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Been a While

Okay, so we last left Justin on his way to the Toddler Room.  He loves it in there.  He went to work immediately to test the boundaries and rules and proved that the plug in covers for outlets really are a waste of money.  He can get them off faster than I can.  The classroom is really structured (for the chaos that is a toddler room) and since he’s a boy who loves his routines, he’s thriving.  He doesn’t have many words yet and they seem to come and go.  "Sheri" is a constant as she was a teacher.  His new teacher is "Sharon" and he’s merged the names in his little sing song voice.  He also uses "Da" for Dad and "doh" for just about everything else.  When I’m not around, he says "Mama" but when I am, he signs for me using the milk sign.  Guess I know how he sees me.  He also says "shoe" very clearly and will hold it up (or in DH’s case, Justin hit him with it) and tell you what it is.  But I haven’t heard that word for a week now.  Yesterday, he said "cat" very clearly once while looking at a picture of a cat.

However, he is smart.  It amazes me (as I’m sure it does most moms) how he catches on to things.  He loves keys–especially when we help him lock and unlock doors.  He conned me three weeks ago when he wanted to nurse by pretending to be tired and ready for bed.  He figured out an ingenious way to leave the Toddler Room-and while he’s the youngest in there, he’s the only one who has figured it out.  He is short so he can’t turn the handle on the door all the way–just enough to unlatch it.  Then he sits down and uses his feet which fit underneath the door to pull it open.  Then he’s up and running down the hall.  He’s also the only child to build a staircase out of the soft blocks in the Infant Room to climb over the gate.  He was halfway over when they caught him.  He’s a plotter who experiments with his ideas and we really need to keep at least a step ahead of him.

DH and I are in on the family football picks again.  I beat DH last week and I’m still waiting for my back massage.  He’s still building the bookcases he started back in May.  I was being very good about keeping the house reasonably neat, but this past week I let it go and it got the best of me. 

The reason I didn’t keep up last week is that my brother was married on Friday night.  Both DH and I were in the wedding and I had added drama where there didn’t need to be prior to the wedding.  I was very anxious because we were never allowed to help with anything.  Two weeks before the wedding, we finally received a very vague itinerary.  However, it was  a beautiful wedding that went off very smoothly.  Smoother than mine at least–but that’s not saying a whole heck of a lot.  The FOB was more like a MOB and he was the one who focused on all the details and decorations.  We were all in good hands.

Work is going well.  Very, very busy.  Which is why I should probably end this entry and get to some data reports.

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