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Pregnancy Stuff

We had our “Preparing for Birth” classes this weekend.  On Friday night, I was having second thoughts of letting DH anywhere near me during labor/delivery.  I thought that he wasn’t paying attention during the class.  Turns out, he couldn’t hear anything and didn’t feel that telling anyone would make a difference.  He also “joked” that my number one method for pain management was complaining.  Not the smartest thing to say to someone whose hormones are on the rampage and is already feeling pretty sensitive.

Fortunately, Saturday went much better; although he’s still pretty squeamish watching the births.  He claims that he’s only squeamish when he thinks about it, but will be fine once it’s happening.  Let’s hope so.

I’ve been reading Dr. Sears’ The Baby Book and it tied in really well with our classes.  Many of the things he recommends both during labor and after delivery are standard procedures at the hospital we’ll be going to.  For example, they delay most of the testing and the vitamin K supplement for an hour so that the mother and baby can bond/breastfeed.  And all the tests will be performed in the room with us–the baby doesn’t leave while we are there.  If for some reason, I can’t handle it and really need some rest, they will put the baby in a nursery but that’s not encouraged.

We stopped up at the in-laws so I could chat with his mom about the bassinette.  As her gift for the baby, she’s doing a lot of the nursery linens and decorating.  I cleared up some confusion on where I wanted the print and solid fabrics on the bassinette and she showed me the pattern she’s designed for the crib quilt.  It’s going to be adorable!  DH says that he’s really impressed because she’s really trying to work with me on what I want.  He doesn’t think that his sister or sister-in-law spent as much time with her, or she with them.

On the work front, I’m prepping for our audit in two weeks.  Wish me luck!

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I had my 32 week prenatal appointment today and was in and out so fast that the 45 minute trip one way was hardly worth it.  I love the clinic I’ve been going to.  I’m always seen within 10 minutes of walking in the door and the midwife is in the exam room within 5 minutes of that.  Of course, maybe I’m biased because they keep telling me how good I look, how everything seems to be just fine, etc.  So my appointment today was about 20 minutes total.

My sister is trying to set up a wireless network connection on her laptop so she can work from home.  I was at her house until 10:30 last night only to realize that the issue was that her laptop would not connect to the internet.  Tonight we were on the phone for an hour and the result is that her radio button has been turned off (and I can’t figure out how to change that setting).  She’s going to email her IT guy tomorrow and we’ll try again.  I may drive back up there on Sunday if we haven’t got it working by then.

Oh and on a sweet note, DH has asked me out on a date tomorrow night–we’re actually going to see a movie in a theater!  It’s been over a year.

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Not much going on today.  I’ve been having difficulties sleeping at night because I can’t find a position that I’m comfortable in for more than 10 minutes, and switching positions requires substantial thought and planning.  It’s no longer just about rolling over.  But that’s okay.  It’s my biggest complaint these days, so I’m doing very well.

My energy level is dropping and I’m getting hormonal again, but this is all part of the process.  Actually, I have been healthier throughout this pregnancy than before.  I haven’t gotten sick (besides morning sickness which was minimal).  This is the first winter I haven’t caught a cold or had the flu.  And no, I didn’t get a flu shot.  I have an appointment with a midwife on Friday, but I don’t expect anything significant to happen.  Lately, my appointments have been very brief and I’ve been told that everything seems to be just perfect.  Really, what more can I want?

Okay, so I want some sleep and I want a good book to read.  By good, I mean entertaining because I’ve been reading some interesting but rather dry material lately.  Even though one of my work meetings just got moved to another book club night (that’s both of them for this month now), I’m still considering picking up the book, 1000 White Women.  Better yet, maybe I should just make a trip to the library on Friday.

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I get to go back tomorrow.  Thought I might be excused after the interview today and I still might. Tomorrow is only a half day so I think I’ll work from home in the afternoon.  Testimony starts Thursday morning.

DH stayed home today with a migraine/exhaustion.  Basically, he’s trying to do too much.  I know he’s under pressure to work on the house, but he also needs to make time to relax.  The real problem is that he doesn’t finish anything.  Every project is taking longer than he thought and some projects have some time limitations.  For example, he can only remove carpet when I’m out of the house but at the same time he’s trying to finish putting in a vent over the stove and plaster the wall up in my semi-future office.  He also insists on continuing to do his “chores” during the weekend.  What’s weird about the chores is that they are just partial projects, like vacuuming.  He will vacuum most of the house but does nothing about the dust or cleaning of a single room.  He’ll move his clutter from the table to his desk so that it’s more out of sight.

I feel guilty because it’s not like he doesn’t do anything, but I feel like I’m following around finishing all the normal tasks and I can’t help him with the larger ones because either I won’t do them right or they pose a risk to the baby.  I also think I’m at the beginning of the nesting period, which is terrible because there is no place in this house for me to prepare for the baby.  Every bit of cleaning I do is pointless while he’s remodeling and we’re not setting up a nursery at this time.

Have I ever mentioned how much I hate this house?

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I have my 30 week checkup today, which means I get to leave work early!  It also means I get to step on a scale and learn what new high my weight has reached.   According to my scale this morning, I’ve officially put on 26 pounds since I’ve been pregnant.  I know that’s not bad–we’ll see if the midwife says anything.  They haven’t yet.

My boss asked me to find out about travel.  There’s a training for our new database that will be held in Austin, TX.  I don’t think I’ll be able to go, and he understands that.  Frankly, I’m a bit disappointed because I love Austin, I have friends there, and I would love to go.  If my boss had made the final database decision months ago when we were begging him to, this wouldn’t be such an issue.  He’s going to try to have them fly someone into Minneapolis to train the entire staff.  Kind of a bummer, but I’ll get over it.

I don’t think I’m going to make any sacrifices for Lent this year.  Some years I do, but most years I don’t.  This doesn’t feel like a good year to do so.  In the past it’s been television or soda or something similar.  This year, I feel I need all the comfort/safety nets I can find.  Tell ya what, I’ll give up alcohol–oops I’ve already given it up during the pregnancy.  Maybe I’ll give up sleeping through the whole night, or sitting comfortably on the futon…..(actually I’m not really this bitter, it’s just one of those days).

Book discussion was good last night.  There were lots of interesting thoughts and things that people picked up on that other people missed.  It was interesting to discuss some overarching themes in the book that weren’t readily apparent until the discussion started.  It was actually worth missing dinner for.

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Belly Pics

I wanted to take a picture a few weeks ago, back when my stomach was rather cute and not some monstrosity.  Here’s the latest:

And here’s  one from 19 weeks for comparison.  Yeah, I know the quality isn’t there.


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I am definitely hormonal today.  I noticed last night during my drive home that I just wanted to have a good cry.  No reason in particular, just wanted to let go.  Unfortunately, on the way home tonight, I did start–and couldn’t really stop.  I know it’s hormones–they’re running rampant through my system.  I’m starting to finally get all kinds of pregnancy worries that really suck.  I know that this will pass.

Received a surprise in the mail yesterday that did wonders to cheer me up. 🙂

I left work early anticipating horrible road conditions (it took 2 1/2 hours to get into work this morning), but they were pretty clear.  So I’m designing a brochure and newsletter for my women’s group that is meeting tomorrow night. 

DH is promising me a pedicure after supper if I get this stuff done.

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Prenatal Update

Went and had my prenatal visit today. Met a new midwife–and I really like her. She came in while I was reading Water for Elephants and got all excited because she’s an avid reader, enjoys circuses, and hadn’t heard of the book. She actually wrote the name and the author down for later!

I passed my glucose test with flying colors–in spite of all the junk I’ve been eating lately. Apparently, my body can handle it. I’m up 15 pounds from my first visit (9 weeks and 26 weeks), so no worries there. The level 2 ultrasound shows a healthy baby well within all the normal ranges. I’m measuring 2 weeks ahead of schedule, but the ultrasounds show the baby is right on target, for whatever that’s worth. I’ve measured two weeks ahead the entire time (hence the first ultrasound).

So all is good with the pregnancy. And the glucose test wasn’t nearly as nasty as the lj communities would have me believe. It was just like a small bottle of orange soda. I’ve had worse from fountains. My only issue was trying to drink the whole thing within 5 minutes.

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Baby Names

We still haven’t come up with any baby names. I’m not worried too much, there’s still plenty of time. Part of it is that none of the names we’ve discussed really sound like our baby. Weird, I know–we don’t really know anything about the baby, but the names just don’t fit.

Maybe part of the problem is that I love the name my parents picked out for me, and I haven’t found any male names that have the right flow to them.

I know we’ll get this figured out.

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I just went to the ladies room and discovered that my pants are on backwards! Luckily, you can’t really tell with maternity pants….

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