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My office has completely converted to Macs.  That means I’m trying to get used to doing things in a completely different operating system.  Normal tasks are taking a lot longer and I’m constantly interrupted by requests to learn how to do something.  Half the time I don’t know–even the Mac users in the office feel a bit out of their league, but we’ll get it.

Justin is doing well.  He’s still in his Daddy phase.  He is beginning to use his signs finally.  He’s understood them for months, but hasn’t seemed to feel the need to actually communicate with them.  He’s got several teeth coming in.  It’s like popcorn in his mouth these days.  Every time I take a look, there’s another one poking through.

Anyway, just thought I’d check in for a bit and let you know that I haven’t dropped off the face of the earth.

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I’m currently working on a baby cap–the umbilical cord cap from Stitch n Bitch.  I’ve never really gotten the top of it right, but practice makes perfect.  I’ve made several and they all have holes when I get to the serious decrease parts because apparently I drop stitches when the number of stitches on each needle gets to be around two.  I’m using my old bamboo circular needles because that’s what I used to cast on.

Since I started the project, I purchased my Harmony needles from Knit Picks.  I always hated how the yarn “stuck” between the cord and the needle and that’s not a problem I’ve had with the Harmonys.

I’ve got to wash, starch and block the doily for my future sister-in-law.  It’s the Swinging Bells pattern.  I often make it for bridal showers, but I’ve never taken a picture of the finished product.  I need to get a picture to post on Ravelry.

I’m also knitting a market bag using the Harmony needles.  I’ve frogged it once and it still has problems.  I don’t think they’ll be that noticeable once it’s watched and blocked.

I’m also still working on the baby cable socks from Sensational Socks.  I’ve started using a leftover notebook from the Hot Reads program as a stitch counter and it’s making all the difference.  The sock is knit cuff to to and the area by the cuff is kind of wonky because I had lost count of the rows and some of the stitches were dropped as I was learning how to make the cable.  I picked them up–or thought I did–and even frogged back.  It’s not terrible, but the rest of the sock is looking a lot better.

Finally, I’ve made a little progress on the Midsummer Night’s Fairy cross stitch.  I’m on the wings–it’s going to take a while to complete them, but it’s the last major section of the piece to do.  I can’t wait to get it done and framed with its counterpart, Titania.

So that’s where I am on my projects.

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I Love My Life

Sometimes it really is good to be me.  Lately, it’s been rather fabulous.   I’ve been wanting to get a macbook for a while now.  My Dell desktop is getting on in years and is not as reliable as it once was.  This is a problem because I use it when I’m working from home to connect to the office.  At the same time, the office has been having severe network and IT issues.  So if it’s not my home computer crashing, it’s something at the office that is preventing me from getting much done.

Of course, a macbook is not in our family budget.  It was however, in the office budget.  So I know have a macbook pro.  And while it is for work purposes, I’m using it for some other things too.  So score for me!

I stopped in at my local Starbucks on Friday because it’s one of the stores doomed to be closed in a week.  The barista started apologizing for the fact that I got the wrong drink on Monday.  It was the wrong drink, but I didn’t know it until I was well on my way to work.  She didn’t make the drink but somehow knew it was wrong.  She asked if I had been in since and I said I hadn’t so she gave me my drink on Friday for free!  Seriously–they’re closing and yet they still have the best customer service in town!

DH surprised me by letting me purchase an inexpensive video camera.  It happened to be at Target tonight (I was planning to get it through Amazon) so we brought it home.  It’s charging now and I’ll play with it tomorrow.

And more importantly, things are just going well over all.  We’re all healthy–there’s no major emergencies.  Life is really good these days.

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Last week as I was arriving home, the cable fairy came to visit.  She knew that I was a current customer and had my account details in front of her.  She said that Charter had changed some of their packages and the long and the short of it was:

  • We qualify for free phone service (I declined because we only use our cell phones)
  • We can upgrade from 3MB to a 10MB internet connection for free
  • We can add HD channels to our current line up for free

And with all these goodies we can–get this–LOWER our monthly bill by $30 per month!  So of course, I added the $14.95/month DVR (with free installation).

Apparently, there is no catch.  Prices are guaranteed for one full year and the guy came out today to install our DVR and upgrade my connection.

Now do you believe in faeries?

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Brilliant Parenting

We went up north this weekend and being the brilliant, detail-driven parents that we are packed three bags for Justin. Joe and I shared a bag and I had a bag of knitting and reading materials. Justin had a diaper bag, a bag of toys, and a backpack. And let’s not forget the high chair and Pack N Play. Joe did the packing and I didn’t bother to check the bags–we’ve been doing this for over a year now.

As we were pulling into the driveway for the cabin, I asked Joe if he remembered that we needed warm, winter pajamas for Justin because the cabin gets very cold at night. He gave me a blank look and said, “Pajamas? I thought you packed his clothes.”

So yeah, the backpack had no clothes. Never mind that it was sitting on the bed surrounded by clothes earlier. Apparently, none of those were Justin’s. The backpack contained more books and more toys. And we were in a small town after 9 pm. The only place open that would even remotely have clothes was the casino. So Justin wound up sleeping in a size 3T casino-wear sweatsuit. It worked out well because it was so cold on Sunday, we just left him in it and he didn’t seem to mind that it was 4 sizes too big for him. As my grandfather used to say, “S%@ ^ will do for brains if you’re lucky!”

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It really is a mixed bag these days.

I’ve been having so many computer issues both at work and at home that I haven’t wanted to spend any extra time blogging. 

DH, aka the mild hypochondriac, was insistent that I take Justin to the doctor last night because he’s been fussy since Sunday.  I compromised by saying I’d make an appointment for today (and avoid Urgent Care expenses and time).  Justin’s fine–he may have a slight cold or allergies, but his ears are perfectly clear and his throat is healthy.  Razzle–grumble–frazzle waste of my time.

In good news, my entire office is switching to Macs next week.  I believe I’m getting a Macbook Pro to work from and I will be able to work anywhere in my house.  We will probably “purchase” my current laptop to replace my home pc, which will be cleaned up and given to my mother as her computer is officially obsolete.

In more good news, the cable company had a rep out tonight.  They want to increase my channels, increase my internet connection, add a DVR, and REDUCE my bill!  I’m cool with that.  Seriously, my bill is going to be $20 less per month.  I was just getting up the nerve to make my annual call pleading my case to reduce my bill–and I didn’t have to!

The combined database at work has some serious issues–particularly in the area of record ownership and access.  I am not a database programmer or expert, so I feel very awkward pointing out to these experts that they’ve royally screwed up their own database and are on the verge of taking ours down with them.  For example, if someone requests one solicitation per year, we flag their record and send them only one solicitation per year.  The other group sends them monthly solicitations.  They also sent solicitations to donors who were clearly marked as belonging to us AND have been changing the flags and other information in our records–mostly removing said information.  And who at our partner company has this level of access where they can do this without consulting us????? 

An intern.

But all in all life is good.  I’ve got cheap cable, a healthy baby, and a Mac on the way.

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