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Been A While

I looked at my last post and realized that I have not accomplished much in the knitting department since then.  I had to frog the baby cable socks because after I turned the heel, I realized that they were going to be too small for me.  And I don’t know any adult with smaller feet that would be able to wear them.  I debated doing the cable but changed to the Waterfall pattern.  I just turned the heel on the first sock last night and it looks like it might be too big. It’s so hard to tell though–I’m used to store-bought socks that look smaller and stretch more.  If they are too big, I can give them away easily.  Well, except that there are all kinds of problems with the pattern.

Basically, the yarn I selected, Wildefoot’s Forget Me Not, is horrible for any cabling or fancy stitching.  So the pattern, while it has it’s flaws, appears even worse because the yarn didn’t knit up the way I thought it would.

I’m also working on a Mermaid shawl using beaded silk.  Very nice feel to it, but again, it’s knitting up different than I had imagined.  Part of that is this is my first experience with any lace knitting.  It’s a very, very basic pattern but it has still taken me some time to get used to.  And the sides are not as even as I’d like.  I run into the same problem with scarves, so I need to find the “fix” so that the sides of an item remain smooth.  Is it to just slip the first stitch?

I have managed to get my son’s baby scrapbook done.  It was a pre-designed book where the pages were already embellished and all I had to do was paste the pictures in and add some stickers.  Shouldn’t have taken me almost 2 years, but there you are.  I cringe at the thought of how long it’s going to take me to get the second baby’s scrapbook done.

Swinging Bells Doily

Swinging Bells Doily

Other projects include another Swinging Bells doily.  Haven’t started it yet, but plan to once the first sock is finished. The picture here is the one I created for my SIL at her wedding shower.

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