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We’re doing better here at Chez FaerieKissed.  We haven’t seen any more allergic reactions and I think Justin has finally rid himself of his fevers.  I’m apparently out of the dog house with DH, which is also a good thing.

A snowstorm yesterday turned my drive home into a 2 hour trip.  Justin was not happy that his mama wasn’t here.  Apparently, he wanted to nurse after daycare and DH just isn’t equipped for that.  He cried himself to sleep, but woke up again to hang out with me until he finally dropped off about 9:30.  Then DH needed attention.  I swear I had just gotten rid of one person clinging to me when another one started.

Did I mention that I came home to a dark house and DH informed me that since he wasn’t hungry, he hadn’t made supper?  Besides, Justin really wore him out.  Further proof, that without mothers the world would come to a screeching halt. 

DH was kind enough to heat up a leftover piece of pie for me and bring me some water.  We just won’t mention this to my personal trainer.  I thought about cooking dinner myself, but Justin would not detach himself from me and wouldn’t settle down at all for his dad.  I did manage to get my 10 minutes of cardio in.  Priorities.

The icing on this cake is that DH told me last night that we won’t be going out for dinner tonight, which I look forward to every Friday–even if it is Randy’s, the local fast food place.  It’s just not in the budget this week.  Instead, we’ll make the dinner we were supposed to have last night.  This means that I’m going to have to end work early so I can make dinner (or watch Justin so DH can make dinner) so we can eat before  we have to leave so I can bowl (and Justin and DH  can hang out at the bowling alley).  In a pinch we’ve eaten at the bowling alley, but it’s way overpriced, the service is slow (45 minute wait for the food–seriously), and it’s not that great. 

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The saga continues.  Justin was a happy, happy guy yesterday.  He went to daycare.  I went to nurse him.  Happy boy.  At 2 I got a call that he had a fever of 101.3, high enough to get sent home.  He was smiling when I picked him up.

He smiled in the dr’s waiting room where the following conversation made me giggle:

5 year old boy:  Is this guy President yet? (holding Time magazine with Obama on the cover)
Mom: No honey, they’re still having a contest to see if he becomes the candidate.
5YOB: Aren’t they going to vote?
Mom: Yes, that’s what I meant.
5YOB: Voting’s not a good contest. So when’s he going to be President?

Mom proceeded to give the boy a crash course in primary elections.  He then took the magazine and explained to all the fish in the tank that Obama wasn’t president yet and that people were deciding if he should be one of the people to vote for later. 

But back to Justin (who I only hope is that smart when he gets to be that age).  He smiled when the nurse tried to use the rectal thermometer to get his temp.  She couldn’t get a good reading even though he stayed perfectly still.  But he definitely had a fever.  He didn’t fuss when we weighed him, which also wouldn’t give a good reading.  He started at 18 lbs and we took him off when it said 17lbs 12 oz.  (I wish my scale worked like that).  He smiled while the doctor examined him.  He mimicked the doctor washing his hands. 

He smiled at his dad who came to meet us at the clinic.  “This is a sick child?” my husband asked.  The pharmacy was backed up again so I had to go back in the evening to get the new antibiotic.  Of course, Justin had passed out by this point.  I didn’t see the point in waking him up, so we let him sleep.

He woke up at 1 am with a 103.6 fever.  Yikes!  I gave him his antibiotic and some Tylenol and we nursed.  He was roasting but he kept looking up at me and smiling.  Finally he nodded off and I kept vigil over his still steaming body.  He had cooled off some, but I dressed him in light weight clothes to sleep in and kept him next to me in bed.  I drifted off after awhile since nothing was happening.

He woke up this morning fever-free.  He wasn’t happy that I wouldn’t let him crawl off the bed.  He wasn’t happy that he had to get dressed.  He didn’t like getting his nose wiped.  I couldn’t put him down at all.  He wasn’t really into nursing.  He did like being put in the car seat and was glad to be at daycare.  But he was fussy when I went to nurse him at noon.  He took a three steps to me though!!!!  He also felt warm….guess who came home with me.  His fever was slight, 100.7, but I could tell he wanted to nurse and needed to nap.  He’s been drifting off and on since then. 

The ILs are coming for dinner tonight so I guess I’d better start on that.  DH found a recipe he thinks I should try for lasagna.  He found it on my computer when a neighbor asked for a lasagna recipe.  DH printed out several and the neighbor said that this was the best recipe he’s ever made.  I like my usual recipe, but I need to stay on DH’s good side for a while, so I’ll go with it.

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Update on Justin

The Urgent Care doctor was a total jerk.  We were in the main waiting room for about 20 minutes before we were called back in to an exam room where we waited for nearly an hour.  Justin was very good about that, but still.  The doctor came in and reminded us that we hadn’t given the benadryl 3 full days.  I asked him why Justin was getting worse and was told that “we don’t have all the answers”.  He told me to try hydrocortisone and told me three times to get the over the counter stuff even though he was writing a prescription in case the OTC didn’t work.  He hardly even looked at Justin and sent us on our way, telling us to come back if Justin hasn’t improved in 10 days.

We stopped at Target to pick up some hydrocortisone.  My mother suggested talking to the pharmacist to ensure there wasn’t some sort of funky interaction.  The pharmacist was awesome.  He showed me the Target brand that he suggested I buy to save some money and then told us that if the rash doesn’t start looking better within three days, we should take Justin back in.

The rash is no longer raised and puffy and there are no new areas.  It looks like the boy got into a fight or fell down some stairs because the rash is pink in some areas and turning purplish in others.  He still isn’t too bothered by it, but he’s been nursing A LOT. 

Thanks for everyone’s positive thoughts!

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Off We Go Again

We’re going back to Urgent Care….. They said to bring him in if he hadn’t cleared up in 3 days.  This is day 2 after starting the Benadryl.  He didn’t sleep well last night at all.

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Not much Improvement Yet

Some spots have vanished, some are smaller, some are larger, and some are new.

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Justin was double booked tonight.  I wound up going to La Leche League by myself because he went to Fathers Reading Every Day (FRED) with DH at the library (no moms allowed).  They had a good time.  DH noticed a couple of red rash-like bumps on Justin’s hip when he was changing him before FRED.  When he was getting him into his pj’s afterwards, he saw red welts everywhere.  Under the arms, on the stomach, his ankle is swollen. 

When I got home, I took a look and it looked like an allergy to me.  But to what?  DH suspected chicken pox.  I pulled out the flow chart medical book and tell him that it’s probably not chicken pox or anything too serious.  We debated taking him to the doctor because Urgent Care ended at 8 so it’s an emergency room trip.  He’s on amoxicillin from the ER trip for the earache last week, so I felt funny going in again.  But it came down to I wasn’t sure what was causing this rash that kept getting progressively worse.  He had no fever and wasn’t scratching.  I needed to know if he could go to daycare tomorrow.  So yep, another trip to the ER.

It’s an allergic reaction.  Possibly amoxicillin although it’s not a typical amoxicillin rash.  Possibly something he’s eaten in the past week.  Over the weekend he did have two items that are notorious for causing allergic reactions in babies, eggs and strawberries (in a little bit of a cupcake he had).  So he’s on benadryl.

I feel a bit like an overexcitable mother.  But I also have peace of mind.  And they stopped the amoxicillin. 

I haven’t had dinner yet and it’s 10 pm.  I think I’ll just grab a glass of water and a book and get ready for bed.

Tomorrow I have a consultation with a personal trainer.  It was supposed to be last Saturday, but the person who was supposed to meet with me flaked out.  Tomorrow it’s with someone different, but I’ve taken some classes from her and I really like her approach.

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