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Been a While

Okay, so we last left Justin on his way to the Toddler Room.  He loves it in there.  He went to work immediately to test the boundaries and rules and proved that the plug in covers for outlets really are a waste of money.  He can get them off faster than I can.  The classroom is really structured (for the chaos that is a toddler room) and since he’s a boy who loves his routines, he’s thriving.  He doesn’t have many words yet and they seem to come and go.  "Sheri" is a constant as she was a teacher.  His new teacher is "Sharon" and he’s merged the names in his little sing song voice.  He also uses "Da" for Dad and "doh" for just about everything else.  When I’m not around, he says "Mama" but when I am, he signs for me using the milk sign.  Guess I know how he sees me.  He also says "shoe" very clearly and will hold it up (or in DH’s case, Justin hit him with it) and tell you what it is.  But I haven’t heard that word for a week now.  Yesterday, he said "cat" very clearly once while looking at a picture of a cat.

However, he is smart.  It amazes me (as I’m sure it does most moms) how he catches on to things.  He loves keys–especially when we help him lock and unlock doors.  He conned me three weeks ago when he wanted to nurse by pretending to be tired and ready for bed.  He figured out an ingenious way to leave the Toddler Room-and while he’s the youngest in there, he’s the only one who has figured it out.  He is short so he can’t turn the handle on the door all the way–just enough to unlatch it.  Then he sits down and uses his feet which fit underneath the door to pull it open.  Then he’s up and running down the hall.  He’s also the only child to build a staircase out of the soft blocks in the Infant Room to climb over the gate.  He was halfway over when they caught him.  He’s a plotter who experiments with his ideas and we really need to keep at least a step ahead of him.

DH and I are in on the family football picks again.  I beat DH last week and I’m still waiting for my back massage.  He’s still building the bookcases he started back in May.  I was being very good about keeping the house reasonably neat, but this past week I let it go and it got the best of me. 

The reason I didn’t keep up last week is that my brother was married on Friday night.  Both DH and I were in the wedding and I had added drama where there didn’t need to be prior to the wedding.  I was very anxious because we were never allowed to help with anything.  Two weeks before the wedding, we finally received a very vague itinerary.  However, it was  a beautiful wedding that went off very smoothly.  Smoother than mine at least–but that’s not saying a whole heck of a lot.  The FOB was more like a MOB and he was the one who focused on all the details and decorations.  We were all in good hands.

Work is going well.  Very, very busy.  Which is why I should probably end this entry and get to some data reports.

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Not much new going on here.  DH is at home painting the office and removing hazardous things from the kitchen.  I woke up this morning with some false contractions–and I’m having them again right now.  I haven’t been bothered by them at all throughout the day, so it’s nothing to make any calls for.  As a matter of fact, I’m feeling really good today–energetic even.  Must be getting close…….

I’m finding all sorts of loose ends that need to be tied up or passed on while I’m on leave.  It’s kind of stressing me out a bit.  I know the office will survive without me.  But I also know that there will be at least one call while I’m out.  That’s the way it is.

I’m going to have my brows waxed tonight before heading home.  It’s amazing how a brow wax makes me feel so much better about my appearance.  Not that anyone looks at my face these days with a belly that sticks out as far as mine does.

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I’ve been slacking on posting because work has been pretty hectic as I try to tie up loose ends before my maternity leave next week.  The woman who will be filling in while I’m gone came in for a half day of training today and I think she’s going to work out well.  She’s coming in for a full day tomorrow.  I hope I remember everything I need to show her.  I’ve got lists, but…..there’s always something.

I had a very mixed weekend.  There were two baby showers that were wonderful.  I had a good time at each and everyone was so supportive.  From the second one, a blessingway, I have a beautiful bracelet made from the beads and well wishes of my friends and close family members.  I plan to wear it every day and into labor (though I’ll take it off at some point during a contraction I’m sure).  The weather here has been beautiful.

Now for the ugly.  House renovations hit a huge snag.  My office is coming along nicely as DH has been priming and painting.  The rest of the carpet came up without incident and there is very little repair work that needs to be done–just a lot of sanding.  Yay for oak floors. 

So what’s so terrible?  That would be the kitchen.  DH started taking down the ceiling because it was falling down.  It’s an old house so he found seven layers of ceiling material.  At the very bottom on the planks he found mold.  Not just  a little, but 3/4 of the ceiling is covered in it.  Looking further, he is finding broken and cracked beams. 

On the one hand, I am thankful that we found the source of the mold before the inspector did so we can take care of it now.  On the other hand, I don’t think I’ve ever seen DH so depressed and overwhelmed.  He had help, but I think I think finding all that mold was a real blow.  Then to learn that we’ve got structural problems pretty much did him in.  He’s taken today and tomorrow off to remove all the mold and find out the extent of the structural damage. 

My grandmother has been transferred to the worst nursing home in Red Wing.  Bar none.  The reason she is there is that this is the only facility that has staff trained to use the equipment she needs to improve her circulation.  She’s been there since Wednesday.  As of Saturday, the facility still hasn’t received the equipment!  The staff have screwed up her meals (she’s a diabetic and has food restrictions) and to put a phone in her room would cost an additional $55!  Her sons are debating installing the phone or getting her a cell phone.  I also think that there will be some very concerned phone calls to the administration.  My sister saw her yesterday and an uncle saw her over the weekend and her spirits are low–and she’s starting to lose it.  She told my sister that her friend Dorothy Quinn visited her yesterday afternoon, but Dorothy Quinn passed away about 5 years ago.  It’s getting very sad, and I should probably make a point of visiting her soon.

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I’m Feeling a Bit Guilty

So after the long rant about the bedroom and sleeping conditions, DH has turned into an angel.  I had a very late night last night trying to drive home from a meeting in the southern part of the state, and DH stayed on the phone with me the last 30 minutes to help keep me awake and to make sure I made it home all right.  That means he was up past 11:30–and I didn’t ask him to.

Then he had my breakfast waiting for me this morning (an english muffin with butter–but that’s usually what I grab on the way out the door).  He’s staying home today to work on the house and to primarily get the area of the living room (or just outside the living room depending on which of us you talk to) cleared out.  I think he also plans to work in my office.  He’s called once to ask me about specific items–not in a bothersome way, but in a “I can’t remember what you said about this” sort of way.

So he’s definitely back on my good list again.  And I’ll have to do something sweet for him tonight–maybe a back massage before he goes bowling.

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Sleeping Situation

I have known since the time I moved in with my husband that we have very different sleep styles and schedules. 

  • I like absolute silence.  That way if there is a strange noise, I will wake up and check it out.  He has to sleep with white noise running.  It can be an air filter or humidifier, but there must be some consistent noise all night long.  Otherwise, every little noise will wake him up.  White noise is very effective for me–it blocks everything out and I can’t relax.  I hear it all day at work too.
  • I also like absolute dark (and I may invest in a sleep mask).  The tiniest bit of light can keep me up all night.  I even cover the display on my clock radio.  He can’t sleep with the door closed (effectively blocking out all the light from various windows) because the room gets too stuffy.
  • I am a night owl.  It is very hard for me to get to bed/asleep before 10 pm.  He’s ready to go to bed at 8:30.  This shouldn’t be a problem right?  Except that he really doesn’t sleep until I’m in bed and in order to fall asleep, I need to do some light reading.  We’ve tried a reading light, which was successful for a while, but now bothers him.  So every night he stays up late and I head up early.
  • He’s a morning person.  Before we started dating, he would get up between 3:30 and 4 in the morning so that he could be on his way to work by 5 am.  That way, he had his afternoons free.  We get up at 5 to leave by 6 (but I spend a lot of time sleeping in the car).  I actually become physically ill if I get up much earlier than 5:00.

So the other night, he wasn’t feeling well and said that he wanted to go to bed early.  Fine by me.  I need him to be healthy and he should take care of himself.  Unfortunately, he decided to stay up until 9:30, making himself more tired because there were things he had to get done. He also mentions that he’s thinking about switching the bedroom furniture around because he thinks he’ll sleep better the way it was set up before.   I brought my book downstairs and read much longer than usual to completely exhaust myself.  Normally if I read downstairs, I am pretty much wide awake and active by the time I climb back upstairs and into bed.  Kind of pointless really.  So, I head upstairs half asleep and start to climb into bed.  He complains about me shaking the bed when I remove my pillow sham.  He yells at me when I try to find the edge of the covers to get into bed. He says he’s got a killer headache but won’t take anything for it.  At this point I realize that he’s going to be on my case all night because I do toss and turn a bit as part of being pregnant and trying to find a semi-comfortable position.  So I do the sensible thing–I go back downstairs and try to make do with the futon–which I cannot fold out by myself.  It was cold and it was bright but I think I may have fallen asleep a couple of times during the night. 

He gets up at 5 am and has the nerve to ask me why I’m sleeping on the couch!  On the way out the door for work, he tells me that he’s going to have his brother come over and help move some of the furniture in the bedroom.

I got home last night and the bedroom furniture has been completely rearranged.  I now have to get dressed using two different rooms plus the bathroom.  However, there is less clutter and more openness to the bedroom (which is a good thing because the furniture really didn’t fit in that room).  I had no say in where anything went or whatnot.  So we had a little chat about that last night.  Basically, I told him that when it comes to common areas, I want to have some input.  I know this is one of those things that happen when someone lived in the house for several years before the other person, so I’m trying not to go off on him.  I also realized that this was his way of making up for making me “sleep” on the couch.  He worked really hard on this and completely wore himself out. 

His defense to my statement that I wanted to have some input was that he “told me about it last night”.  Which if you have been reading my journal long enough may cause a laugh.  Who would believe that the guy who has taken 8 years to redo a bathroom, 1 1/2 years to set up my office, and has several other projects on the waiting list would actually complete a project one day after mentioning it to me!

And to be fair, I slept better last night than I have in awhile–and I told him that this morning.

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I’m slowly starting to get back into FlyLady (or at the very least making progress on the disaster in which I live).  To give you an idea of what very slowly means, I’m rather proud of the fact that I’ve made our bed two days in a row!!!  Growing up, I couldn’t get away from making the bed–it was a standard rule.   I’m not sure when I got out of the habit…college? first marriage?

Part of my lack of pride in our house is that this is not my house.  My husband had lived there for about 5 years before we met and the current remodelling has been in the works (or not as the case may be) since then.  Most of the new fixtures were purchased years ago–so there’s no room in the house that I’ve had any real imprint on.  Sure, my stuff is everywhere, but I didn’t have much of a role in decorating or defining space.  In fact, I still have quite a bit in boxes because the rooms that the stuff is supposed to go into have been torn apart and are waiting to be finished.  We do plan to move within the next year (my husband believes it will be next spring), so I know I just need to hold on a little longer.  And I am thankful to have a roof over my head and to not have to deal with landlords and inconsiderate neighbors.

Speaking of moving, I heard a rumor last night through my sister that my father plans to move in with his best friend/drinking buddy next week.  On the one hand, I’m relieved that he’s not moving in with us.  On the other….well I’ll just say that I don’t think that it’s an environment where he can even pretend to that he’s making an effort to stop drinking.  And that’s his choice.

I’m kind of bummed because my book club has their holiday potluck tonight and will select the books for the next six months.  Unfortunately, we have a board meeeting tonight at work, so I won’t be able to go. 

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One of the discussions my husband and I have been having regards all the projects that need to be done around the house before we can even consider putting it on the market. Trust me, you don’t want to see the list–I haven’t even really seen it yet. It’s rather daunting. Suffice it to say that there is something that needs to be done in every room. Every. Room.

One of his frustrations has been that he feels he is doing all of it himself. That’s a valid sentiment because he is. I’ve offered to help–but get shot down with some excuse as to why I can’t help on any given project.

So last night he says that he has to paint a closet door today. The door is off the hinges and just waiting to be primed. I told him that I could probably paint the door for him. He looked at me and said, “Do you know how to paint a door?”

No, I did not smack him.

He went into this long speech about how when you paint a door, you not only need to follow the wood grain (duh!) but that you have to do the parts in a certain order. Yes, I had to read instructions from a handyman book before he would give me the paintbrush.

Twenty minutes later, the first coat of primer has been applied. And it looks pretty good. He was kind enough to point out where I made some errors and he could see where my brush stopped, but I was quick to remind him that this is only the first coat of primer. This is not rocket science, folks.

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The holiday party was fun last night. All three soups were soooo good. I’m going to have to get the recipes. We had split pea, wild rice, and a vegetable borscht. It wound up being the perfect meal for a day as cold as yesterday was.

We opened the bag of gifts for our family from Toys for Tots. Apparently, they weren’t able to fill the little girl’s request for something with the Disney princesses on it, but there was some cute stuff.

We didn’t realize that the toy request included books which weren’t provided. Of course, every child needs books! So one of our members will stop at B&N at the Mall of America during her next shopping trip. One of our members has a son roughly the same age as one of the boys and she was able to tell us what her son likes to read. Otherwise, we probably would have picked up some Lemony Snicketts and called it good.

Frankly, I wasn’t overly impressed with the toys. They seemed rather cheap and easily broken. Maybe that’s how most toys are today. I don’t have kids, so I wouldn’t know. There were a couple of rather nice things, so it’s not like the child is getting a bunch of crap.

We did our gift exchange to a version of the Night Before Christmas. I wound up with my own gift so I traded it with my friend the patchwork_princess who also received her own. I got a lovely bath set. The ironic thing is that the tub was finally placed yesterday. I can’t say installed because I’ve been told that requires a plumber sometime in the next couple of weeks. Please let me have a tub before Christmas!!!

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