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Happy New Year

We went to my brother’s annual holiday bash on New Year’s Eve.  About every year, the party is really cool and other years, there is some sort of drama that puts a damper on the entire evening.  This year was somewhere in between.  It just wasn’t as much fun this year.  My brother and his wife outdid themselves as usual, but it just seemed that a lot of the people just didn’t want to do much.  DH was excited to go, but he got overly drunk, which happens on rare occasions, and got to be highly annoying.  He also made me pull over on the way home so he could throw up.  He was miserable, so I didn’t feel a need to lecture or show too much displeasure.  Granted, he knew I was annoyed.

We went to see Seven Pounds today.  It’s been a long time since DH and I have actually seen a movie in the theater, so we thought to take advantage of Justin being at daycare. 

I don’t think I’ve mentioned it here, but I’m about 14 weeks pregnant–meaning Justin will be an older brother sometime around June 30.  This pregnancy has been very different as far as morning sickness (more of it and longer lasting) and food cravings/avoidances.  In fact, my midwife told me today that I lost 2 lbs over the holidays!  She was concerned about my protein and calcium intake, but I’m pretty sure that the fact that this baby won’t let me eat sweets and that I’ve been chasing Justin around the couch a lot lately has had something with my weightloss.  And it’s not like I couldn’t stand to lose some weight–I started this pregnancy at the weight I was when Justin was born.  Not that I’m trying or anything.

DH is bowling tonight and I’m about to write my holiday thank you notes.  I remember the days when I went out and partied every Friday night.  Amazing how I have absolutely no desire for that anymore.  Especially after watching the effects of alcohol on DH and other family members on New Year’s Eve.

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Of course, this time, I pretty much created it….

Our holiday plans included making buttermilk biscuits on Saturday for Sunday dinner, dying eggs at my mom’s on Saturday night, the 8 am church service, making my grandmother’s rice pudding for lunch, lunch at my Mom’s, and dinner at SIL’s.

On Saturday, I asked DH if anyone was planning to visit BIL, who is still on the psych ward in Rochester (45 minutes away).  Turns out  that no one in his entire family could find the time to visit.  Not his brother (the third triplet) who only had his fiancee’s family to visit as his son can’t go to SIL’s because of his severe allergies; not SIL who has twins, is pregnant, and had a bunch of people coming over for dinner–not to mention attend church services; and not his parents who were planning to drive down on Monday because he has to go out in public as part of his evaluation.  His parents were thinking about maybe heading up to SIL’s early, but weren’t planning to do anything else all day long.

That is completely unacceptable to me.  You don’t let a family member spend a major holiday alone.  It’s got to be a rule somewhere.  So we all got up so we could make it to the 6:30 am sunrise service, enjoy a quick breakfast at the church, drive to Rochester to present BIL with an acceptable Easter basket and show our support, finish up on the crazy craft project I started at the last minute, put the final touches on the rice pudding I started the night before, head over to my mom’s, and then head up to SIL’s.  We didn’t get home until after 8:30.  It was hard, but we got through it.  Justin was a trooper–he got a bit overtired because his naps kept getting interrupted, but he was mostly charming.

Of course, the in-laws asked how BIL is doing.  They’re mostly concerned about his medication–if it’s causing him to be “foggy”.  We didn’t tell them that he was nervous about the visit from them.  Apparently, they told him that there were some things they “needed to discuss”, but didn’t give him any idea what these things were.  I’d be nervous too.  Honestly, he’s losing weight–and I told them that.  My MIL kept correcting me by saying that he’s gaining weight.  Maybe he is, but he looked thinner than he did a week ago.  He’d had a rough night–he was woken up when they were checking his room and couldn’t get back to sleep.  Most of the family thinks he’ll be released tomorrow, but DH and I have our doubts.  He will be assigned to a social worker when he completes the program there, so that’s good. 

I really don’t understand this family….

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Out With the Romance

Yesterday was a horrible day.  Horrible.

Justin woke up early yet again (cranky, too) and needed to nurse.  I needed to pump so he’d have milk for daycare.  I took a guess on which to nurse and which to pump and guessed wrong.  So I didn’t send as much to daycare as I’d hoped.  All the phlegm in his system caused Justin to vomit on the bed, himself, and me.

Walked into the kitchen to find that Brittany, the dog I can’t stand, had gotten mad and had eaten all the butter in the house, leaving the wrappers on the floor; had chewed up Justin’s newsletter from daycare; and gotten into something paperish that needed to be picked up.  As I put her outside, I noted that DH had forgotten it was trash/recycling day and had left both containers at the house.  I put them both out, grabbed the ice packs for the pump, Justin’s milk, made coffee using my french press (because I didn’t have money for Starbucks) and heated up a hot pocket thing in the toaster, grabbed my lunch., made one trip out to the car, remembered that Justin needed his medication from the previous night’s visit to the doctor for an ear infection, gave that to him, put him in the car, and drove to daycare.  Coffee is tasty and hot pocket thing is cold.

At this point I’m running 30 minutes late.  At daycare, I need to fill out a form for the medication.  I do so and remember that I have a Starbucks card.  I can buy a coffee and save this one for later in the day.  Get every red light in town.  Drive up to Minneapolis and call letting them know that I’m running a bit behind.  Stalled car on bridge makes commute nightmarish.  Also, driver’s side wiper freezes and old, rusty cars keep cutting me off making me reduce my speed and splattering mud on my windshield.

Get to the office about an hour late.  Bank reconcilations don’t reconcile because of poor account entries.  Takes 6 hours to sort out.  Go get lunch.  No lunch.  Sitting on counter in kitchen at home.

DH calls to wish me a Happy Valentine’s Day.  I tell him about my day.  He says that he has a surprise for me when I get home.  Previous years, the surprise has been a steak dinner, a fire and ice rose, and boxes of Godiva chocolates.  I’m beginning to look forward to the evening.  Manage to scrounge lunch from pot luck leftovers (didn’t bring anything because of dr visit previous night).  Head home listening to romantic music so I don’t bite DH’s head off.  Talk to

 and get myself in a pretty decent mood.

Stop at Target to get card for DH and little things for Justin.  Come home late to DH’s dismay even though he knew I would be at Target and get wrapped gifts for him from office, box of jelly bellies and a gift certificate for a 30 minute massage at a real place–not home.

Have dinner, fish that was originally on the menu.  DH thought I wouldn’t like the steak because it’s so fatty.  Fish was on the menu to keep it simple, but was tasty.  DH hands me a card.  Beautiful card.  Tells me that the gift didn’t work out.  Apparently, he had no money and had decided to “help” Justin create something for me.  He had no idea that 9 month olds can’t use crayons.  He was surprised that Justin was more interested in eating them and the paper.  Justin has brought home projects, but I know that there has been considerable help with them.  DH thought the crayons were edible.  The word is “washable” and they’re made for 24+ months.  Apparently, this little project has been attempted for a week and a half.  There are two little areas of red when I saw the paper this morning.  DH had given up the project and he had left it on the floor where Justin had thrown it.

I did the dishes, DH shoveled snow and we went to bed.

I would have been disappointed to learn that there was no money for Valentine’s but I would have then had no expectations.  I even mentioned free things he could have done when he caught me crying about it this morning.  Like have his parents watch Justin while we spend some time together, or a back massage, or just a night off. 

We had a long talk this morning and I know he was late for work because of it.  It wasn’t bitter or angry but hopefully constructive.  I hope he’s finally understanding where I am coming from.  I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

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Happy New Year!

I’m not going to do a year in review for a couple of reasons.  The first is that the biggest change in my life was/is Justin and I blog about him enough, so I doubt anyone has forgotten that event.  The other is that if I want to see a highlight, I can go back into my archives.  This might prompt me to find more time to blog in 2008.  Sure.

We had an excellent New Year’s Eve.  My sister’s friends K and B brought a Wii and Guitar Hero 3 as well as the sports game.  I enjoyed GH, but I really wasn’t very good.  I did fair at bowling (last place–but not embarassingly so) and DH kicked my butt boxing.  Oh well.

According to my mom, Justin was an angel.  He went down before 10 (I know because I called), then woke up around 12:30 (she hadn’t gone to bed yet) and she gave him a bottle and rocked him and he went back to sleep until 7 this morning.  Yay!

My sister wound up with the non-sleeping child.  She and her husband came home to find him awake and finishing off a bottle.  Apparently, he’d heard that it was New Year’s Eve and decided to party with his parents when they got home.  All. Night. Long.  I think he fell asleep for an hour mid-morning.  She stopped by my mom’s to say hi and loaded up on caffeinated soda for the long drive home.

Now that Justin is down, I’m going to do a quick/spot clean of the bathroom and a load of dishes.  And start mentally preparing to go back to work tomorrow.  Boo.  I really enjoy my time at home.

I’ve been feeling a bit queasy the past couple of days.  I’m hoping that it’s not a recurrence of the flu bug I had a couple of weeks back.  Before anyone comments, I doubt I’m pregnant–it would be darn close to a miracle.

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I spent Saturday baking cookies with my mom and sister.  Most of my time was spent rolling out, cutting out, and frosting sugar cookies.  They are time consuming, but soooo worth it!  The rest of my time was spent entertaining Justin or cuddling Justin because DH suddenly had other plans and couldn’t watch him during the baking marathon.

Sunday Justin was sick.  Nothing stayed in his stomach.  And he was running a fever of 100.3.  And he was teething.  And his lungs were congested.  I just wanted to cough for him to clear his little lungs.  I also wished he could eat something that would settle his stomach.  His fever finally broke at 9 am this morning.  I stayed home with him.  He’s still not 100%, but I think he’s flushed the worst of it out of his system–if his diapers are any indication.

Anyway, I need to get back to addressing my christmas cards and I’ve got dishes that still need to be washed and clothes to be folded.

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It’s been a bit crazy around here lately. Last weekend’s highlight was a visit to the emergency room because Justin was having a hard time breathing and had a terrible cough. DH called it croup, but he calls everything croup–just like his mother does. X-rays revealed that Justin’s lungs were clear and the doctor said it was probably just a bad cold and sent us home.

On Monday, Justin was sent home from daycare because he had a fever. He was fine in the morning, the fever came on suddenly in the afternoon. That prompted another visit to the doctor where he was found to have a slight ear infection and some redness in his throat. He was given a prescription for antibiotics.

On top of all this, the boy is teething. His first tooth has come through.

Justin and I spent Sunday through Wednesday at my mom’s while Joe and a neighbor worked on our floors. I had offered to help, but Joe kept putting my assistance off. I did run some errands for them, get food, and managed to really hurt my hand trying to get carpet staples out of the dining room floor. However, the hard work was well worth the effort because the floors are gorgeous.

Thanksgiving Eve has traditionally been my father’s holiday. He used to open a tab at a local bar/pub and invite us all out. However, in light of his recent descent into alcoholism, my brother offered to host a party at his house. Because so many of us have small children, he told my dad, the event would be non-alcoholic. Dad was all for it a month ago, but on Sunday he announced that he wasn’t going. Because it didn’t interest him.

I walked into the store where he works–there were no customers as usual and asked him about it. He said that he didn’t want to go. I flat out told him that the whole thing was being done for him. He said that he didn’t care, he wasn’t interested.

Fine, we had the party without him. And he didn’t get any of the Gustavus Chocolate I made from my grandmother’s recipe that used to be one of his favorite desserts. We had a good time too. With the dessert, I brought cheese and sausage balls and artichoke dip. There was plenty of food and my brother decided to serve beer and wine since my father wasn’t there. I had an excellent red that I need to get the name of.

Thanksgiving was busy. We did make it to my mom’s for about an hour. The food was good there as it always is and she saved the gizzards and heart for me. Justin was great. He slept when I needed to get things done and was awake to entertain family members throughout the day.

We had my in-laws over for dinner. I did the turkey in the oven bag and it turned out perfect. I also made green bean casserole, garlic and parmesan mashed potatoes, a lettuce salad, hot cranberry sauce and cold cranberry sauce. I made both because I like them both and couldn’t decide between the two. The hot sauce is served on the turkey and makes your kitchen smell heavenly when you heat it. The cold is 

‘ recipe from Martha Stewart and is hard to stop eating.  We also provided dinner rolls from the local bakery as well as hot apple cider, beaujolais, milk and water.  Family members brought stuffing (two types because apparently DH’s sister suffers from the same type of indecision that I do), pumpkin, apple and raspberry pies (because my MIL also can’t make up her mind and wanted to bring three pies), and corn casserole (which DH and I think is kind of gross, but it’s growing on us).

Note that the mashed potatoes were made in my kitchen using real potatoes, real garlic, real parmesan, real butter, and real milk.  None of that instant stuff at my house!

Also note, my father did not bother to show up.  Even though he told my sister he was coming.  In fact, we had two other guests who did not come.  Their reason was that there was a big screen tv available at Walmart at 5 am and they had to be in line for it.  So I bought two extra place settings of Fiesta for no apparent reason.  Of course, I like them and I’m not returning them.

Yesterday was the Holiday Stroll.   We went early and got some free chili, some cinnamon roasted almonds, the commemorative ornament (hand painted), free hot chocolate, and some kettle corn.  We didn’t stay for the parade or lighting ceremony because I had to bowl.  But it was fun.  I’ve gone every year since it started and it’s gotten better each year.  I think they had fewer people this year.  Last year there was a write up in some magazine and a bunch of tourists came.  As much as I enjoy it, it’s not that big a deal–just the downtown merchants offering food and beverages with a bit of a street carnival atmosphere.  This year there were fewer street vendors, but I think that was in part due to the high cost of getting a space.  I can’t remember how much it was, but my little women’s group couldn’t afford it.

Bowling was fun.  My average is an 83.  I bowled a 90, a 94, and a 68.  Not good, but it’s not a cut throat league.

Today I’m pretty much tied to Justin.  He wants to nurse constantly and whines every time I try to do something like eat or wash clothes.  The only reason I can even type right now is that he finally went down for a nap.

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My Little Peanut

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