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We spent yesterday shopping at MOA.  I needed a new phone and DH talked me into a Blackberry Curve.  It’s a bit more phone than I need right now, but I think I’m really going to love it once I get used to it.  One thing that may be difficult is transitioning from my PDA.  I’ve had a PDA since 1998–and actually worn out two of them!  I love using Grafitti to quickly enter/edit information and all the programs I’ve loaded onto it.  But I’m not taking it everywhere with me anymore.  I guess with all the stuff I need to cart around for Justin, this is one item that isn’t making the cut anymore.  I sometimes refer to it, but mostly I’ve been using my laptop. 

I also stopped by MAC to replace some eyeshadow and pick out a new lipstick.  Of course, I had to be just about the oldest customer in there.  Their sales clerks were way overly made up–more like hookers than salespeople.  If only I didn’t love the colors….

And then there was Williams Sonoma.  That is a dangerous store.  There we picked up a cake pan that was 50% off–it makes little cakes in the shape of cars, a baby food cookbook, and a microplane grater.  All in all not too bad, I guess.

Today was Big Christmas with DH’s extended family.  That’s always a lot of drama.  We managed to avoid most of it though.  I know something happened between my FIL and his sisters before we arrived, but I have no idea what.  It could have been anything.  They argue and carry grudges over the most stupid things.  It makes for a long day (noon to past 8 pm) but Justin was a trooper.  He charmed everyone and was even able to get his nap in.  Okay, so the nap was a couple of hours late, so we’re paying for it now when he won’t go to bed.  Once again, he fell asleep during the gift opening.  Seriously, he seems to always pass out just when the gifts are being distributed.  I bet this is the only year that happens!

Both DH and I are off work tomorrow, but Justin is still going to daycare.  I’m looking forward to a full day to  cross stitch and set up the new blackberry, and meet a friend for coffee.  Tomorrow night is my brother’s annual New Year’s party.  My mom will watch Justin for the night and I really hope that he decides to sleep through the night.  He hasn’t since before we got his new crib.  Once he outgrew his basinette, it’s like there’s too much space around him and he feels alone.  And alone is something Justin does not deal well with these days.

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Mom’s Days Off

My office pretty much closes the week between Christmas and New Year’s, but we pay for my son to be in daycare. That means I’ve had three days to do what I want/need to do without worrying about keeping him busy/happy.

I reorganized my office/craft area and sorted through some mysterious cupboards in the kitchen. But most importantly, I received my invitation to Ravelry and have spent a lot of time uploading my projects/yarn/general information.

Now that I’ve been exploring that site, I’ve got an itch to knit. I’ve got some patterns I could work on, but I know what would be really satisfying is if I finished (or at least made significant progress on) my Midnight Summer’s Fairy. I’ve only got the wings left.


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I spent Saturday baking cookies with my mom and sister.  Most of my time was spent rolling out, cutting out, and frosting sugar cookies.  They are time consuming, but soooo worth it!  The rest of my time was spent entertaining Justin or cuddling Justin because DH suddenly had other plans and couldn’t watch him during the baking marathon.

Sunday Justin was sick.  Nothing stayed in his stomach.  And he was running a fever of 100.3.  And he was teething.  And his lungs were congested.  I just wanted to cough for him to clear his little lungs.  I also wished he could eat something that would settle his stomach.  His fever finally broke at 9 am this morning.  I stayed home with him.  He’s still not 100%, but I think he’s flushed the worst of it out of his system–if his diapers are any indication.

Anyway, I need to get back to addressing my christmas cards and I’ve got dishes that still need to be washed and clothes to be folded.

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Highlights from the weekend:

  • Bowled on Saturday night and managed an 86 average.  That’s actually progress people–sad but true.
  • Took Mom to the annual holiday tea at a Tale of Two Sisters.  I think she raised the price $10 this year, making it $35 per person.  That was a bit rough on the pocket book.  I understand that she has to make a profit–and the menu was very good, but there were definite shortcuts.  Started out with fruit soup (made from a can of fruit cocktail–not at all Swedish), chicken salad on snowflake cinnamon bread, cheese souffle, cucumber sandwiches, mini pasties, scones with devon cream and lemon curd, mini mince pie, gingerbread and sugar cookies, and plum pudding.  That sounds like a lot, but everything was exactly two bites (except the scone and plum pudding).  I felt bad that there were only four of us there.  It used to be hard to get a reservation for one of these teas.
  • Justin fell asleep early, so DH and I got some quality time together.
  • Purchased a crib and changing table (finally!) for Justin.  Signed up for the store credit card so we could get 10% off and got an all day coupon which we used to purchase gifts at Toys R Us.  Justin was an angel all the way to the Cities and back.  He charmed everyone–the women at Wendy’s, the clerks at Babies R Us, and even the stressed out shoppers at Toys R Us. 
  • Yesterday, he pretty much hated me.  Apparently, it has now become completely unacceptable for him to be left alone to entertain himself for even 30 seconds.  I feel bad saying this, but I was grateful yesterday that he goes to daycare.  I don’t think I would have handled those tantrums all day long very well.  And of course, at daycare, he’s never left alone.

He’s still sleeping now.  I’m really hoping that yesterday is not a new phase…..

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I thought I’d post more this week, but by the time I get caught up reading my f-list, Justin’s awake or needs me or I need to go to work.

I bowled tonight and averaged an 86 for three games (77, 86, 97).  So I continue to improve, but with an average like that, there’s really no place to go but up.  I bowl every other Friday night on a league–and yes, I am the weakest bowler on the team.

My coworker had a very close friend who was killed during the Omaha mall shooting.  It was pretty rough yesterday in the office because my coworker didn’t want to go home (her family is several hours away and her boyfriend was out of town).  I have to say that she was able to put some of her energy into her work, but we all felt so bad for her and I know it was tough.

My sister-in-law, who had twins last Christmas Eve, had her eggs harvested today for her next in vitro.  They’ll implant on Monday so she could have another baby next August.  Or more than one.

I’ve got to go.  Justin woke up and is screaming his head off. 

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I spent all day at work today in meetings which means that I’m working late tonight from home  in order to get some actual work done.  It’s the time of year when we need to create our budget and I have to format the spreadsheets and fill in all the gaps.  Exciting stuff.

I joined Mom for her PEO group’s holiday meeting.  It’s a very nice group that I’ve presented to and I went to their holiday thing last year. 

DH watched Justin this evening so that I could do that.  They did have some fun, but when Justin decided I’d been gone long enough, he threw a royal fit.  I came home to a baby with a facial rash from so much crying.  Apparently, he immediately stopped crying when he heard me at the door.

Other than that, I really don’t have much to say about the day.  I was in meetings from 11 until 4 and then drove home to meet mom for the holiday party. 

I guess I could mention that Justin ate all night last night.  I finally pulled off my shirt and brought him into bed so that he could pretty much help himself-or at the very least, I could easily fall back to sleep.

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