason I can even type right now is that he finally went down for a nap.

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Crazy with the data lately. New database needs to be explored and old data needs to be migrated to it, enhanced data is being returned, data needs to have email appended, and I’ve got a data pull for an appeal letter. And it’s all tied together in one big knot.

I’ve been packing boxes all week to get the downstairs emptied so we can resurface our floors. I’ve learned that just a handful of boxes a day doesn’t take much time and I can get everything packed in what seems to be no time and no stress. Unless of course DH forgets to supply me with boxes, or even better, decides to use them all himself.

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It’s me. I’ve been here and even though I don’t write I do read my friends page every day–multiple times even.

There’s nothing real major going on in our world. We decided to take the house off the market because we can’t get the price we need to get to pay off the mortgage with all the foreclosures around us. I mean, if I could buy a better house for less than we’re paying now, I’d take it too. That means we may wind up refinancing over the summer, which is why the house had to come off the market. The bank won’t consider us if we’ve had it listed in the past 6 months. If we refinance, I’m looking at another two years here. Minimum.

So now I’m in the frame of mind that this is going to be a home for our baby. In two weeks, we plan to redo the hardwood floors downstairs. Starting this week, I will begin boxing up books so we can move the furniture out of there. Next Friday, DH will take off to move furniture and then will start sanding the floors. He expects that will take the rest of Friday, all day Saturday, and most of Sunday. The goal is to treat the floors and seal them starting on Sunday, stay at my mom’s, and then start putting everything back the following Wednesday. DH also wants to remove a poorly designed closet, but he has to have something in its place before Thanksgiving. We have people coming over and everything has to be done by then.

I honestly don’t think it’s too ambitious of a plan. DH turned a bit white when I told him that the floors have to be sanded and treatment started by that Sunday night. I’m not sure why he thinks this is going to take 2 full days. The furniture should be out of the way. I know it will take multiple passes but we’re going to rent a machine.

After Thanksgiving, we’ll discuss our next project, which may be switching rooms upstairs.

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It’s been a long day. Justin had his 6 month checkup today. I changed my mind and decided that he should get a flu vaccination. He’s been fussy and unhappy ever since. Well, apparently he was a happy little guy at daycare. But he’s been out of sorts since we got home–and I can’t blame him. I realized that the nurses didn’t give him any tylenol before the shots, and I totally forgot that it would help him. He’s sleeping right now, but if he wakes up and seems fussy, I may give him a dose. I’m not planning on getting a complete night’s sleep anyway.

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