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Today is Justin’s last day in the Infant Room.  He’s been there since he was 9 weeks old and I have watched him move from a crib in the playroom and a bouncy seat during meals to a crib in the nap room and a high chair to now a cot and a seat at the table.  I’ve watched his friends grow and develop just as I’ve watched him.  I’ve gotten to know his teachers very well and the personalities of all the other babies.  And I’ve been a little sad each time one of his friends moves up into Toddlers.

Tuesday, he will start in Toddlers.  He’s been transitioning over by spending time in that room a bit more each day.  Yesterday, our practice drop off didn’t go well, but there were other factors making it a bad morning (like falling on his head).  He’s definitely ready to be with the older kids.  I worry because he is so little, but I’ve noticed that the others are looking out for him.  So while it’s bittersweet there are some real benefits….

  1. Our daycare cost just dropped $15/week.
  2. He is so worn out that he’s beginning to sleep through the night again.
  3. He’s developing new skills almost faster than we can keep track of them.
  4. His routines are becoming more complex but more solid as well.
  5. He won’t be able to give the Infant Room teachers any more heart attacks with his amazing climbing abilities.
  6. He’s going to have peers to help model his behavior and skills.
  7. He’s so happy and excited.

The one area that really needs some work (and we’ll focus on this weekend) is the ability to drink out of a cup.  If you put an inch of milk in a small juice glass, he does very well the first time.  The second time, he gets overconfident and tips the glass before it’s in his mouth.  And if you make the mistake of filling it up a third time, he will do any or all of the following: stick his spoon in it, stick his hand in it, or dump it over his plate and the table. 
Knowing him, he’ll probably have this just about under his belt by Tuesday.  If he hears someone say that he isn’t doing something that he should be, he always starts doing it or at least making vast improvement just to prove you wrong.  Sounds like a toddler to me.

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My Poor, Isolated Son

Busy weekend.  It’s odd because on Friday night, my husband expressed his concern that we are lazy parents.  That we don’t take Justin out and about much.

I just about fell off the bed.  Seriously?

We had just come back from taking Justin to the Taste of Red Wing and had found a little midway with some games even he could play.  He earned enough tokens to win a little prize, one of those hand clappers and he just loves it.  He’s only missed one concert in the park this summer.  He has two story times each month, a LLL meeting, and he sees his grandparents about once per week.  He’s been on bike rides with us; we’ve taken him to the park.  We take him on walks in his stroller.  He goes out to eat with us every Friday night.  He’s been to numerous birthday parties, family reunions, and visiting with friends.  I’m not sure where else we can take him.  The pool, I guess.

On Saturday, he went with me to the library book sale.  The Friends of the Library have two sales each year.  When one of the members saw us, she went to the back where she had set aside a special book for him.  Yes, this is the same book club that threw the children’s book baby shower.  He also went to the craft fair with me.  On Sunday, we took in the parade.  And I must say that the floats with all the “royalty” were a big hit with him.  Maybe even more than the fire truck.  He only smiled at the truck, the girls got an awed jaw drop and frantic waves.  Especially when they were dancing.  He would have made out like a bandit with the candy if I would have let him have any.  Okay, I did let him have some of his twizzler because I could break that into small pieces, but let’s just say that our “neighbors” were very happy that he’s such an accomplished flirt and that his mother won’t let him have anything he can choke on.  I’ve never seen so much candy in my life. 

Granted, tonight we stayed home.  He has a new friend in daycare–and I think that’s enough excitement for one day. 

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I’ve got to get better about logging in here.  I’ve been barely keeping current with my Friends’ List, but I have been keeping up.

Justin has been a lot of fun lately.  Last weekend, he watched his dad plaster a wall and then hours later at a friend’s house, he picked up a toy shovel and used it to “plaster” their wall.  He’s decided that he wants to go downstairs forward facing and has been working very hard on that.  His determination with physical challenges absolutely amazes me because when he falls, if he’s not hurt, he gets up and tries again until he either gets it right.  When he gets hurt, he seeks comfort and then he’s right back at it. 

He’s finally started signing.  We have little debates where he signs for milk and I sign that he’s all done.  He knows a lot of signs, but only uses a select few–milk and his own version of all done (he claps his hands and raises his arms).  But if someone signs to him, he knows what it means and will sometimes act accordingly if the mood strikes him.

He still giggles uncontrollably when he’s told “no”.  Firm voices are hilarious to him.  That’s going to be a bit of a problem–but signing will help with that I think.

I went to the dentist on Tuesday for the first time in over 8 years.  I’ll be going again several more times–but it could have been much, much worse. 

The transition to macs is still a process, which is why I haven’t been able to blog as much.  I’m on my macbook and then I’m just too worn out to type anything else.  It’s going to get better, I’m sure.

That’s about it for now, so I’ll leave you with an updated picture of my little man….

who is in his last month in the infant room (gasp!)

Okay, one more because that doesn’t show his curls…..and they won’t be around forever.

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