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Last week, a 19 year old decided to end his life.  He’d been kicked out of his house; his girlfriend had broken up with him, and he’d been fired from his job at McDonald’s.  But ending his own life wasn’t enough for him.  Apparently, he felt that he was a nobody–and he wanted to go out in a way that would make him famous.

So he decides to shoot up a mall in Omaha, Nebraska.  A mall where a very close friend of my coworker worked as a store manager.  Maggie had nothing to do with this guy.  She didn’t know him; she didn’t know his ex-girlfriend.  None of his victims had anything to do with his situation.

So what gave him the right to end their lives along with his?

I remember when I was attending therapy sessions with a former fiance for his alcoholism, the counselor stated that suicide is the ultimate F*ck You.  In his experience, most suicidal attempts were made because someone was mad at those around him/her.

I’m upset that the media has released the gunman’s name and picture.  It’s exactly what he wanted.  I know that no one will remember his name in a year or two (except for the friends and families of his victims), just like no one remembers the name of the boys from Columbine or the boy in Red Lake.  I understand that, but I felt that the media made too much information available.  I don’t want to see how some victims found ways to hide or hear his message to his landlady.

I don’t get why if you want to die but you want to be remembered, you wouldn’t find a way that would make people think that you were a better person than you probably are.  Run into a burning building, go and donate a kidney (not that you’d die from that, of course), but be a positive influence in people’s lives.

When I was in high school, there was a group of boys a year ahead of me.  They weren’t popular.  They came to school in black dusters or trench coats.  But rather than get angry about how different they were, they published the first zines I ever read.  These zines sold for a buck or two and came with stickers.  They were the rage.  Anyone who was anyone was reading these things, which were nothing more than writeups about what these guys were interested in (mostly snowboarding and alternative rock), some photos, and some quotes heard around school.

It’s sad when anyone decides to end their own life.  It really is.  However, it’s truly evil to kill innocent people in the process.

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About 4 months ago or so, I was recruited to the church’s Finance Subcommittee.  I don’t think I’ve written much here about the problems my church has been involved in–so here’s a synopsis of what has come led us to where we now find ourselves….

  • In January, the senior pastor, Pastor C, announced during a sermon that the church was in financial trouble and there needed to be an emergency congregational meeting to balance the church’s budget.  More Details

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Working from home again today.  When Justin and I were getting ready to leave for daycare, it was snowing.  Justin was instantly fascinated; I suppose he really wouldn’t remember it from last year. 

Dinner was with my parents last night.  It was nice.  My mom had tried a new chili recipe that DH couldn’t stop raving about.  He also liked how everything tied in together (cornbread, cheese and crackers).  Even the wildberry pie for dessert.  Justin was a bit of a handful.  He was mostly pushing boundaries, and my mom’s husband was very quiet throughout the evening.  Not sure if he disapproved of our handling of Justin or if he was just tired.  It was fairly obvious that we don’t use a tablecloth often because when Justin had finished eating, he tried to pull it over his head.  He also tried to kick his chair backwards.  I solved those issues by pushing him far away from the table.  He hid behind the curtains in the living room, which I don’t think is a big deal.  I think the real issue is Justin’s need to be the center of attention.  He’s a typical toddler and while he can amuse himself for short periods of time, he much prefers interacting with other people.

My father dropped by yesterday with his football picks.  We have a family football pool that my brother runs.  I got a mini-lecture on why my dad changed his vote on an amendment at the last minute.  I think he was sober.  He was drunk on Saturday when he told me he had our vote……

Speaking of the amendment, we sent out a congratulatory email through our network yesterday, and I’ve been sorting through the responses ever since.  There really weren’t that many respondents but for every complimentary one, there were three filled with profanity.  Part of me wants to respond to these people with something like, "Thank you for your charming sentiments regarding our recent communication.  Per your instructions, we are removing you from our lists."  But in the end, it wouldn’t make a difference.  It’s just hard not to take the remarks personally.  Let’s face it, it’s a good thing I’m not a telemarketer.

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Been a While


I’m still alive and I do read my FL even if I don’t comment.  These days I just don’t feel I have much to add.  I need to get over that. So I’m updating today.

Justin is now 18 months.  We had his parent/teacher conferences at the daycare on Monday night.  They definitely know our little guy.  We all agree that physically, he’s very developed.  He will take on any physical challenge without fear and with a lot of persistence (much to my dismay).  He’s also very smart and his receptive communication is very good.  However, he will only use words or demonstrate his knowledge when he wants.  For example, I often cannot get him to point to a picture of a dog; I have a 50% success rate of getting him to say "dog" when I point to the picture, and yet he gets excited and will point it out himself if he sees the picture without any prompting.

We’re in a strange place when it comes to discipline.  Both DH and I are conflicted and confused.  We have been doing some basics–mostly redirection, but it really comes down to how much can he understand at this time?  He really doesn’t have the ability to stay in one place, so we’re not quite ready for time-outs yet.  We’ve used the basic step of ignoring him and we use a lot of praise when he does follow direction.  We’re getting some temper tantrums–rarely major–and, for the most part, I think we deal with them well.  They don’t last long (yet) because we rarely give in to him. 

I’m still working two days at the office and three days at home.  It’s a great schedule.  I’m actually at home today because I was up in the Cities yesterday holding signs outside of polling places.  Our amendment passed (funding for cleaning up our lakes and rivers) with 56%.  This is incredible because it’s more votes than either presidential candidate got.  Even more amazing is that Minnesota has a weird law that says that this type of vote is counted in a manner where a blank vote is considered a "no" vote.  A large part of our effort was to educate voters that they needed mark the box one way or another in order for their voice to be heard.

Well, I need to hop in the shower–i’ve got a doctor’s appointment in about an hour.

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