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Another Field Trip

This time it was to Kristen’s Knits in Rochester. I’ve almost finished the socks from the yarn and pattern I purchased at Bella Lana and I’ve been itching to make some more. Sad isn’t it, how I can’t finish a project before dreaming of the next. And yes, I’ll post pictures of the completed pair. It could be any day now.

However, I’m also still fantasizing about the beaded silk yarn I saw at Bella Lana, and I had hoped to find some in Rochester along with a suggestion as to what to make with it. I’m learning the hard way that it’s all well and good to find a yarn I love but if I can’t turn it into a project–then it’s just taking up space.

Kristen’s Knits was easy to find and had a wonderful selection of yarn (alas, no beaded silk). It wasn’t terribly busy so I got just the right level of service. She, Kristen herself, let me explore on my own and then when I came to the point where I needed guidance, she was easy to find and extremely helpful as well as knowledgeable.

Again, I overspent. I purchased Sensational Socks, yarn for two pairs of socks and yarn for two market bags. (I’ve got this Earth Day thing going) I totally forgot that I had some hand-dye on order that is very similar to one of the colorways I purchased at Kristen’s. I suppose I could make a market bag and give it away. It’s been a while since I’ve made a project to give away.

It was recommended that I take the Sensational Socks book to Kinko’s and have them convert it to a spiral bound book. I’d heard that from the author herself when she was interviewed on the Knitpicks podcast. Apparently, it costs around $4 to do. The bibliophile in me is horrified, but the craft artist who needs to use the book is planning to sneak it to the nearest copy store and see if they can do it.

All in all, it was a pleasant experience. Especially since there was a 20% off moving sale. No, they don’t know where they’re moving to, which is kind of sad. I hope she finds a location fairly soon and that it’s in a reasonable location. I’d like to go back.

In spite of my overspending, driving home, I didn’t feel guilty. In fact, I felt energized and in a wonderful mood. I have beautiful yarn to work with, I supported a small business, and I’m going to learn some new techniques to create items that are going to be used/worn.

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Yesterday, we went out to test drive some potential new cars for me. 

We wound up buying this…..

I've been debating with DH whether or not I need a new vehicle.  He insists that my Altima be replaced as it is near 100,000 miles and needs a lot of work.  After the stackable rebates, this Vibe wound up being just a hair more than a used Vibe.  So I have a brand new car!

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It was a pretty good day today. I didn’t get as much work done as I would have liked, so I may be doing a bit over the weekend in order to be ready for my Monday meetings. Yay.

I purchased a heart rate monitor last night because I feel like I’m getting too lax in my already brief “workout”. I put in all the settings last night and did a bit of research today and then tried it out. I hadn’t been exercising at even a moderate rate, so I’m hoping that this will continue to push me to that level. I felt wonderful after my 10 minutes of cardio, 2 sets of crunches, 20 pushups, and 2 sets of upper body strength. I’m so looking forward to these mini-workouts that they’re becoming a reward for getting other stuff done. How weird is that?

DH arranged for his parents to babysit Justin and we went to my favorite restaurant for dinner. It was very nice but I do believe that they have new management–I know the owner was looking to hire someone. The food was very good but just a bit different than we’d remembered. Of course, the last time I was there, I was pregnant and didn’t even know it yet.

Not much else new to report today, so I’ll let you get back to your regularly scheduled programming.

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Quiet Night

I saw a pretty bad accident on the way home. People were injured, but there weren’t any ambulances when I drove past. I counted at least 3 cars involved, but 16 cars were off on the side of the road.

La Leche League was interesting tonight. There’s a nice group of women that meet there and they are all so supportive.

Justin was tired by the end of the meeting. We stopped at Target so I could get a heart rate monitor and then came home. I grabbed a bite to eat and then did our bedtime routine. It was so cute because while I was eating, he picked out a book we haven’t read much and started carrying it to the stairs. When I took him up, I grabbed it and he really sat through it–I was even able to read the words on each page to him! Guess that’s the book he was in the mood for.

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Justin is down.  I should be sweeping the kitchen floor and reading a chapter from another work-related book.  And yet, here I am blogging and hanging out on Facebook.

My father stopped by tonight to do his taxes.  We filed online and it didn’t take too long.  DH took Justin grocery shopping while I did that, so everything that had to get done tonight did.  It is nice having a husband who can do things like get the groceries without my having to go along.  He called a couple of times, which is fine.

That’s really about all I have today.

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Justin and I went to church today.  I've got a little routine that has
been working pretty well.  We both go into the church and he stays with
me through the opening and the readings.  We go up for the children's
sermon (I'm a little self-conscious about that but he needs to move by
that time and it's for all children).  Then when all the kids leave for
Church School, I take him to the nursery.  After the sermon, offering,
and special music, I go back and pick him up in time for communion. 
Then it's just some quick stuff until the end.  He sometimes starts
getting a little fussy during the last song, but for the most part,
this arrangement is working for us.

Right now, he's napping and
I'm supposed to be designing his birthday invitations.  They're going
to be oversized boarding tickets because the theme for his first
birthday is going to be trains. However, the software is not
cooperating with me right now and it appears that the company's website
is down.  I may try to struggle through if Justin stays asleep longer.

I practiced baking his birthday cake yesterday.  New cake pan requiring
a different cake recipe + new oven = trial run.  I'm using the train
car cake pan from Nordicware.  I could not pass it up at Williams
Sonoma.  There is a cake recipe on the pan, so I used that one and I
have to say that the individual cars turned out pretty good.  The taste
could be a bit better, but I plan to use my double-strength vanilla for
the real deal.

Other than that, I need to plan this week's menus and go grocery shopping.  Exciting stuff, I tell you.

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Can you believe that I actually bowled two games over 100 tonight–and one of them was a 150?!!!!!!  Notice that I didn’t mention the ummm 61 I bowled the first game.  My secret?  M&Ms.

After I got home and Justin passed out, I watched the second part of Sense & Sensibility that I had taped from Sunday while I actually worked on my cross stitch.  This is a pattern that I really love–I can’t wait until it’s finished because it’s going to be gorgeous.  It has a second piece that I’ve already completed which is waiting to be framed so that I can get both pieces framed together.  I’m well over halfway finished, but it is a complicated work–and all the more gorgeous for it.  All I can say is consider my name and then visit Mirabilia online.  I wish I had time to do all her faeries, queens, and mermaids.  Anyway, don’t expect any finished work for at least another year.

And speaking of Sense & Sensibility, I totally loved that PBS did the complete Jane Austen.  I really enjoyed all the adaptations–some even better than what came out in theaters (Mansfield Park).  I reread a couple of Jane Austen novels at least once a year.

Well, I think I’m going to climb into the tub for a nice soak and some further relaxation!

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