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I’m currently working on a baby cap–the umbilical cord cap from Stitch n Bitch.  I’ve never really gotten the top of it right, but practice makes perfect.  I’ve made several and they all have holes when I get to the serious decrease parts because apparently I drop stitches when the number of stitches on each needle gets to be around two.  I’m using my old bamboo circular needles because that’s what I used to cast on.

Since I started the project, I purchased my Harmony needles from Knit Picks.  I always hated how the yarn “stuck” between the cord and the needle and that’s not a problem I’ve had with the Harmonys.

I’ve got to wash, starch and block the doily for my future sister-in-law.  It’s the Swinging Bells pattern.  I often make it for bridal showers, but I’ve never taken a picture of the finished product.  I need to get a picture to post on Ravelry.

I’m also knitting a market bag using the Harmony needles.  I’ve frogged it once and it still has problems.  I don’t think they’ll be that noticeable once it’s watched and blocked.

I’m also still working on the baby cable socks from Sensational Socks.  I’ve started using a leftover notebook from the Hot Reads program as a stitch counter and it’s making all the difference.  The sock is knit cuff to to and the area by the cuff is kind of wonky because I had lost count of the rows and some of the stitches were dropped as I was learning how to make the cable.  I picked them up–or thought I did–and even frogged back.  It’s not terrible, but the rest of the sock is looking a lot better.

Finally, I’ve made a little progress on the Midsummer Night’s Fairy cross stitch.  I’m on the wings–it’s going to take a while to complete them, but it’s the last major section of the piece to do.  I can’t wait to get it done and framed with its counterpart, Titania.

So that’s where I am on my projects.

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Mom’s Days Off

My office pretty much closes the week between Christmas and New Year’s, but we pay for my son to be in daycare. That means I’ve had three days to do what I want/need to do without worrying about keeping him busy/happy.

I reorganized my office/craft area and sorted through some mysterious cupboards in the kitchen. But most importantly, I received my invitation to Ravelry and have spent a lot of time uploading my projects/yarn/general information.

Now that I’ve been exploring that site, I’ve got an itch to knit. I’ve got some patterns I could work on, but I know what would be really satisfying is if I finished (or at least made significant progress on) my Midnight Summer’s Fairy. I’ve only got the wings left.


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